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Thread: Brawlhalla new wave mode for speedrun

Started by: Shina10Shina10

Sadly it seems like horde mode is a brawl of the week and is not playable year round unless I am mistaken. I think it would be cool to do a highscore leaderboard here.


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Thread: Moderation problem

Started by: Hdot12Hdot12

I'm sorry that you have lost interest in Brawlhalla speedruns Hdot. I would definitely be willing to take your spot on the mod team. I really want to introduce an IL leaderboard for tournament mode and the tutorials. I've been really into speedruns since about 2013 and really enjoy running the games I play.

I was also a semi-relevant semi-pro player throughout 2017. I love the subtlety of movement to get the bots to do what you want in this games runs.

Cheers 😃

P.S. Congrats on getting onto gladjonas 😉

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Thread: Tutorial Speedrun ?

Started by: Shina10Shina10

I just did a few runs and they are pretty fun! I like Platforming the most.