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Thread: Request about one of my speedruns

Started by: [Deleted user]

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The time is publicly available data. I can understand and would be in favor of respecting the spirit of your request by removing all identifying information about the run, but removing the time itself only creates confusion.

See, whether the time is on the leaderboards or not, the community knows that it exists. If the run isn't on the leaderboards, people will clarify and answer any questions about the run, including who did the run- spreading the information you don't want further, as in the Streissand effect. However, if the run is on the leaderboards but there is no identifying information, then the only people who know are the people who already know, and the removal has no effect on them.

But seriously- it's data. Accuracy is important, especially at the top.

Why did your wishes trump everyone else's for the leaderboards when you nuked them? A lot of people wanted their times there and you denied that- clearly, in your mind, that makes it okay to go against the wishes of the runner for personal reasons.

Stop trying to play the victim here.

edit: You also left out the fact that you yourself kept adding and removing the run.

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Thread: Searching for short or long speedruns? I made a tool

Started by: AnteeAntee

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The Elgato is good for HD games, but a lot of games don't benefit from that as they're SD. A good SD card is the GV-USB2, which is pretty close to plug and play. For anything 5th gen or earlier, that'd be the capture card to recommend- and it's perfectly sufficient for 6th gen and Wii games as well.
Microphones are nice, but a headset works perfectly fine and is generally going to be cheaper. They aren't strictly required to stream either.
A webcam is 100% not required to stream and should probably be marked optional.
Streaming recommendations make no mind to PC (or mobile/handheld) runs, which don't require a capture card. Though, DS and 3DS capture cards exist, they aren't easily available and certainly aren't available on Amazon. That's where recommending a good camera in its place would be most useful.

On the searching side of things- "popular platforms" weren't useful to me. "pl" recommended PS3 and PS4, and I know that PS1 and PS2 games are more commonly run, especially PS1. I don't like that there's no way to search for specific category types, such as any% or 100% (yes, I know not all games have a 100% category and for some games the 100% category is > 100%- I still think that this sort of search functionality would be nice to have even if it was somewhat buggy. After all, the difference between any% and 100% can be hours.)

On the game pages, two things don't work properly. Subcategories only show the fastest run for the main category (see Link to the Past) and any special formatting put into the rules field (such as bold, bullet points, or even just new lines/enters/returns) are ignored on your site. Also, miscellaneous categories aren't shown as miscellaneous- this is probably an important distinction to make.


Forum: Ape Escape 3

Thread: Version Difference

Started by: [Deleted user]

NTSC-U and PAL: very similar, I believe NTSC loads slightly quicker but that could be up to specific hardware instance.

PS2 and PS3: PS3 lags a lot less and loads a fair bit quicker, saving over a minute throughout the run.

JP and US: There is a skip in the airplane level that only works on JP, which saves about 30 seconds I believe.

Kei vs. Yumi: The first morph behaves slightly differently, which makes White Monkey slightly faster with Kei. Some monkeys are a member of Yumi's fan club, and so don't move at all when approached. The hot spring level also starts slightly differently depending on character, as the door opens to either the men's or women's changing room. There's a passage between them, and Yumi's path here is slightly quicker.


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Thread: Leaderboards moderation requests thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

That's the exact kind of statement that makes nobody ever trust you in a position of power.

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Thread: Speedrun Community Survey

Started by: [Deleted user]

It's also more focused on MMOs and not speedrunning, making the original survey more relevant for polling the speedrunning community.

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Thread: Two guys helped complete a single player run

Started by: WinslinatorWinslinator

I would say that the run was done by both players- I see no issues with a tag-team run but some people might.


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Thread: Short RPG games?

Started by: emrald_011emrald_011

If you don't mind going PC, Helen's Mysterious Castle is 30-40 minutes depending on category and is currently $1.39 on Steam. Yes, this is the obligatory "plugging a game basically only I run" suggestion...

...with that out of the way, you want a GBA JRPG in the 60-90 minute range. First generation Pokemon games are a little longer than that at around 2 hours, but fits everything else you want.

Final Fantasy Adventure and Final Fantasy Legend (1, 2 and 3) also fit, though I'm not sure quite how well.

Boktai (which I've only heard of due to its solar sensor in the cartridge) apparently is about a 2 hour run.


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Thread: Versions

Started by: Ihavenoname248Ihavenoname248

I have the PS1 version of this game, and the Puzzle Mode has 100 stages there- and they're also completely different than the Arcade version. Can we get a console category?

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Thread: Games where the fastest any% is dumb/silly

Started by: EmeraldAlyEmeraldAly

To expand on Crash 2- there are 3 any% categories. Any% no game over abuse, Any% game over abuse, and Any% item glitch (true any%). There's also a partial save corruption-y thing that can allow saving over a completed file and ending up in the final boss, but this is treated as NG+ and not tracked due to being trivial.

NOGO is the "standard" category of going through all 25 levels to get the crystals, beating a boss every 5. GO abuse does the same, but you can get a game over after collecting a crystal and it still counts as collected, as long as another level is completed. So you can enter a level, get the crystal, game over, repeat 4 times and then complete the 5th level and you'll get all 5 crystals. Any%, however, enters Snow Go, bounces on a box 200 times, abuses spin-crouching to maintain a bounce combo, and then kills 24 (25?) seals to get 25 crystals. This works due to consecutive bounces giving more wumpa fruit and then a life, and 200 indexes past the start is where crystals are stored in memory.

Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly has a lengthy loading screen, a cutscene skip, a loading screen, 3-4 seconds of movement to skip into the final boss, a loading screen, and then a dumb boss.

CTR any% involves tripping the credits from within battle mode by completing 19 matches- this is best done by making player 2 suicide on beakers repeatedly.


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Thread: I dont know what causing this

Started by: Dezu123Dezu123

My guess: something to do with VSync messing with the framerate.

This sort of issue where a game will run faster than intended under certain conditions has come up before, even for a game as popular as Ori and the Blind Forest. I don't know the specifics, but if a game is running fast, then the run doesn't count.


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Thread: Is it legal?

Started by: OdessaMamaOdessaMama

It's legal, but generally bad practice. Seeing as the boards are now completely empty, I think this is actually a worse state than getting some initial times down.


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Thread: Is it possible to use turn number or year instead of time?

Started by: maelfynmaelfyn

I would think that the milliseconds place would be better than the hours field- hours caps at 23, while milliseconds accepts all values from 0 through 999.


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Thread: Can we have a limit on forum threads per page?

Started by: Ihavenoname248Ihavenoname248

It does matter- the page takes quite a lot longer to load than other pages, and lags for me when I scroll it. It also doesn't really scale well with even more threads and activity.


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Thread: Can we have a limit on forum threads per page?

Started by: Ihavenoname248Ihavenoname248

Pretty much exactly that. Posts are limited per page, so why aren't threads?


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Thread: Discord Invite

Started by: Ihavenoname248Ihavenoname248

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The Ape Escape speedrunning community has a Discord of its own. It's still a little small due to some historic overlap with other communities, but it's still there.

So, here's the invite:

On the behalf of the AE speedrunning community, we hope to see you in here soon! 🙂

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Thread: Is using a calculator considered tool-assisted?

Started by: oddtomoddtom

Well darn anyone who uses a timer mid-run is cheating too RIP everybody.

More seriously- I would draw the line at a tool telling you what to do. A calculator or spreadsheet (or notes) to track HP, help remember routes or determine what RNG seed you're on? That's fair game. A solver telling you what to do? At that point, you'd basically be a proxy for the tool playing the game. (word games come to mind for this) A sokoban solver, however, would be a route planning tool and would be fine- the player still has to learn the route. For a calculator or spreadsheet, the player still has to interpret the results and determine what to do next.

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Forum: Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey

Thread: Rules

Started by: Im_CirnoIm_Cirno


Original/Remaster is now a variable to select for runs- for now, they're compared together, if a compelling reason to split them comes up it's trivial to change to a subcategory.
Normal/Expert is now a subcategory of the three main categories, which are any%/100%/any% NG+.
Rules for all categories now have timing and run requirements.


Forum: Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey

Thread: Rules

Started by: Im_CirnoIm_Cirno

Alright, thoughts on new organization...

1. Remaster/Original can be compared together, mostly. If you leave the mouse where you need it to be, it loses no time to keyboard navigation. I think this should be a variable instead of a subcategory. The main difference as far as a run is concerned is that the Remaster doesn't allow you to buy book upgrades, and even that isn't much of an effect as those are overpriced compared to just getting the XP anyway.
2. Every category (any%, NG+, 100%) has an Expert modifier. Expert is a perfect subcategory!
3. Rules are pretty poorly done, not going to lie. At a bare minimum every category needs timing rules and what the run actually entails. When does timing even stop? It's not clear from the rules themselves. Also, 100% is still undefined despite the forum discussion- you posted in that thread with a request to contact you elsewhere. Why aren't the forums good enough?
4. I'd be willing to fix up all of the above & be a second mod to make sure runs keep rolling through when submitted- one mod is usually enough for smaller games, but it's always better to avoid single points of failure.


Forum: Touhou Eiyashou ~ Imperishable Night

Thread: Regarding Player settings (Lives)

Started by: elainespencerelainespencer

Existing runs would be left as is as better times are attainable with default lives, the added lives had no effect on the run and grandfathering.


Forum: Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey

Thread: Category Definitions?

Started by: Ihavenoname248Ihavenoname248

Right, but that still leaves the question of the quests- should they be a part of the definition? They don't carry a grind and do require shifting playstyles throughout, which I think is interesting.