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Forum: Untitled Goose Game

Thread: Why is it so sad to look at the credits?

Started by: Indie-_Lord-_AckerIndie-_Lord-_Acker

There is something about the credits that make me feel so unhappy the fact that so many people put so much work into such a small game like this and not get's any recognition for it. It's just saddening.


Forum: Overcooked!

Thread: How the game tanked

Started by: Indie-_Lord-_AckerIndie-_Lord-_Acker

This game is a masterpiece, no doubt about it everything rides so smoothly and it's a fun game to return to . However, after I played the second game it just felt cheaper. Almost as if a bit of it's charm was lost. The second game feels more artificial than I expected, and yes I know sequels are usually worse than the original. But this feels worse than usual.