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hello friends,

been a long time lurker of speedruns and was hoping to now get into recording and getting my own PB's.

dropping a hello first and hopefully find answers to my newbie questions;

Where does one get the overlay timer for their choice of game?
are emulators allowed to be used and counted?



"Where does one get the overlay timer for their choice of game?"
LiveSplit is the most popular timer.

"are emulators allowed to be used and counted?"
Depends on the game. You'll have to check the rules for whatever game(s) you plan on running to see if emulator is allowed, and if so, which emulators are valid.


Welcome to the speedcrew Gamerlife, I wish you good fortune with the RNGods


Cheers for the welcome! Looking forward to getting some PB's down.

Got livesplit and gave it a go, started all fine when game did. (doing RE7 at the moment. mainly a horror survival type) but couldn't get the splits to work haha will be working on sorting that out and hopefully making a submission sometime soon!

the emulator question was for znes and super metroid. not looking to break any records or anything but thought to ask incase it was breaking any rules.

will be browsing through the forums and hopefully becoming a part of the community.
Cheers again.