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What is InstaSpeedathon?
InstaSpeedathon is an online speedrunning marathon with the aim to showcase games and speedrunners. This year, we plan to host InstaSpeedathon 2020 in a physical venue, but this will be confirmed prior to submissions. This year we will be raising money for Everyone Can, which is a UK based charity which helps disabled children get into gaming.

Why are you planning to host InstaSpeedathon 2020 in a physical venue?
Our aim with InstaSpeedathon is to make it bigger and better every year. InstaSpeedathon started in 2018 where it was streamed locally on the InstaSim Twitch Channel. In 2019, we finally opened a dedicated Twitch Channel for InstaSpeedathon as well as dedicated the marathon to charity fundraising. This year we are exploring even more ways to grow InstaSpeedathon into a better event overall, and to host it in a physical venue is one of these plans. However, this has now been confirmed not to be happening for 2020, we will be exploring physical venue hosting for future InstaSpeedathon events

Where will this marathon take place?
For InstaSpeedathon 2020, the marathon will be taking place on the dedicated Twitch Channel for InstaSpeedathon ( https:/​/​www.​twitch.​tv/​instaspeedathon ).

When will the marathon take place?
The marathon will either take place on the 14th - 17th of February 2020 or 21st - 24th of February 2020. The date is yet to be finalised as it depends on availability.
[UPDATE] - The marathon will take place on the 14th - 16th of February 2020

How do I submit a run?
Submissions will open on the 2nd of September 2019 (at 8am GMT). At which point, you may submit a run for the marathon. Submissions will close on the 29th of December 2019 (at 5pm GMT) so that the submissions may be reviewed in a timely manner before the marathon takes place. To avoid disappointment, please make sure to submit a run as soon as possible if you want to take part.
All runners submitting a run to InstaSpeedathon 2020 will be required to fill out the Sign-Ups form as well. Please follow this thread for guidance on how to do this.

Which games can we submit?
Generally, I have no restrictions on which games you can submit, though I do have time restrictions which I will make a note of in another thread about Game Submissions.

Do I need Discord to take part?
You will need Discord to take part in this marathon. This is how we will communicate with the runners during their runs, and this is how runners may have other people to talk to if needed. A moderator will always be present during runs to keep order and to mention donations.

Can we submit races?
We will be accepting races to InstaSpeedathon 2020, however races will have a maximum of 2 runners, and both runners must be available for the race. It is also recommended for both runners in a race to submit to the marathon.

What is the Sign Up form used for?
This year we are using the sign up form to make it easier for us to contact you if you are successful. We received feedback about how to make InstaSpeedathon better this year, and communication with successful runners was one of the areas we needed to improve. Please check this thread for how to fill in this form.

What constitutes a troll submission?
A troll submission is a submission which is unrealistic or vague. This can include (but is not limited to); an unrealistically long speedrun, including a category that doesn't exist, including a game that doesn't exist, using inflammatory or obscene language in your submission, linking to a video that is not a speedrun, etc. Essentially, a submission that looks to be a troll submission will be looked into, and if this is the case, the submission will be removed and the runner will be banned from the event. If you have run a category which is not an official category (ie. It is not on any leaderboards on ), provided you have proof that you have run the category, it will NOT constitute as a troll submission.