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Do you doubt that I set custom speed in my run just like these 3 pictures below?

Well,that's a misunderstanding,my friend. Let me show you a picture,and you will understand.
I always set the priority level of fceux.exe to “real time” in Windows Task Manager before I attempt my runs. It helps to reduce lag frames and make my runs more fluent. And of course,this operation is legitimate,right?However,most people don't know this skill. So you will find that lag frames in my run are fewer than others because I set the priority level of emulator to “real time”,but they didn't.

General knowledge of computer:
Setting the priority level of fceux.exe does not speed up the game. This only makes sure that its running speed not be influenced by other programs.
If you don't believe me,just consult the experts of computer,OK?And they will tell you.