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New Sticky (locked): Welcome to! - a short intro and FAQ guide.AMVX
New Hello thereTejonte
New New and Looking for Fantastic Adventures of DizzyTheYolkel
New HOY! I am here!Pastelll
New We've added a speedrunning mode into our game, CONTINUEPixelPinecone
New Late introduction.Daravae
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New My nintendo switch.Tiesel
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New Hellohamx3
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New Hello, im Eleazar and i want to speedrunEleazarJL
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New Wolf InsaneWolfensane
New I'm newFyreYce
New Submitted a Speedrun to House Party but No responcedeadlyseed_
New Hello. Brand new to speedrunning Burnout Paradise Remastered.AquaticSparrow
New Hello therejimbozitron
New A Wild Wulfric Has Appeared~! [*New To Speedrunning*]WulfricValerius
New Hello everyone! New Runner here.Solanias
New Im niewbie, i hope meet everybodymeobeou
New Greetings Speedrun, A Wesker Child has appeared.Corrupted_Wesker
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