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Thread: Moderator Out of Contact, With Issues

Started by: Ihavenoname248Ihavenoname248

For now, this is an academic inquiry as I'm hoping to be able to contact the mod in question. But in case that falls through, I'm wondering what the correct procedure would be for fixing the problems- would I need to request mod privileges myself to fix things? Normally I'd just drop a forum post in the game and ping on Twitter, but the mod has no linked Twitter with Twitch whispers off and a private Steam profile. Compounding the issue, it's a DOS game and I noted that the mods' runs are running 13% faster than default settings (confirmed on several machines and vs. other gameplay footage).

The game(s) are Math Rescue and Word Rescue, because I recently set up DOSbox to play them again and, naturally, ended up going for ILs in Math Rescue as it had an in-game timer. Which took me to the SRcom pages, with runs, and a poorly played time on a level with no tech 1 second faster than possible at default speed.

Assuming I can't get in contact and get mod privileges, what would be the correct etiquette? My thoughts would be to adjust the time on the runs to what the run would have been at normal speed (Word Rescue would add 8 seconds per minute, Math Rescue would add 9 seconds per minute, both timed to the frame on long, straight stretches) with a note similar to what was done for Embodiment of Scarlet Devil and its 62.5 (instead of 60) FPS runs rather than reject. Polishing up the categories and rules are a given.

DOS game speedrunning can be a mess, sole "active" mod can't be contacted, has game running too fast (I hesitate to call it cheating as it's likely inadvertent), and only has a single category for Math Rescue due to thinking higher difficulties are impossible (they aren't), wondering about the "correct" course of action.


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Thread: Categories

Started by: Ihavenoname248Ihavenoname248

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I see that there's currently only an "any%" category for the game, with no difficulty settings or 100%. I also noticed that the comment on episode 1 said that the higher difficulties don't work, which isn't correct- they just have a slightly different requirement. Anyway, proposed categories (assuming for all 3 episodes but I can't personally say for episodes 2 or 3):

Easy: Requires collecting any 10 numbers to open the door.
Medium/Hard: Requires collecting all 20 numbers to open the door. The difference here is in Gruzzle behavior- Hard has them respawn and be "smarter", as well as having less slime available.
100%: Requires collecting all post-level bonuses. This requires not having "Skip problems" selected and collecting the numbers from 0-9 twice, getting all trucks correct, getting all problems correct, collecting all collectibles, and accessing all secret areas. Damage can be taken. Due to the forced math problems, a "100% collection" category that meets all of the above requirements without the math problems would probably be a better category- less RNG from the mid-level problems, no interruptions.

In summary: Any% Easy, Any% Medium/Hard, All Collectibles, and 100% would be the ideal category list for this game.


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Thread: Food for thought: When consoles break down

Started by: MasterLeoBlueMasterLeoBlue

"Well at least in the US where I live almost everyone I know has stopped using the desktops. Statistics also show a fairly rapid decline in usage."

I'm sure that's partially due to smartphones taking off, as implied, but also in large part due to laptops reaching parity with the average desktop, with the added benefit of portability. When upgrading a computer, that's a real tangible benefit and current laptops exceed the desktops of yesteryear. At least for me, I see a few desktops around homes and those that have them often have a laptop as well. And a good laptop these days can run a PS2 emulator fairly well, and this is only going to get easier with further technological advances.


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Thread: Emulator

Started by: HeyItsBentleyHeyItsBentley

Dolphin has been getting pretty accurate lately, so I wouldn't be surprised if it became allowed at some point in the future.

PS2/XBox emulation is still quite far off, but GC is "close".


Forum: Spyro the Dragon

Thread: Spyro Discord?

Started by: MasterLeoBlueMasterLeoBlue

Guys, the link Hummeldon posted 6 months ago still works. It's literally 3 posts up from mine.


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Thread: What Games Allow Dolphin Emu?

Started by: OmniscientOmniscient

It's worth noting that most games that don't allow emulators are because the emulation isn't accurate enough, often giving an advantage to the emulator. This doesn't mean you can't do runs on an emulator, just that they can't be submitted to a leaderboard.

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Thread: Video proof

Started by: rantinsrantins

The rule used to be "top 10 or top 50% (whichever is smaller) needs a video" even here. But this was recently hanged due to a shift in community opinions on proof standards, which is fair.

Before everything was on a google doc, which had to be manually updated. As a result, a lot of runs were added after they were seen live before they were highlighted, and some of those runs never got highlighted because the runner intended to improve again soon, but that improvement never happened.


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Thread: Longest speedrun you've ever done?

Started by: AxxisAxxis!/76693
39 hours, RTA, the only times I stepped away from the game were food/bathroom breaks. At the time of completion this was actually the longest finish time on any SRL race to date, though it's since been surpassed by a few other marathon races (GTA 100% trilogy had a 66 hour finish time, I recall, and the Yugioh Forbidden Memories 100% lasted 5 days with sleep breaks before SRL admins shut it down) but I think it's still the longest first place time. And it is a genuine first place- Zorasknight dropped out 33 hours in when it was clear I was going to finish first by a lot.

This is my current PB for the category, coming in about 10 hours faster. I'm going to knock it under 24 someday, but it's very hard to find the time to do a run 😛

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Thread: Run without footage?

Started by: Mathtron_5000Mathtron_5000

There's another option other than a capture card- if you don't mind the loss of quality, you can always point a camera at the screen and stream/record the camera.

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Thread: Version Difference

Started by: [Deleted user]

Well, VC and disc were split into subcategories before there were complaints... I see no reason why that couldn't be re-done if there was demand for it.


Forum: Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped

Thread: About the difference between these USA/NTSC and JPN/NTSC

Started by: mimizukumimizuku

0.3 seconds per loading screen spread across dozens of loading screens would add up pretty quickly. 25 levels + 5 bosses = 30 entry loading screens, 29 exit. That comes out to ~18 seconds lost to loading screens. Not much time, but enough to really matter at the top levels of play.


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Thread: Discussion: Removing Runs from Boards by User Request

Started by: kirkqkirkq

"Anybody that runs the game knows what the WR is, regardless of a leaderboard. "

This is simply not true, especially when the leaderboard doesn't reflect the actual record. Sure, some runners will know and pass on this information, but what about the people who don't interact with the community much? What if they searched for a video, and it's on Nicovideo and they only checked youtube? Twitch is awful for searching, and so many runs have their video there.

And then what about the people who want to start running a game, or started after the run was removed? How are they supposed to know, especially in smaller communities?

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Thread: Discussion: Removing Runs from Boards by User Request

Started by: kirkqkirkq

I know this is a double post, but another point occurred to me.

For the people who say that a time without a video is meaningless... what happens if a fraudulent copyright strike takes down the youtube upload? What if twitch glitches and loses the video on their servers? The video used to exist, just like with runs where the runner took down the video, and was verified as an actual run that took place and was correctly timed.

Should runs that are lost by no fault of the runner be invalidated as well? If not, why is having a time with a removed video any worse?


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Thread: Discord Invite

Started by: Ihavenoname248Ihavenoname248

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The Ape Escape speedrunning community has a Discord of its own. It's still a little small due to some historic overlap with other communities, but it's still there.

So, here's the invite:

On the behalf of the AE speedrunning community, we hope to see you in here soon! 🙂

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Thread: Discussion: Removing Runs from Boards by User Request

Started by: kirkqkirkq

At the same time, though, there has been at least one case of site staff stepping in and overturning the community decision.

For both viewpoints.

That, to me, says that a concrete guideline for this should be implemented as a reasonable default that individual communities can decide to do differently... but when the community wants to leave a time up with no identifying information and someone on the staff sides with the guy who deleted an entire leaderboard I think that there's an issue.


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Thread: Discussion: Removing Runs from Boards by User Request

Started by: kirkqkirkq

I've noticed a couple people say that runs should only be able to be submitted by the runner- I see three issues with this.

1. Someone like SSBMstuff who doesn't want to directly submit to leaderboards to avoid the personal drive of "this isn't record I can get record" but would still like his times there.
2. Importing times from offsite leaderboards, especially when the runner was the person who originally submitted. Should those runs be ignored by the site just because the runner is no longer active to submit on their own?
3. Co-op runs. Would those only need to be submitted by one person on the team, regardless of the other runners? Would all runners need to submit? Co-op runs raise another interesting point about what to do if one person no longer wants the run up but the remaining runners do- which side do you go with? To everyone who said "just remove the run if the runner wants it gone"- how do you handle this instance?


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Thread: Separating Discs and VC

Started by: NattyNatty

Another option that's been used for hardware running games fast (such as the Super Game Boy) is to find the difference in game speed (if it's constant) and apply a conversion at the end of the run.

CTR is big enough to handle the divide as I mentioned on the Discord, but I figured I'd mention another alternative here as well just so it's documented.


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Thread: Discussion: Removing Runs from Boards by User Request

Started by: kirkqkirkq

As you say, involved runners of the game will know of the run and who ran it.

New mods would presumably be involved runners who have heard the details, making that a non-issue.

Adding a comment to the anonymous run simply stating "this run was viewed by X mod, it's a trusted time, runner wanted information removed" doesn't have any issues, as it answers any questions and doesn't raise "well wait if that's a good time, why isn't it on the leaderboards?" confusion. I'd argue that's a lot more confusing.

Maybe I'm blind to the potential issues, but there's definitely some real gain in accuracy and reduction in confusion.

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Thread: Discussion: Removing Runs from Boards by User Request

Started by: kirkqkirkq

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Alright, I'll post the dissenting opinion here.

I don't believe a time known to be legitimate should be removed or missing from a leaderboard. A missing time just creates confusion to people outside of the community, and people inside the community still know of and recognize the run and its holder. For the standard viewer/person joining a community, it creates a moment of confusion especially when the missing time(s) are at the top. I feel that allowing these runs to be removed is sabotaging the integrity of the leaderboards- perhaps a bit of an exaggeration, but imagine if all of the top 20 for, say, Super Mario 64 decided they didn't like leaderboards. Would pretending those runs don't exist be a desirable result?

That said- I'm in favor of removing identifying features from runs that the runner wants removed. The time stays up, the runner isn't identified, the boards stay accurate, and everybody wins. Which features specifically get removed can vary from game to game, but I don't think anyone should have an issue with "Anonymous" and a time next to it, no console, no date, not even a video.

Full run removal: absolutely not
Removal of everything but the time: sure. The time is what's important.

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Thread: Leaderboard suggestions

Started by: TireanTirean

I have all of my best times (and scores) on Cyberscore.

I don't like the interface for SRcom ILs at the moment, and so I tend to avoid setting them up when I can- adding 91 times would be a bit of a pain, but I would do it if necessary.