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InstaSpeedathon 2020 is currently planned to be held onsite with online runs also taking place. We will fully confirm this prior to the start of submissions.

Onsite runs will require runners to be present at the venue when performing their run. Online runs will require runners to stream to their own streaming channel during their run.



Marathon Dates

Submissions: 2nd of September (8:00am GMT) to 29th of December 2019 (5:00pm GMT)
Cuts and Initial Schedule: 19th of January 2020
Final Schedule Changes: 9th of February 2020
Marathon Dates: 14-16 of February 2020


What the dates mean

Submissions: The time you are able to submit to InstaSpeedathon 2019. You may not submit before or after these dates.
Cuts and initial schedule: The speedrunners for the marathon will be chosen and the initial schedule will be made. This schedule is subject to changes depending on runner availability.
Final Schedule Changes: Between the initial cuts and the final changes, the chosen runners will have a chance to change the allocated schedule, or to cancel their run if they are no longer available. If a runner cancels after this date, no replacement runners may be added.
Marathon dates: The dates the marathon will be taking place.


Marathon Info

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I make a small request that I'd prefer for it not to start around the 14th, as I may be on vacation that week. I also intend to submit to Frame Fatales which happens on February the 23rd to the 29th - however, my times can be adjusted to stop potential clashing, so it's less of an issue.

You don't have to cater to me, but it does indeed feel like this place is in need of submissions.

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@TreyaTreya That's fine 🙂 don't worry. We'll try to cater as much as possible to runner's availability. I'll be posting in the Discord server after the submissions close with a poll to ask which dates people would prefer the marathon to run on and will then try to work around it as much as possible 🙂 hope this is ok