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Here is some guidance on how to fill in the Submission and Sign Ups Forms.

Submitting a run must be done for each game / category you intend to run. You may submit more than once if you wish.

All runners submitting a run must complete the Sign Up sheet. This will only be used to validate runners in Discord and to contact you if you are successful. This only needs to be completed once.



Sign Ups

Real Name (Required): Please enter your Discord name (Ex. Jimbob#1234).
E-mail Address (Optional): Please enter your E-mail Address.
Phone Number (Required): Your streaming channel. Preferably Twitch but we can work with other providers as well.


Submit Run

Game: The game name
Category: The category name (Ex. Any%, 100%, etc). If you are running the game on an Emulator, please add "Emu" after the category.
Leaderboard link: Link to the game's leaderboard (not required)
Game name on Twitch: Game name on Twitch (not required)
Why should this be shown at InstaSpeedathon 2020: Brief description as to why this game and category should be shown at InstaSpeedathon 2020. Please don't write too much in here.
Video: Link to the run you are submitting. (Typically YouTube or Twitch but make sure it matches the submission and is your own run).
Platform: Which platform you will be running the game on.
Region: The region of your game.
Additional Players: If you are submitting a race, please indicate who you intend to race with. (Only required for races).
Estimate: How long do you think your run will last for? This doesn't need to be the exact time of your linked run.
Additional Time: How much extra time you may need to complete the run. This does not need to include setup time as all runners will be given an extra 10 minutes added for this.
Availability: Please indicate your availability. The marathon is planned to run Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Please include time and your own timezone as well, if applicable.
Incentive Suggestions: Please list some incentive suggestions for your run separated by commas.

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A quick update about the Sign Ups. I've noticed that a few people haven't filled this out along with their submissions. Please be aware the Sign Up needs to be filled out regardless of whether your submission is online or onsite.

The guidelines to fill out this form are available in the above post.