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New Sticky (locked): Welcome to! - a short intro and FAQ guide.AMVX
New Developing game catering to speed runnersswalkstudios
New Introduction and advice request re: RPG limit breakcaturria
New Hello!shivazgod
New Entering in the speedrun worldWhatTheFox_
New Who wants their own sound track? Does anyone remember my project "Megametal"?cryogenik
New Tips for a Beginner?Arsonick
New Here comes Star!StarMario02
New Just realized there's an introduction forumTanda
New Is it okay to do a run without a timer on screen?EuroBeatDrifter4
New New to speedruns, how do can i get a mod to review my runs?regalvas
New Hellohamx3
New New Here! Speed Run Questionstobyvondoom
New Hello!Zwuhlf
New trying in speedrunbesttem
New Hello, im Eleazar and i want to speedrunEleazarJL
New A new "speedrunner"wangtze
New Hello Newbiefiorasyndra1
New Wolf InsaneWolfensane
New I'm newFyreYce
New Submitted a Speedrun to House Party but No responcedeadlyseed_
New Hello. Brand new to speedrunning Burnout Paradise Remastered.AquaticSparrow
New Hello therejimbozitron
New A Wild Wulfric Has Appeared~! [*New To Speedrunning*]WulfricValerius
New Hello everyone! New Runner here.Solanias
New Im niewbie, i hope meet everybodymeobeou
New Greetings Speedrun, A Wesker Child has appeared.Corrupted_Wesker
New Where does Livesplit save runs?Beggs
New Greetings out there!Kruxis
New HellomeetchaDrioidown
New HiDarkmon
New Hello!Claymore
New Not really a runner but I hope you'll welcome me.qwuzzy
New whats goodfunkyfreshrat
New Hi to allDavidwarrior
New The Gift of Somethingchryoyo
New Im new and have many questions....Thumopolis
New Hi! Here to make my game speedrun friendly.Simon_Stålhandske
New hello!tralalapis
New Running for funKaniac
New hello peopleJoepiedoedel
New A late introductionALZERI28
New Timer?averagebilly
New Hi. Im MikuRunsMikuRuns
New N64 Speed KingCaseywho
New I suck at thisNovawolf
New Hello! I Finished KRtD like 10+ times.ScardyFluff
New Hello everyone!SpeedyKoopa
New Hello everyone! My name is FuryFury
New Greetings my fellow dabberslawz123
New hello, am wizardoakwizardoak
New Hello runners!Cappy_64
New Greetings and Autosplitter helpMykol
New Silently... NightTop lurks in the shadows...NightTop
New Greetings.Juonath
New A wild Vanakyria appeared!Vanakyria
New Tips on consistent Owless (Super mario 64)TheClobbahKing
New Too late to introduce myself?tollcross
New Hello everyone!diospiroverde
New Hi guys!MajesticTart
New Hello I'm new to thisTrendKillerSyndicate
New Hello I'm new to thisTrendKillerSyndicate
New New speedrunnerpolean128
New Hello everyone Im Wilderjoewilderjoe
New GoldenGemGames has emerged!GoldenGemGames
New Planning to start practicing to speedrun a game, how is your life?Luvuli
New Hi there, fellow speedrunners!linkmaster647
New Hey guys, courtemanche437 joining incourtemanche437
New Hi everyone, I am newbiemr.DemkiN
New Hi I'm new at speedrunning and I'm confused on how to use the timersMichaelcraft100
New Hey guys, Quick question.b9king
New Hi all. What is the Formatting used in replies?dualanalogs
New Hi everyone209783
New Streets of Rage 2 fanatic joins the partythe_brownmeister
New Hi I’m ChuckRetro_Chuck
New Hello I'm Georgecsgeorge
New Starting From Scratch..ZacWattusHD
New Hi, im newbievincitytaymodaimo
New Looking to start speedrunning a new gameHamu
New Hello ;omacispoopy
New Hi, I'm a new speedrunner from ItalyZamu
New HiHappyPants84
New Any specific Rules on how you record?TheGenericUsername
New I'm new hereolylyly
New hi friends! new to the speedgamerlife
New HELLO! New to the sitexwDUSTwx
New First Postryanthemusefan
New Hello everyone!Angel_Arle
New Hey HeyPatsrul
New New Runner, Hello!InterzoneCorp
New Hello, I've got a questionMrnuage
New Quick question...tHiAgOcH
New New runnerTwitch_Aaronator
New Hello There!Sinner505
New I'm here to Speed some gamesnibno
New Hello, first stupid Q from a begginnerBrooke
New hello everyone, please help me this.dangngo1997
New Hello, I'm a...a
New First Things first, i guessFreakyneo
New Aspiring speedrunnerCon
New La gran entrada de rojo (hi)PeashyRedTail
New BobSnyder reporting in...BobSnyder
New New Runner Running Lowkey GamesMylesMcCrone
New GamingPrix's IntroductionGamingPrix
New What do you do when you're going to be home alone for three days?Lieutenant_Boo
New Marcus' IntroductionMarcustheMoron
New Hi, I might as well try?OtterWithAController
New Let's Try This Speedrun ThingTriforceP
New Ayo I'm LusoooLusooo
New WhoDis joins the battle!WhoDis
New Hey allJmxtwiztid
New Speedrun is lifeeltsyr
New HeyaPanicoALT
New New Runner in the housemorrisseyguy
New Hi! I'm here to learn.seashoreandmountains
New Adding a new gameKewe
New Hiya!FabulousAsianGirl
New Pretending I know what I'm doing lets goIzzetfury
New Hello, my name is Gurbley, and I'm a total noob.Gurbley
New Hello Im newFl3xzP3rf3ct
New Hello speed fiendsslimehunter
New Introducing myself.Capuno
New heynuro
New Finally introducing myselfRetroKevin
New Well... this is new...WilcoWH
New Guess this is a good time for an introduction!Bat
New Hey new hereTheHunterFinest
New Introduction -- hello!PirateNipple
New helloArq
New Hello everyonelimestoners
New Greetings from SwizerlandLord7even
New Hey everyonefuzzyfox
New Wassup *censored*Beni
New Well, hello there guysSadisthicc
New IntroductionLongshot
New Superior Introduction From WinlandMara
New an introduction , i guessComputer
New Hello, new here o courseMilliaHakumei
New Hi everyone!imsomeguy
New Hey palsExMarioSMWHacker01
New I'm picnicboy!picnicboy
New Marbles clocks in!Marbles
New GreeitngsSoulkilla
New hey im not really new but still hellokj445ishere
New Excited, and trepedatious...DrewThaNinja
New HelloDemento56
New Hey!NotEnoughSoul
New Hi From meNoble_Commoner
New Hello all!Pallatso
New Hey Gang!Shanknasty81
New helloAlvar
New Hello All! Very excited to learn about this community!Ceegore
New Howdy!Lamorosii
New Hey Everyone!Heratick
New hello, i need helpAlvar
New Hello :)Lewd
New Beginner Runner - Long time viewerDemosaurus
New IntroductionSchir
New 3rd time lucky.180070
New Well hello thereItzDigi
New Well, hi!OriginalThor
New Bad, But Eager, Gamer here!CharlieCreston
New Need help getting into speedrunning NES in the UKbluecomputer17
New Not new but hi anywaysstarsmiley
New Hello everyoneR3tr0_r00st3r
New So, You want to be a Speedrunner. How do I do that? (Inguide Q&A of being a speedrunner)Podderz
New Hey guysSpeedrunAdvice
New Hey Everyone :DDarthbill476
New Hey eveyone!Jeser101
New Hello SpeedRunEliteXRob
New New & Glad To Be HereJaguarDeluxe
New Lets get runningsnoozingslowpoke
New Specific Rules/Guidelines for Gamecube Runs?Aetherius
New Recording predicamentBrentlyTV
New I am new here!Kingpin
New The Worst Gamer ever looking for GB/GBA/GC games to run125229
New Hey!Panik
New Hello World!Wolftrap
New Gamecubes Games to SpeedrunC_Fancy
New Hi everybodynathanjame
New HiToeZ
New Bonjour!persephone325
New My gosh, I haven't done one of these in a while.Meowskivich
New Thanks for having me!Alextang
New Hello everyone ^^VGRdaftpunk
New Need some help starting upMiniMan561
New Introduction!TeaEaterAdam
New I need HELP!FastSnail
New Hello peepsVanArtic
New hi im a new speedrunnerCamucamu
New Sup Y'allHardSonicStorm
New And another Hellohealhamster
New Hi everybody ! Bonjour à tous !Kaneda_Charles
New Hey! Noob here!BurnthePastOKC
New Hi everyone, new runner herew1z
New howdysomeocto
New Hello everyone!Dalely89
New Hello everyone! New to the site. “Long time watcher, first time doner” kinda deal.IM_Cmac
New Hello!sleepysweden
New Hey guysCerib
New New to speedrunning but I've been loving it! <3SnuggleTimeKitty
New Hello everyonedrybloxman
New Hello all !noxen
New A newbie who wants to learn how to speedrunAstergaster
New I'm new and I have a questionneatknight
New Welcome @lordrookieLOLMAN-0027
New Hello, Looking forward to being hereiBoostEGirls
New Hi Everyone!170757
New Greetings & Good day!TheNatchan
New Welcome @Supra1960xLOLMAN-0027
New Hey guys :DTheGoronMan
New Hey guys1UPX_ESports
New Hello there, new speedrunner here!dmgamiing
New I guess I'm new here.SaucyWaffle
New Hi!Wroganin
New sonic 1 100% speed run savezdrmonster12
New Twin Galaxies' Speedrun Focused Writer - Alexforeverclassic105
New Lawn Careshanewatson
New How to add sub categoriesKeaganExtremeGaming
New Live Streaming Arcade Cabinet (!!!)Rando
New Hello everyoneadamlevine
New Hello!Jono
New A Bit late on this LOLIllegalGamer
New guess ill start doing speedruns, any suggestions?weeniebagel
New Hi AllKris_NagaXIV
New The cliche: Long-time watcher, first-time runnerMarkichin
New Hi *waves hand*LeoLitz
New First time caller long time listenerColddemise
New Stand in title 'till I think of Something Witty.Yûe
New Question about recording runsTunesFam
New Slightly late but here goes :DJoker_Of_God
New Hey there!duman
New Hi from hell !DoomyDeimos
New Introducing MyselfTheMAXimumYouCanDo
New HeyoBearFiz
New I'm into One Must Fall 2097Arkl1te
New Hold my beerKay-Lin
New Wordup everyone!The_A_Drain
New Hello, Buon giorno, Guten Tag!HowlingSnail
New How to choose reinforced laminate flooring162145
New Cryptoboom163565
New Hello FriendsAnathemA.Speedrunner
New Hello everyoneZeldaFreak
New Hi, everyone!LumousMaximo
New RetimerGDLenny
New Hey allCirclMastr
New Hello World.playtone
New Hi :)Nifty1
New Greetings!isms
New Hi everyone!Jawslehoff
New Hello!TheWaffleBro
New Hello Hello!G47Rush
New Hi from Japan!DBcade
New Learning from speedrunners since 2006158973
New Hi There!OrangeLightning
New Hello!yearluigi2013
New Hello, speedrunners!CharlieC
New Hi There!TurnipWaa
New Hello Everyone!TechyHick
New Greetings To AllSchmidttyGames
New Hello!RussBus
New Hello speedrunnersRat2th
New Hey guys!DarkHayabuza
New Hello there! Also Question!BadGameSpeedRun
New Hello friends157075
New Hello Speedrunners, hoping to enter the community.SilentStorm
New Hello! Hoping to start speedrunning!Red5rainbow
New Hello Speedrunners!OvergrownOni
New Enter the BiscuitSpeedBiscuit
New Howdy hi ho!BearOnStilts
New Hello world!Intas
New Hi peopleAlaeus
New Extreme Pamplona now OFFICIALJPeppers900
New Hello people of Speedrun Forums.Arby
New Hi everyone!StewMan46
New Hooooooowdy Hi!ThaDude901
New Hey all!RichQueso
New Hello! Is my Big Tower Tiny Square worth a speedrun?evilobjective
New HI herestellukomi
New Hey, Listen !PandaBURRR
New Hello everyoneDakendude
New 'sup everyoneBloodyLink
New Looking to do speedruns for charityTenguDown
New New IOS runner on the sceneZ3NOBIYL
New In appreciation of:Loven2run
New In appreciation of:Loven2run
New Just started, little introductionIceShadow92
New Just Joined, Wanted To Say Hello and invite you :-)ZeusDaz1
New Hey everyoneIllyen
New helpazerbijanballgaming
New Greetings everyone.BllattHammer
New Lol I had no idea this forum was a thing until now. Hi everyone.Williwobbs
New I have a speedrun for a cat. you have no forum for to uploadHPBifta
New HeyGuysNoSignaL_
New Bonjour !ZooF1601
New Greetings from MovingTarget_086.MovingTarget_086
New A very late introductionMatthew
New Long time fan, wanting to get into speed runningHOJN
New I'm New, can someone help me with some (probably dumb) questions?Drinkplentyofmalk
New Greetings Folks!Blinkdor
New Hey!Kinoyo
New Hello everyone!SteelRain223
New Hellolupacexi
New HeyoNeowave42
New Xbox one questionsZumizumoi
New Hello !Crazyspeedrunner
New hi145518
New Hello! Long time Speedrunning fan here~Shikto
New Long time viewer, first time caller.ShagSoHard
New Hello, I am new and i would like some helpNintendoGeek101
New Hello AllBarryMead
New Greetings!UnrealGGecko
New New boiRaineofterror101
New Hello everybody!bartys
New Hello everyone.ethardsdaisy92
New Howdy Y'allCynda_16
New The Price Of Freedom Is Eternal Vigilance. Also Heyo!FamiJack
New Finally biting dat bulletThe_Mugen_Soul
New G'Daty allgentlemanspot
New New boi on the blockA1ex
New Hey y'all!hat
New New here! Please be gentle!ProfessorWess
New Bonjour !RoXSaida
New New here, not new in general :)bensweeneyonbass
New New here, Can I use Retron 5??GunHoFoSho
New Moderator QuestionNoobdown
New Hello and Servus!oORaydenOo
New Deadlyblonde Joins the Game!marsfromvenus
New Hello there cuties!LovelyLauren
New Hello!jciii91
New Hellostephit
New Hello everybody,Annabel123
New Finally made an account3dsCollector
New Hi everyoneShinesparky
New Brand new to this, a bit overwhelming but I'll give it a go!EdibleLion
New Hi, Should I Speedrun and Stream Mario Odyssey?LeDoge
New I'm actually shocked no one picked this username already... interestingJustinBailey
New Hey new here.MelonSlice
New What I think it should be all aboutVolutinsRage
New hi everyonemajoreuphoria
New Hi There, Im newZombieSlayaMr
New Hello!LegendaryPotatoGuy
New Hi everyone !Akoyox
New Hello from the middle of the alps :)MirrorSplit
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New A new guy has appearedIsmaDLR
New Hello Everyone!danman123456
New Remember me in the futureGeviper
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New Hello!RunnerJohn
New I might sound stupid... but i need some helpLighz
New How to get video for N64 gamesBlackavalanche
New Newbie To Speedrunning.AlchemySnap
New Hello there! I have a question about recording...severussnope
New Sir_GodfreySir_Godfrey
New Howdyclarbart
New Yet another new speedrunnerExplosiveCucumber
New New player , having some questionsEloquentRaccoon
New Hey there, stepping into SpeedRunning!StacyScene
New I'm the Head of Editorial for Twin Galaxies and I want your help!Chime
New Hello theremixto200
New Was a FollowerTokuHer0
New Hello, Filipino Speedrunner HereRockField
New An introduction I guessNinjastarReviewForum
New Hello guyz - Advice to best game to start with.semielyakim
New Hi there!LtNakuu
New A new runner :DFavzer
New hey there, buddoin1tiate
New Late Introduction, go!Zwataketa
New Hello everyone!adam1002
New I am new memberethardsdaisy92
New Hi!Bouzny
New Hello! My name is Ponatix!128134
New Hello everyone!kinestra
New I am new hereMarceloMatos
New Hi There!ChurchNEOH
New Set two WRs after just starting this week, AMA lolLucariwhoa
New Hello guys!!trz257
New Getting back into speedrunning, So saying Hi!thewispsoftime
New Late introCuttyflame
New Another Newbie Runner!IcemilkMagic
New Hi thereProfessorMagus
New CoD 4: MW has 'Veteran' Speedrun Tab... why not other CoD's??creamy_bagel
New Greetings from a Mobile SpeedrunnerB1aZ3n
New New userjamcc76
New Heya, new user with some questionsWymog
New I'm a new user, hullo!NinjazFTW64
New A bit new to speed runningTontofel
New Well hello there!PuzzoMolto
New New User, Hello All!mLatchi
New new user, hello!Commando
New Introducing Myself, New in SpeedRunning, Ancient HardCore GamerBryanHay
New Hi there! A gamedev has questions... :)DrWDSo
New Suggestions please and thank youTheGolux
New Can anyone tell me an easy game to speedrunSM45_16
New Hey! New to speed running, need games to play :oOminous
New Hello from ZiltoidRacerZiltoidRacer
New Help with livesplit.cookieexplosion0329
New A recent speedrunner here121710
New Hello Everyone! also need some tech helpThe_Eagle173
New [inidedev] Rob n Run : Need feedbackskayupla
New ways to speed this one up?Rosalina
New Guten Tag!Nicodeo1992
New Hi allwinglesshawk
New Hi, came here to do something differnt.CoconutGuy
New hiJayh3
New Hi, I'm new!TheAstoundingJohann
New Little help plz :) ?Laika
New Hey gang!ConkyJoe89
New Hi guysDoctorDave5001
New IntroductionUbuntuJackson
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New Hi EveryoneBrandon121
New HiBrandon121
New Pictures introduction thread thingy  Page: 1 2 3 16 17 18Lanayru
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New Hello Runners!Dryox
New Hello To All Speedrunnersblarghonk25
New Helle SpeedrunnersGollinator
New Hello Speedrunning-Community!Hofmania
New Hello!Mr.Blonde
New Hello worldRetromental
New what does it mean?RoCoKo
New Hello, hello!Midnight_Rosa
New Hi all. I've got questions about emulated runs.OwnedbyCow
New Hi i guesspupclubkid52
New Speedrunning on Console QuestionsTheHatchett55
New New Game made just for speed runningBebopandtempo
New Hello!Patman111196
New TheBestLoserMVP here!!!ThebestloserMVP
New Hello! I have a few questions.Gigobooma
New Which are you?BurntHotdog
New Hi everyone :DSenaGT
New New Silent Hill speedrunnerSephyMakesMusic
New Hello!ABootToTheHead
New Que Significa Any%?DuqueRunner
New Hello everyone.clarinetjo
New Hi, I'm new to speedrunning!sotz
New Obligatory Intro :PJayJane4
New Yeh or hey for you non dyslexicsPiliener
New Greetings!GeekandDecay
New Hi all!Quivico
New Hello :)JanYanSan
New Hello There!Tiggasaur
New Hey thereSTRK
New Hi.NihilistComedyHour
New Hello!Emil.makeev
New I love Bob Saget and you should, too.MegaDad
New Hey! Relatively new guy here.Marth.SR
New Hello, I got into speedrunning to pick up cutiesTrustfall
New Hello everyoneEDav1123
New HelloNoxter7
New Hey there.ramman321
New Bonjour!Nemau
New I've had an account on here for a year, finally decided to speedrun a game.SlayingCollins
New How do I deal with an admin who wrongfully rejects a response because it will dethrone his leader-board position?Siab
New Free skins H1Z1TheELLECRO
New Hey! I'm a youtuber that is interested in speedrunning!SoberDwarf
New Newish to speedrunning, learning No Slots Any% FF7 PC, no way to stream/capture footagejordypordy
New Hey, long timer but never introduced, so..Daravae
New Better late than never for an introduction, right?82887
New Guess I'm doing my intro.SheppardKiller
New Hi there, I am newUnresolved
New Hey all, new here, one questionYordlesAreGreat
New Hello!Shripe
New introduction wooCopyLeft
New New to speedrunning? Try this ~40min game!Kwame
New Hey I'm New!Baconmanz
New Hello all fellow speedrunners!FatesStar
New hey I'm new105833
New WonderCookie hereWonderCookie
New Hey there! Quick question.BobCabbage
New Whats up everyone!gamerfreq
New Hi Everyone!petelil
New Hi, newcomer hereSalsmeck
New Newcomer with a quick question.RetroNutcase
New Better late than never, ha haWytama
New Hello everyone. I'm toucan.finkle.toucan.finkle
New Hi, I'm The Narrator, and I run MagusNarrator
New This is Snake, can you read me?jackthelightning
New Hello my dudes (and dudettes)badiron
New Hello Speedrunning World!JamesMuddy
New Hello Everyone!st4rwave
New New speedrunner looking for local communityRetro_JEA_nius
New Greetings Nerds <3LA5KY
New I'm Bad At IntroductionsYelo_Jello
New Stay awhile, and listen!Skyrodin
New New speedrunner here :)Rapadash0
New Another New SpeedrunnerDaFlameMeister
New Hi!Synozure
New Why would a game not be listed for speedruns?Mack_Yoshi
New New to speed run , need some advicesRelastus
New New and Looking for Fantastic Adventures of DizzyTheYolkel
New Suggestions for a short game to speedrunGTtopHat
New Newbie speedrunner trying to run a 1 hour long game!(Gone wrong) (Pokemon sapphire)Mikeph
New Hello everyoneEsopixel
New New To Speedrunningthebravest1
New Newbie Speedrunner is Bad at TitlesCorankin
New Shadow Bug by Muro StudiosOverhill
New Hi from The Fat NerdTheFatNerd
New new casual speedrunner arrivedSpeedygarret
New A late introduction, but better late than never!ItsASquid
New Hello! Just landed in the right forum.YNOTYOUT
New Hey - I'm a game developer.JasonHein
New TheArcade is now OPEN!gam3k3y
New Hey everyone!Drud
New Hey ladies, the party had arrivedDartanian
New Hello guys, sup?Malphas
New how long does a video usually take to get approved?Coolma
New Hello, everyone my name is 7uP7uP
New Introductions, and some questions.Etereke
New New games to speed run?SpamCat
New Hi everyone!ZippyZero
New Just watched AGDQ 2015GIJim
New Tips/tricks for a beginner?KingMackerel
New Hello everybody!GuterJudas
New Hello!LeviathanTQ
New Greetings speedrunners! Just found this siteThe_Retro_Challenger
New Hey! im newMonopolyMan711
New Where should I start?TallMan99
New Maybe a Little Crazy and Needing a New Game!alkaline_ice
New Connecting with the Community.auzzy
New Hello!!! I'm kind of new.lordT1ncho
New Newbie speenrunnerRetroGamerJapan
New How did I just discover this?!?Everground
New Tips Please!HiaConfirm
New Hello! New Speed Runner - Speciallity - SMWbomerneetv
New Hey Folks newbie here o/DaftBrit
New Hi im newZer0z
New Hello Guyzclaraalbert
New Doubt about speed runningJKDKY05
New Hey matesWalba
New hi im a new arab speed runnergooaygar
New G'Day new Aussie Zelda runnerDahms13
New Hey all, new to speed running do not know which game to runMrSnowball
New What's up?MetalSmasher86
New Any Good games to Learn running?Peacedust
New Sup! :)chryoyo
New Hello!sq99
New Hey there! I'm Revofarev5250
New Hello and a pleasure to meet you allBattyPrincess
New Hello, I'm Dezu123! Running for happy :)Dezu123
New Another new (to-be) runner on the blocklancedrago
New Hey peoples :) I'm loving this siteShaneO
New Hello Hexdrahtviech here...Hexdrahtviech
New Fortica Speedruns!Fortica
New I'm newMysticManiac
New Hey Lillyella Is Here81050
New Hello!Popplars
New I'm a little late, but Hiya!HowDenKing
New hey there, I'm a new runner_OrangePlasma_
New Hi, want to start speedrunning need some tips (Thinking about Dark Souls)UnicornPsycho
New Speedrunlive?Chef
New Games to runGokiziel
New New herekiddlaos
New Hey everyone, new to running, veteran to gaming!MmmmTastyCakes
New Hi Everyone , My First time hereadewale
New Hello everybody! :)JusesCrusst
New Hi everyone!Aldnox
New New runner looking for start pointTheOnlyLeon
New Old fan, new runnerTheLastToRun
New Been around a bit but never introduced myselfAnuran
New I have no idea what I am doingMrSnowball
New Hey there! New runner here.BenCo
New MEkyten44
New Heya, new runnerbmosley
New Suggestions for games to run?diealein
New How to submit run?PaZess
New Greetings Fellas, I'm NewtheJaberz
New I've got a few questions.SassyRiolu
New New runnergesture
New How do i submit new game?BearShots
New Check SpeedRun'sRaphafrei
New New runnerlasagnafield
New Hello everyoneZerowingx
New Greetings and salutations :)Katastrophe
New Hi There!rpgPilgrim
New A wild runner appears!!Zannosuke
New im new to speedruning, and i have some questions...Yellow_Pikmin
New New RunnerCrayfishTheArrowed
New Really belated hello. :)junkyard_dave
New New runner: SMT: Nocturne Hard TDEcurseddolls
New New runner and streamerskoaljoker
New New Runnerwinterbreezes
New New Streamer/Runner!!!DrFatbody
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New MGS Speedrunner submitted my first 2th of april. Hello 2 all !!Mieslwd
New Slowrunner Here!ImChronocidal
New Clash RoyaleJonathan
New New speedrunner!Rokyd
New About time I said helloPeacefroggie
New New speedguy.exeGreatWhyteNorth
New newspeedrunner.jpgAlphameme
New About how long does it take for runs to be validated after posting?Pukeattack
New Hello from Cali.Mooguri
New Shoulda Done This First!PrinceFrankie
New Hello from Colombia.VirtualEscape
New Hi im david! HOW can i create a FORUM?DAVPROgaming
New Hello!AdderalMcQueen
New When to SubmitihopTV
New I've lurked too longNinjakauz
New im new to speedrunningThe_Ninja_Kao_Bleach
New HelloooLittleLifeSaver
New Brand new and learning to run FFTATubularBellfruit
New Hey what about that Spaz dude? Is He?. Has He? Will He?spaz1966
New yoeduh Introductionyoeduh
New Good eveningJuhla
New SiriusSR IntroductionSiriusSR
New Gentle Introduction.Unfamillia
New How new? BrandNotJohn
New New to Speedrunningtam3rlane
New Have you ever heard of Nekuia ?BlueGate
New Hello ! New hereLady_Prismillon
New a_challenger_appears.batOsmosis_Jones
New QuestionsMunchlax782
New Hi Everyone + a question!Andrews
New Hello guys70445
New How to Submit a speed run?Mr_Swifty
New Hello new here I would like to as some questions.Opqq
New Hello.Lug0
New ITT: Galaxiosaurus, a formal greeting.BasketBandit
New Hi thereRendevoir
New Nintendo classic minihaze_
New Hi, I don't do speedruns but I love the community and what it's all about :)Romans_I_XVI
New Hello I'm TheKingOfRedLions99TheKingOfRedLions99
New What is NG and NG+ in speed running?Bapelzien
New YO! What's Happening?CosmicLights
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