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Thread: 100% Category?

Started by: MarioMario7829MarioMario7829

playing all difficulties is stupid as that just means you beat the game three times without any major changes.


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Thread: Feedback thread

Started by: PacPac

Slight annoyance I have:

Notifications only count as read once you click one of them. Having a "mark all as read" button would be convenient.

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Thread: Problems recording the game "Manhunt" with OBS

Started by: WagnerBrasilWagnerBrasil

Best of luck to anyone giving this a shot!

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Thread: New Road to Ruin cutscene skip(?)

Started by: IgnasIgnas

(edited: )

When attempting a run on the Glitches category I somehow skipped the cellar door cutscene on accident. Not sure what I did differently to cause that.

Here's to hoping someone analyses this clip and finds a way to skip it without the wall clip.

e: this is just a showcase of the game being random, this can happen to any cutscene at any point in gameplay and it's not possible to replicate.

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Thread: Manhunt speedrunning discord would be nice

Started by: IgnasIgnas

Having a server for discussion would be great.
Anyone up to make one or is there no demand for this per se?

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