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Information About Submissions

Submissions Open: 2nd of September 2019 8am GMT
Submissions Close: 29th of December 2019 5pm GMT
Cuts & Schedule: 19th of January 2020
Final date for schedule changes: 9th of February 2020 (with 1 week extension possible)
Start Date of Marathon: 14th of February 2020 @ 08:50am GMT
End Date of Marathon: 16th of February 2020 @ 11:15am GMT


The link to the submission form will appear on the left sidebar from the 2nd of September. Submissions will be processed through through the submission form.

A new addition to this year's submissions will be the Sign-Up form which will also open on the 2nd of September.

Please view this form for information about the forms and how to fill them out.

Please make sure to check your availability for the marathon prior to submitting. Unfortunately, I will not be able to host the event over 24-hours, therefore please make sure that you are available between 9am and 10pm (GMT) on the day of your run. If you are not available, then I advise that you do not submit a run for this event. It is likely in future that the event will run over 24-hours, though for now it will not be possible.


Submission Terms & Conditions

1. By submitting a run for InstaSpeedathon 2020, you are hereby giving us exclusive rights to re-upload your marathon run on our YouTube Channel, and to use your marathon footage for marketing / promotional material for future Instaspeedathon events.
2. By submitting to InstaSpeedathon 2020, you acknowledge that we have the right to capture your livestream for use on our Twitch Channel during the marathon.
3. By submitting and running in InstaSpeedathon 2020, we will not be held liable for any impact caused to your channel, be it positive or negative. Any possible impacts to your channel are to be taken at your own risk
4. If you are accepted, we hold the exclusive rights to cancel, alter or suspend your marathon run without prior notice and we accept no liability for any inconvenience thereby caused

Every effort will be made to keep InstaSpeedathon running as smoothly as possible, and to keep the marathon running to the allocated schedule, however we reserve every right to alter or suspend the event without prior notice, and we will not be held liable for any loss, inconvenience or delay thereby caused.


Rules for submitting

- Only submit your own run for the marathon. Submitting on behalf of someone else will lead to an immediate decline. Submitting someone else's run as your own submission can risk you getting banned from future InstaSpeedathon events.
- Make sure to allow some time in your submission for inconsistencies or strat failures. Likewise, do not be excessive with your leeway. Around 10 minutes should be enough to allow for mistakes. You do not need to include setup time as this will be added by myself (I will add around 10 minutes to each run)
- Please do not submit runs which are either too short or too long. Short runs can be quite boring to watch and will not really contribute to the event much. Longer runs would reduce the amount of runs we can showcase. Typically, make sure your run is between 10mins and 3hours in length. Super long or short runs may be added as end bonuses, but this will be decided when shcedule cuts are made.
- If you are submitting a race, make sure you and your partner are available during the marathon. It is also recommended that both of you submit the same race (max 2 runners per race).
- Make sure that you submit a decent run. It doesn't have to be a PB run, but it does have to be a decent run showcasing good movement techniques and strategies. You also do not have to be the WR holder for the game you want to submit, just make sure that you know the speedrun well enough to submit a run
- Do not post troll submissions. Any submission which looks to be a troll submission will be removed without warning and will result in an immediate ban from InstaSpeedathon 2020, and can also result in a ban from future InstaSpeedathon events.


Successful Runs

If your submission is successful, please make sure to check the schedule for when your run is planned for. The schedule should be up by 20th of January 2020.
If you are unable to participate during your chosen time slot, please let me know ASAP (A thread will be made in advance for this). That way I can arrange for your run to be rescheduled for the marathon.
Likewise, if you'd like for your run to be removed from the schedule, please let me know so that I can arrange for another runner to take the available time slot. The deadline for Schedule changes will be 9th of February 2020.
If after this date you notify me that you are unavailable in any way (either by time slot or during the whole marathon), your run will be removed from the marathon without any re-schedules or replacement runners.

If there is anything else you would like to know about submissions, please let me know as a reply to this thread and I will try my best to answer any queries