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Thread: Community Discord?

Started by: InevitableInevitable

Is there a discord server or anything for this game yet? I have some theories/strats in the works that I'd love to talk about, but I don't want to flood the forum page with unfinished strategies. I think we can definitely push this game a lot lower with some better communication!


Forum: Effie

Thread: Sequence Break in Prologue

Started by: InevitableInevitable

After getting the shield and completing the first fight, you can skip a decent chunk of the level by jumping along this ledge. It's kind of tricky but should save some time.

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Thread: Community Building

Started by: InevitableInevitable

Hey guys! Is there a discord or anything for this game? I've got some more free time coming up and I'd love to work with some other people see what we can do with this game. The OOB stuff starting to form in this game looks cool and seems to have a lot potential.


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Started by: Ink_Ink_

I'm confused, this doesn't show me how to fly at all

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