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Forum: The Impossible Quiz

Thread: Where on earth do I find TIQ mobile?

Started by: CygnusGDCygnusGD

Yeah me too. But apparently it's been removed.


Forum: The Impossible Quiz 2

Thread: Question 38 Mashing Technique?

Started by: IloGaming4IloGaming4

What ways are there of completing 38 quicker? Any techniques are much appreciated.


Forum: Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning

Thread: Where to get the Android game?

Started by: IloGaming4IloGaming4

Where can I get the game for android?


Forum: The Impossible Quiz

Thread: New Category (again)?

Started by: IloGaming4IloGaming4

Maybe a Softlock% category, where you have to get a softlock as fast as possible.


Forum: The Impossible Quiz

Thread: you broke my keys on my keyboard

Started by: MrRacingmonster

The mods have nothing to do with this. There are no places to use your keyboard at all in this game, so I don't know how you even managed to break it. And don't say it's because you got angry that you lost and smashed your keyboard.

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Forum: The Impossible Quiz Book

Thread: The problem I have with Any% Full Story category

Started by: IloGaming4IloGaming4

I want to do a run on the full story but I can't get past question 70 (chapter 2). Any tips to get past the question?


Forum: Super Mario Odyssey

Thread: Is Sub 1 Hour possible?

Started by: GDLennyGDLenny

@SnowyPanda yeah it happened to me once where I submitted 2 runs on TING (There Is No Game)


Forum: WarioWare: Smooth Moves

Thread: New categories?

Started by: IloGaming4IloGaming4

I think you could compete the game and then after Tiny Wario keep going, completing the entire game rather than just the stages (100% category)

I also think there should be an Any% No Resets category.


Forum: WarioWare: Smooth Moves

Thread: Resets

Started by: GhostT_NMGhostT_NM

So you can skip cutscenes.


Forum: The Impossible Quiz

Thread: App version?

Started by: the2thomasklu8the2thomasklu8

Aren't you a moderator though?


Forum: 40xEscape

Thread: Why Any% but no 100%?

Started by: IloGaming4IloGaming4

How come there's a section Any% but not a 100% category?

Also what makes a run Any%?


Forum: There Is No Game

Thread: Got 4:30 on Glitch%

Started by: IloGaming4IloGaming4

I got a 4:30 on the Glitch% category but the rules stated that you need a video proof. Is this necessary with this run?


Forum: The Impossible Quiz

Thread: First 100 questions Category

Started by: NinjaguarNinjaguar

I would use a skip for 34, 68, 84, 92 and 94.

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Forum: The Impossible Quiz

Thread: New Category?

Started by: IloGaming4IloGaming4

I have seen many great runs for the iOS version of this game, so I would like to request a 100% Mobile category.