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Hey peeps, my name is Rourke, I also go by Prometheus in the cybernetic world...

I've been watching a lot of speedruns for a while now, everything from Mario and Skyrim to Wii Sports Golf, and it's always interested me in how satisfying it was to watch.
I'm interested in a few older games (don't know if it's "right" to play Mario with mouse and keyboard in an emulator, but I'll find a way), and may sneak in a few other campaigns that I enjoy.

Anyhoo, I'm happy to be here, and I hope to learn a lot! Thanks for your time!
(And don't worry about the name, I gotta wait 5 days to change it on Twitch)

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nice to see you here, and welcome to the speedrunning community here at! i hope you do well and certainly hope to see you on the leaderboards some day!

regarding your comments about emulation and controllers, it depends on the rulings of the category and the game you happen to be running. as long as youre not given a significant advantage over other players then it should be ok.


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if emus werent banned in mario kart i would be all over it using a keyboard
but the mario and zelda games have the strictest rules now cheaters really screwed us boarders

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