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Thread: No (major) skips category

Started by: THYTHY

like hydrus said, its actually impossible to define what a major skip is. Imagine : you could find an easier way to do it, that saves less time, but is very close to the original skip. Where do you define the limit? how do you verify it in runs?


Forum: Marble It Up!

Thread: Does the Level Leaderboard even need separate tabs for different versions?

Started by: shredbergshredberg

I mean isnt the point of speedrunning also finding the fastest platform / version to run on? 99% of games dont seperate, for exemple, Japenese version from EU or NA just because the text or controls are faster. At this point you could argue making seperate leaderboards for keyboard / controller players. But you guys do as you feel


Forum: Marble It Up!

Thread: Does the Level Leaderboard even need separate tabs for different versions?

Started by: shredbergshredberg

I think until we find a major difference between platforms there is really no point in keeping it seperated. It will just discourage poeple to play more than anything.


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Thread: Discord?

Started by: IkewolfIkewolf

Just wondered if you guys had a discord were you share informations/discoveries about the speedrun and all of that 😃


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Thread: Category discussion: what glitches should be considered "major" for a "no major glitches" category?

Started by: VulajinVulajin

I don't know why but I would be up for a glitchless category now (or no major glitches). It might also stop all the debate about all skills and TA 😛

I'd like to see iceless in so maybe make the special level ups a major glitch <w<


Forum: Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition

Thread: Possible "glitchless" category discussion

Started by: VulajinVulajin

Here are my thoughts about this : (sorry for my terrible english)

- Making such an arbitrery category goes totally against the discussion we had a few days ago about Onin's clip. We came to the conculsion that we shouldn't have exceptions and make a category ambigious with which is /isn't a clip/OOB, in that way we said we should just follow clear rules. But now comes this category which basicly is : "I want to play this game in that way so let's make somewhat rules that would fit the way I want to play the game". I'm sorry but that's excactly what we were talking against, and why we didn't allow the clip in All Skills. This goes with emotions/desires and what we want to play more than going with logic. This category would make every new tech we find maybe a glitch maybe not, everyone has their opinions on what a glitch is/isn't.

- It would be unfair for poeple that wanted glitchless but in another way. Indeed as I said at the end of point 1 poeple were talking about glitchless, but with everyone wanting his own version of glitchless. until now we always said no to glitchless cause of all those points, why should we accept a version of glitchless over another? I personally consider that Iceless should be banned for what I would consider my version of glitchless.

- Making a 5th category when there is probably the one life category comming as well is starting to be a lot for such a little game (even tho this argument isnt really valid)

- I would much rather have a category like "no cells + something", that is not arbitrary at all and would do what poeple want (Iceless and stuff)

- And I will probably never run this category not because its not fun, but because we'll speculate again and again on new techs that should/shouldn't be allowed, and that's not fun (for me at least).

TL;DR : If we make glitchless a thing, allow Onin's clip in all skills

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Thread: Which category to run?

Started by: ThoseCrazyGuysThoseCrazyGuys

Probably the safest to learn would be the All skills triple jump 4/5 health route. All cells is basicly that but there is a lot of things to do in more and to remember, I can see 12 hours being tight for that 😛


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Thread: Pre-ESA Online Marathon - January 29th - 31st

Started by: EdenalEdenal

Game Name: Ori and the blind forest
System: PC
Category: Any%
Gameplay Estimate: 0:30:00
Ending/Bonus Estimate: 0:05:00
Sample run video:
Description: Ori best game ever :3
Availability: aviable all 3 days, from 8am to 11pm CET


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Thread: Please everyone help me solve this problem.

Started by: Dove_acDove_ac


If you wanna ask questions feel free to join our discord. We have all the active runners there and they will be able to awnser your problems !