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New Sticky (locked): Welcome to! - a short intro and FAQ guide.Full modAMVX
New Hi there! A gamedev has questions... :)DrWDSo
New [inidedev] Rob n Run : Need feedbackskayupla
New ways to speed this one up?Rosalina
New Guten Tag!Nicodeo
New Hi allwinglesshawk
New Hi, came here to do something differnt.CoconutGuy
New hiJayh3
New Hi, I'm new!TheAstoundingJohann
New Hello, Filipino Speedrunner HereRockField
New Little help plz :) ?Laika
New Hey gang!ConkyJoe89
New Hi guysDoctorDave5001
New IntroductionUbuntuJackson
New HelloPatrickBones
New Hi EveryoneBrandon121
New HiBrandon121
New Hi everyoneShinesparky
New Pictures introduction thread thingy  Page: 1 2 3 16 17 18Lanayru
New Heyoquickdontdie
New Hello Runners!Dryox
New Hello To All Speedrunnersblarghonk25
New Helle SpeedrunnersGollinator
New Hello Speedrunning-Community!Hofmania
New Hello!Mr.Blonde
New Hello worldRetromental
New what does it mean?RoCoKo
New Hello, hello!Midnight_Rosa
New Hi all. I've got questions about emulated runs.OwnedbyCow
New Hi i guesspupclubkid52
New Hello everyone, it is nice to be heremaipomalamipo
New Speedrunning on Console QuestionsTheHatchett55
New New Game made just for speed runningBebopandtempo
New Hello!Patman111196
New TheBestLoserMVP here!!!ThebestloserMVP
New Hello! I have a few questions.Gigobooma
New Which are you?jamesfang999
New Hi everyone :DSenaGT
New New Silent Hill speedrunnerSephyMakesMusic
New Hello!ABootToTheHead
New Que Significa Any%?TheRashoLaser_Runner
New Hello everyone.clarinetjo
New Hi, I'm new to speedrunning!sotz
New Obligatory Intro :PJayJane4
New Yeh or hey for you non dyslexicsPiliener
New Greetings!GeekandDecay
New Hi all!Quivico
New Hello :)JanYanSan
New Hello There!Tiggasaur
New Hey thereSTRK
New Hi.NihilistComedyHour
New Hello!Emil.makeev
New I love Bob Saget and you should, too.Nintendaddy
New Hey! Relatively new guy
New Hello, I got into speedrunning to pick up cutiesTrustfall
New Hello everyoneEDav1123
New HelloNoxter7
New Hey there.ramman321
New Bonjour!Nemau
New I've had an account on here for a year, finally decided to speedrun a game.SlayingCollins
New Question about recording runsTunesFam
New How do I deal with an admin who wrongfully rejects a response because it will dethrone his leader-board position?Siab
New Free skins H1Z1TheELLECRO
New Hey! I'm a youtuber that is interested in speedrunning!SoberDwarf
New Newish to speedrunning, learning No Slots Any% FF7 PC, no way to stream/capture footagejordypordy
New Hey, long timer but never introduced, so..DarK_
New Better late than never for an introduction, right?[user deleted]
New Guess I'm doing my intro.SheppardKiller
New Hi there, I am newUnresolved
New Hey all, new here, one questionYordlesAreGreat
New Hello!Shripe
New introduction wooCopyLeft
New New to speedrunning? Try this ~40min game!Kwame
New Hey I'm New!Baconmanz
New Hello all fellow speedrunners!FatesStar
New hey I'm new[user deleted]
New WonderCookie hereWonderCookie
New Hey there! Quick question.BobCabbage
New Whats up everyone!gamerfreq
New Hi Everyone!petelil
New Hi, newcomer hereSalsmeck
New Newcomer with a quick question.RetroNutcase
New Better late than never, ha haWytama
New Hello everyone. I'm toucan.finkle.toucan.finkle
New Hi, I'm The Narrator, and I run MagusTheNarrator
New This is Snake, can you read me?jackthelightning
New Hello my dudes (and dudettes)badiron
New Hello Speedrunning World!JamesMuddy
New Hello Everyone!st4rwave
New New speedrunner looking for local communityAccidental_JEA_nius
New Greetings Nerds <3KillChurch
New I'm Bad At IntroductionsYelo_Jello
New Stay awhile, and listen!Skyrodin
New New speedrunner here :)Rapadash0
New Another New SpeedrunnerDaFlameMeister
New Hi!Synozure
New Why would a game not be listed for speedruns?Mack_Yoshi
New New to speed run , need some advicesRelastus
New New and Looking for Fantastic Adventures of DizzyTheYolkel
New Suggestions for a short game to speedrunGTtopHat
New Newbie speedrunner trying to run a 1 hour long game!(Gone wrong) (Pokemon sapphire)Mikeph
New Hello everyoneEsopixel
New New To Speedrunningthebravest1
New Newbie Speedrunner is Bad at TitlesCorankin
New Shadow Bug by Muro StudiosOverhill
New Hi from The Fat NerdTheFatNerd
New new casual speedrunner arrivedSpeedygarret
New A late introduction, but better late than never!ItsASquid
New Hello! Just landed in the right forum.YNOTYOUT
New Hey - I'm a game developer.JasonHein
New TheArcade is now OPEN!gam3k3y
New Hey everyone!Drud
New Hey ladies, the party had arrivedDartanian
New Hello guys, sup?Malphas
New how long does a video usually take to get approved?Coolma
New Hello, everyone my name is 7uP7uP
New Introductions, and some questions.Etereke
New New games to speed run?SpamCat
New Hi everyone!ZippyZero
New Just watched AGDQ 2015GIJim
New Tips/tricks for a beginner?KingMackerel
New Hello everybody!GuterJudas
New Hello!LeviathanTQ
New Greetings speedrunners! Just found this siteThe_Retro_Challenger
New Hey! im newMonopolyMan711
New Where should I start?TheSillyMoose
New Maybe a Little Crazy and Needing a New Game!alkaline_ice
New Connecting with the Community.GotMilkyl77
New Hello!!! I'm kind of new.lordT1ncho
New Newbie speenrunnerRetroGamerJapan
New How did I just discover this?!?Everground
New Tips Please!HiaConfirm
New Hello! New Speed Runner - Speciallity - SMWbomerneetv
New Hey Folks newbie here o/DaftBrit
New Hi im newZer0z
New Hello Guyzclaraalbert
New Doubt about speed runningJKDKY05
New Hey matesWalba
New G'Day new Aussie Zelda runnerDahms13
New hi im a new arab speed runnergooaygar
New Hey all, new to speed running do not know which game to runMrSnowball
New What's up?MetalSmasher86
New Any Good games to Learn running?Peacedust
New Adding a new gameKewe
New Sup! :)chryoyo
New Hello!sq99
New Hey there! I'm Revofarev5250
New Hello and a pleasure to meet you allBludermaus
New Hello, I'm Dezu123! Running for happy :)Dezu123
New Hi thereProfessorMagus
New Another new (to-be) runner on the blocklancedrago
New Hey peoples :) I'm loving this siteShaneO
New Hello Hexdrahtviech here...Hexdrahtviech
New Fortica Speedruns!Fortica
New I'm newMysticManiac
New Hey Lillyella Is Here[user deleted]
New Hello!Popplars
New I'm a little late, but Hiya!HowDenKing
New hey there, I'm a new runner_OrangePlasma_
New Hi, want to start speedrunning need some tips (Thinking about Dark Souls)UnicornPsycho
New Speedrunlive?Chef
New Games to runGokiziel
New New herekiddlaos
New Hey everyone, new to running, veteran to gaming!MmmmTastyCakes
New Hi Everyone , My First time hereadewale
New Hello everybody! :)JusesCrusst
New Hi everyone!Aldnox
New New runner looking for start pointTheOnlyLeon
New Old fan, new runnerTheLastToRun
New Been around a bit but never introduced myselfAnuran
New Hey there! New runner here.BenCo
New I have no idea what I am doingMrSnowball
New MEkyten44
New Heya, new runnerbmosley
New Suggestions for games to run?diealein
New How to submit run?PaZess
New Greetings Fellas, I'm NewtheJaberz
New I've got a few questions.SassyRiolu
New New runnerduderson
New How do i submit new game?BearShots
New Check SpeedRun'sRaphafrei
New New runnerlasagnafield
New Hello everyoneZerowingx
New Greetings and salutations :)SniperKatSix
New Hi There!UnrealCroissant
New A wild runner appears!!Zannosuke
New im new to speedruning, and i have some questions...Yellow_Pikmin
New New RunnerCrayfishTheArrowed
New Really belated hello. :)junkyard_dave
New New runner: SMT: Nocturne Hard TDEcurseddolls
New New runner and streamerskoaljoker
New New Runnerwinterbreezes
New New Streamer/Runner!!!DrFatbody
New New gamesflea371
New MGS Speedrunner submitted my first 2th of april. Hello 2 all !!Mieslwd
New Slowrunner Here!ImChronocidal
New Clash RoyaleJonathan
New New speedrunner!Rokyd
New About time I said helloPeacefroggie
New New speedguy.exeGreatWhyteNorth
New So, You want to be a Speedrunner. How do I do that? (Inguide Q&A of being a speedrunner)Superspyro64
New newspeedrunner.jpgAlphameme
New About how long does it take for runs to be validated after posting?Pukeattack
New Hello from Cali.Mooguri
New Shoulda Done This First!PrinceFrankie
New Hello from Colombia.VirtualEscape
New Hi im david! HOW can i create a FORUM?DAVPROgaming
New Hello!AdderalMcQueen
New When to SubmitihopTV
New I've lurked too longNinjakauz
New im new to speedrunningThe_Ninja_Kao_Bleach
New HelloooLittleLifeSaver
New Brand new and learning to run FFTATubularBellfruit
New Hey what about that Spaz dude? Is He?. Has He? Will He?spaz1966
New yoeduh Introductionyoeduh
New Good eveningJuhla
New SiriusSR IntroductionSiriusSR
New Gentle Introduction.Unfamillia
New How new? BrandNotJohn
New New to Speedrunningtam3rlane
New Have you ever heard of Nekuia ?BlueGate
New QuestionsMunchlax782
New Hello ! New hereLady_Prismillon
New a_challenger_appears.batOsmorosvo
New Hi Everyone + a question!Andrews
New Hello guysLuckY
New How to Submit a speed run?Mr_Swifty
New Hello new here I would like to as some questions.Opqq
New Hello.Lug0
New ITT: Galaxiosaurus, a formal greeting.Galaxiosaurus
New Hi thereRendevoir
New Nintendo classic miniHaze
New YO! What's Happening?CosmicLights
New Hello guys!!tincho_25
New Hi, I don't do speedruns but I love the community and what it's all about :)Romans_I_XVI
New Hello I'm TheKingOfRedLions99TheKingOfRedLions99
New What is NG and NG+ in speed running?Bapelzien
New what game should I speedrun on a 3ds/2dsHaze
New Thought I'd drop inMicroTransactions
New Hello! Ran quite a few games, but new to the communityPinballwiz45b
New beginner PS2 speedrunner / advices appreciate ^^E.mp3.ror
New begginer speedrunner and fellow game developer :)rodolfodth
New AskingAndyoshida
New Hey guys! :DTimberd
New Greetings from GermanythePcat
New Hey my dudesVII
New Hello people of the world!TopsyTurve
New The Bottom of the Barrel: Console vs. EmulatorGoffardGaffgarion
New Getting into the swing of thingsjamesbrq
New New to speedrunning and need suggestionszacht1999
New Searching for some Speedrunning CompetitionPanterD2S
New Hello world !theflyingneko
New New Speedrunner (Retro mainly)Vyn2112
New New Speedrunner!CitizenJim
New Hello guys !slamdunk93
New Hey there! Rarely speedrun, but signed up anyway!SUPERFOX5
New Good day!allenstenhaus
New New here, have some questionsVar1ent
New 3 spoopy 5 uGhoul
New Hey guys!zeenting
New HelloFaghetti
New Average newbie gamer, looking for equally new sparring partnersR106
New Good dayMonkey
New The New Tim the Swisstimxtim
New Hi everyone!shroud522
New What game is the best to start speed running with?Haze
New Should I get a N64 for speedrunning?Haze
New Greetingsmorporktv
New helpcollipal
New Change UsernameGLol
New Newbie (like another one)TrobHD
New Guys i think im pretty quick at RE7 Bio should i speed run?Dxngxr
New Hey Folks, Newbie hereAusbildiosus
New hiNotMe
New Gotta go fast!! ItsBoshyTimeskooch
New New Setup w OSX - help?RIDGE--RACER
New I play games, why not speedrun them?GlutenFree
New New and ready to godruiz996
New Yo guys, what up, gonna start speedrunning.Pikachu942
New Hey hey hey!MalikTH
New New guy here!LocoJoe
New helloiancheon34
New Plebbuunnz
New Going to finally start speed running!typoon221
New New to speedrunning, bringing in a new gameBigNnThick
New New to speedrunning, games that mainly require movementrazira1
New Been playing video games for 30 years. Getting into the speedrunning bug.Sanjihimura
New Hey im CursedAssassinCursedAssassin
New Hey, new runner here hoping to stick around!DyeTrader
New The AGDQ bug bit me :(Dochobo
New Just a guy.rasenganjedi
New Hello. Just introducing myself.PMGoogles
New AlohaCrexdor
New Want to speedrun on pc, dont know what game to play.Nebby
New Hi, i need some help with filmingTEGGaming16
New New, anyone want to join me?Metro72
New Hello, I am completely newRyanPossible
New hi there im a birdNebvlo
New Newbiexxexiaarghxx
New New GuyWickeddram
New Speedrunning & tips & just talkingSailorfoxchan
New Hey everybody!Maerus
New Salutations fellow speedrunnersMammothy
New Hi there! Looking for some help!DJEzack
New Greetings!icekitsune
New New hereLinkfan12
New I'm new here, any suggestions?fireagostini
New New Runner Incoming!Goofynkf
New New here and wanting to speedrun games that are not on the game listTheSyldat
New New and need help.DoctorFrickinRetro
New i just started speedrunningsevrick
New im noobmpg515
New I'd like to get started here!JerryTheWhale
New Hey thereMCLogreen
New Salutations! A Fairly New Runner Here! (⌒‿⌒)hammydork
New Newb!xkillADAMdeadx
New I guess i should do this again since the name changeUselessBrit
New New to SpeedrunningOb1Gaming
New Hello! Want to speedrun my game?sleakku
New New to thisshikaroxen
New New xbox runnerObiwandk
New Hi GuysBigMonD
New hi, veteran speedrunner heresonicandamy
New hi there alljasmin07
New Hello !Datenshineko
New Looking for pointersiamchanchan
New Long time no seeChaoticChao
New Hello!TheWhaleRider
New Hi! Im new!FlamingSparrow
New Hello everyone!HolySan
New Greetings!chr0med
New Hi, noob speedrunner, couple questions!thehempy
New Hello everyone!CrunchKings
New Back to businessHUmanMustard
New A New Challenger !tiolera
New How do you use lss files?Duckstroyer
New Need some encouragementPoro
New What is a good entry game to speedrun?FrostyBeep
New A noob for now...zLantern
New Bungling Idiot Speed RunnerMrMaladroit
New A Star Is Born?RyanChrono
New Hello/About Mefoostare
New Hello Ya'llEdward_Stryfe
New :^)theonlybeenut
New New speed runner enter the BattleUnafraidzeo
New Game Dev joining the frayMegaTiki
New Fluxz In the housefluxz
New HIkronxx
New Hello!Soulvanish
New Submitting A Game That Has No Runs YetTheJechtShot
New New RunnerJackhead
New Hello![user deleted]
New Super New speed runner ! Can't wait to get involved with community !DistortionFx
New Whats up mateLuxord
New YooDr_K
New Hi!Biolence
New Brace fencer musashi NEED HELPDawsjuan
New A new runner has arrived.Zimpai
New Salutations!!AlphaLecayle
New Hello!SlammerJam
New Hi?ipie4fun
New Hi guys.htaccess
New New to speedrunningDHutch
New Hoi people!Poi
New Yo.CriticaL
New Hello, friends.Ikaros
New Sup guys.bikupa
New bengerman777 here with a new game :)bengerman777
New Have some questions about running on ps4Time17
New HiWildfield
New Helloselflessscoundrel
New Hey youJohann
New Hello, Dev of Zarnok Fortress here!BluishGreenPro
New new to all thisspobble
New New, saying helloquacker663
New Grow Homesamisdrunk
New New, inexperienced but wanting to learn and get going!08bitkid
New New to all this and have some questions :)TempahSpeedRuns
New I'm new and I want to be active! HI!Svethlane
New Zigorg, the interstellar runnerZigorg
New Hello! New Runner!WeaponLord
New Thank YouKrazeEKrakker
New I'm up, what's new? Wait no. . .allie_cb
New A new Speedrunner salutes you from France !Segasensei
New Encouraged by some runners to joinZeroNimbus
New Cheers Love, A New Runner is HereItsJenny
New Not actually new, but hi from Italy!ciccioDM
New New RunnerTheGreatToddman
New how do i samit half life 1 speed runs do i need a demo youtube video helpsmeee
New Thought i'd make a post!venusg
New Hey guys!Evankun
New Howdy, new runnerDothly
New HiTohloo
New New Runner, I need some advice...Assbub
New Hello, everyone!theworstamy
New Hi everyone ! New runner is here o/Kin
New new zero mission runnerDiddlydiesel
New y0y0ForAiur
New Hi Everyone, a new Slow Runner herejmcclain1299
New I'm SirTapTap and I'm new to speedrunning!sirtaptap
New Hey guys!SpatialParanoia
New *In Sloth's voice, from The Goonies* "Hey, you guys!"RODZombie
New A little lateQuatropus
New Welcome your new GodNyarlathotep
New Hello from a speedrun lover and potential hopeful!oreoplaysthings
New Hey everyone!ZenixMeow
New Blank PageRentoraa42
New Hi!andreas213
New Hello all from GermanyTietscha
New Hey All! New to runningMihairokov
New Any beginner friendly platformers/ zelda games?TheAlmightyLucario03
New Hello, new runner here!Cyber_Link
New Hello! New Runner!BrunoHLH
New Mega Hi!PyroticBlaziken
New Hellorugged_warrior
New Need help with videosgardon712
New Noobie runner with lots of goals!KaizoMK
New Yo waddup gyzWillies4Harmabe
New What's Up Guys It Is Me Glaedr Also Known As GlaedrLoL wambamdamusam and lomfilloGlaedr
New *Noobie* Console/Ps4 Speed Runners?!Luxra
New Game dev getting into speedrunningcrazya02
New Getting into speedrunningExPariah
New Hello, I'm new hereSpeedOfStupid
New Thinking of starting speedrunningsteveken789
New Hellonacyviktiy
New 2 questions about speedrunningfmppires
New Greetings!LateLearner
New Greetings from and old gitTHEoleum
New I am Jamacanbacn the leader of the OpieOP TribeJamacanbacn
New Hello speedfriendszewing
New Hey there!ShaftamusPrime
New OhaiMisterSparkly
New Newbie Saying HelloJonDC05
New Stooges With KidsFavoriteisCurley
New Hello everyone,im new to speedrunning and i like bad games ;P16bitkiller
New new to speedruningHazzeyNight
New Enjoying the Site!DonkeyKongGenius
New New speedrunner from Amsterdam :)Medelijden
New Greetings from a newb!AkivaDaphydd
New Hey allG3netic
New Greetings, allLRock
New Howdy everyone!mattheweston
New Suh dudeSmooth
New Hey dudes.Cairo
New Heya, I'm a timid runner and don't know how to startBossJelly
New Hi, I'm a RE new runner :)Diogo_Asgard
New Hello!Jonlevir
New Hello, I speedrun the Black Ops 3 FreerunQuad-A
New Hey, how's it going?!Strife
New Hey, New Runner hereTACOINABARFIGHT
New Hello peopleFrameDump
New Hellojazz232006
New New Guy in TownUrist
New Hey hou all!Fuedes86
New Hey there.Kabalie
New Crikey! Hello there!Influenced
New FoC 2016 Speedrun Marathonnerods
New Howdy all.CynicalWolf
New Hullo's to you all.neogoo123
New New Runner Saying "Yoooooooo, how's everyone?"Zyrem
New First Time RunnerDramer
New Self-introduction Any%Crockey
New First time Runningtcd11
New My Proper Greeting. . . .RaCiNgMoNsTeRFTW
New Gamer herePredator
New Guess it has been long overdue, hasn't it?VuciousCreed
New Greetings.Vaultboy42
New Hello I am new here!!Kasumi77
New Hey everyoneTy
New Hello Moderators???geiken
New New RunnerDragonRageUk
New A mental man going for goldLaksil
New Hong Kong 's runner join into this big-famy RightNow!remus_leung
New Hi!Icelander83
New hi from spainorestescm76
New Hi I'm planning to speed run as soon as I know the rulesOtakuWorqs
New Darcyska from Canada!darcyska
New New Girl!TheLegendofHolly
New Don't mind me if I doSant
New Hello it's meBiospeedruns
New Now Here's a Funky Introduction of How Nice I amAJ_ToThe
New Hello!BigolPHD
New Greetings, Salutations, and QuestionsMSKain
New (Ru) Interview with Chris Grant - organizer of Games Done Quickglavbuh78
New Hey Guys![user deleted]
New HeyDedoc0001
New Let's do this!MeltingComet
New Who I AmNostalgiaRunner
New Salutationsmissionz3r0
New Good day! I'm lancer_dragoon, nice to meet ya'lllancer_dragoon
New hello therefuriousfox
New Hey, Im KooboKoobo
New HELP how i start a speedrun and publicate in
New Yo Dudes & Dudettes!JimboMantis
New He guys I'm new here.Roadwarrior666
New Heyy.. I'm newEclipseful
New Hey everyone :3ItzSweeney
New New to the siteAngrylanks
New Just Starting to speedrun, hello everyone.JeffsMov
New Introduction/GoalsEarthboundian
New HelloSumta
New Hello, I have a quick question from a newb with a bad computerDarQ_Massacres
New IntroductionAlexTh3Ace
New Just joined and have some questionsshocktailstone75
New I'm Racing to fight cancerRacing4aCause
New Hello.... is it me you're looking for?doctorvortex
New Me, myself and introductionArgick
New I'm hereDaJoshy
New HEYsinespawn
New Hiya! Few Questions.shortcloud
New HelloZatamataz
New Hello everyone!NITM-T
New im cruxitcruxit
New I'm Bobo...boborifics
New kind of a big dealyp
New Hello I'm new :DDragmire
New Hello new guy into this forum!vijoyrango
New Asher Kaperdon, new speedrunner.AshKaperdon
New Hello folks! I have an upcoming speedrun game that I would like advice on!roachyogi
New Finally Joined, need some help.Dunkaroos1188
New Hello my name is Konstantin FrolkovKonstantinFrolkov
New What's up!ImNotGoodAtThis
New Hi!rotorstorm331
New Inspired by RPGLimitBreak to join in the fun!Zeshio
New Kind of Musician Early on thisLance_
New ElloLethalLulu
New Hello everyone!! :DSoru
New Hi guys, It's BrofessorScales the Canadian ReptilianBrofessorScales
New Casual runner looking to join the leaderboards.BuzzThunder
New Hey There Freeloaders, Nerds And GeeksOddsomeOddy
New Hello, Everyone!BeardedBusker
New Hello~NamMisa
New Ayyy SpeedrunnersCthulufaic
New Hiya.. OUONotester82
New Hail Speedrunners!WizKidWord
New Hey there!CDKing
New Make able to unfollow certain categoriesult1matum
New Hello, Lurking for 4 Years so its time to start ;)Lillsnorrenn
New Hello! New to speedrunning.scotuflash
New Ello Heystephanreiken
New Helloooo, its me, I want to get to know as many runners as possibleBnH247
New Hiya everyone!sinaladel
New Hello everyone, been lurking for about a year so decided to join.Belutima
New Hello EverybodyBaconBasedGod
New New speedrun newbieZunar
New Hi !HoundBlue
New Hello! I speed run Super House of Dead Ninjas!masterluigi452
New Hello everyonenuke
New Hello folksMazimov
New hi plataforms guys!txosta
New Hey there everyone!MrMovees87
New Hello Community!Astaroth
New Hello! I'm in!Rodzos
New Hi Guys :)matfax
New L4D2 Runner here!Neeby
New Hello Speedrun community!tuff_lover
New Now spelled correctly, Extreme-G 2!Erfboom
New New Game (and Runner!): One Finger Death Punchjkazos
New Hi Just 2 QuestionsLykon
New Hi~Azu
New HelloArc_Assassin_4
New Greetings :)dxm8975
New I am THE #1 teenage god of videogames  Page: 1 2PeterAfro
New Hello (darkness my old friend)thatbelgiandude
New Hello, hello, hello!Forte_07
New New to this whole thingisuyou
New New kid on the BlockRobbyStock
New Ayo!Sabre
New Greetings!maddavid123
New Greetings lovely peopletobash_wombat
New Hello peoplesnakesoldier1980
New Greetings from a aspiring SpeedrunnerSteveOfWarr
New Oooh Maria !yddra
New Hello, ladieshardytier
New G'day guys!Haalyle
New Hey everyone!TheGrizzly
New New Speedrunnerzeronian
New Hello fellow speedrunnersamalgamex
New Hello \o/Radar
New Hey guys some questions!noximus
New Hello (again)Stixsr
New Hey I'm new! Any advice is appreciated <3PoHobi
New Hello Speedrunners o__o)/FireFalcons1
New Hi there :)felip24y
New Hello everyone, newcomer here :)rooFLesz
New Oh hi sup, newbie trying to figure out his next speedgameVeiyr
New Hey everyone!Suilx
New Hello all!MattyJ311
New Hey there, everyone.SubwaySpartan
New Hey! New to the community!en0chian23
New Hi speedrunnersParallaxScroll
New Welcome to The Pantrystealinbread
New Advice for a prospective runneracerthorn
New HeyosRebag102
New Hi.Vertigo
New Greetings and SalutationsNyasupan
New Hi everyone !SLr
New Greetings!CzaR
New Hey there!Ashfield
New Newbie runner from Portugal!ImZealot
New I'm Mal1t1aMal1t1a
New SinisterKun has comeSinisterKun
New Howdy matesZell8888
New A humble NES speedrunner here!GreenSoap
New Very new to speedrunning, what should I buy?jkdempc
New Hello there!ParanoidRobot
New Newbie RunnerCarpoS
New TumeK5 registers.TumeK5
New Hey my names redstalkerrredstalkerr
New New Runner here!Shtrudel
New Hello friends!PrinceCaptain
New Getting StartedScumbagLemon
New Here come a new challenger!c4n4r
New new to speedrunning, need help :)skunkwitch
New Hellow there mates :)jarushi
New Noob here hello :D 1 QuestionLeix
New Hello! New to speedrunning!Ragleyy
New sup im a weebFrancis
New I'm Rithek and I would like to introduce you to the world of SSX3!Rithek
New The Kitty is Back in Business!Purity_the_Kitty
New Greetings from Germany - New Speedrunnerph1l
New Greetings everyone. New speedrunner hereEndySWE
New Hello world. Another live streaming speed runner.HairyBaconGamer
New I'm GlaedrGlaedr
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New Hurro!Randian
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New Very late Introduction but HEY!MASH
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New Cheers Speedrunning community ![user deleted]
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New Hello! Linux tools?edge226
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New Greetings from a French guy!Marty64
New Hello. [Insert Witty Dialogue Here]DrSkies
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New hi all! o/sistraer
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New Hello and things.Golembuddy
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New "Greetings comrades"sünta
New Greetings!XTerminator
New Hello EveryoneLeny
New Howdy strangerssktwentysix
New Yo!Shade667
New Hello AllZembar
New howdy y'allfattycakes
New Bow Before Me (Or Don't, I'm Only A Silly DolfynCosmykTheDolfyn
New Hey.Kythol
New Hello FellasDerpyTails
New Hello all!arcticfox
New Hello Everyone!kingsophie
New Hello!Trizten
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New Hellodirector_slowking
New YoDeuceler
New Hello! I'm Konasumi.Konasumi
New Hi Guys another Dutchy joing the fray of speedrunningEnablingBarley
New Introductions, Inquiries & Story TimeCoheed
New Hi everyone ! :DYoshi24
New GreetingsAureus_Lunae
New Hi Guys :)DarkLordOfTheSmith
New Greetings programMr-sm0k3y
New Hi Guys :)DarkLordOfTheSmith
New So this is where I say hi, I guess.A_ClassyGentleman
New hi :)NeoSlash72
New Hey I'm Canadian :D Butterlord
New IntroGanzofsorrow
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New So apparently I get my own emote now. Supercool!S.
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New Hoi... I'm Yano ^^Yano_Karozuno
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New Hello Everyone! =DEthanWolfcat
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New Hello fellow speedrunners! StormerSage here!StormerSage
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New Hello boys and girls!Amawolf
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New Hey guys im QTPQTPiezzz
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