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Thread: Old Version rules

Started by: ImLogicImLogic

With the posting of the "Speedrunning Brawlhalla" video by Diffensive I expect a influx of players. Diffensive talked about downloading and running older versions of the game through steam. This is completely legal and I highly recommend it.

However we need to have a standard to reporting what version you played on. Make sure you add the version when reporting the run. If the version you are playing has not been added yet please type it when submitting your run and I will add it myself. If you don't you risk your run being rejected.

So I don't have to add every patch to the game all past runs will be grandfathered in.

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Thread: Brawlhalla new wave mode for speedrun

Started by: Shina10Shina10

Sadly it seems like horde mode is a brawl of the week and is not playable year round unless I am mistaken. I think it would be cool to do a highscore leaderboard here.


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Thread: Moderation problem

Started by: Hdot12Hdot12

I'm sorry that you have lost interest in Brawlhalla speedruns Hdot. I would definitely be willing to take your spot on the mod team. I really want to introduce an IL leaderboard for tournament mode and the tutorials. I've been really into speedruns since about 2013 and really enjoy running the games I play.

I was also a semi-relevant semi-pro player throughout 2017. I love the subtlety of movement to get the bots to do what you want in this games runs.

Cheers 😃

P.S. Congrats on getting onto gladjonas 😉

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Thread: Tutorial Speedrun ?

Started by: Shina10Shina10

I just did a few runs and they are pretty fun! I like Platforming the most.