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Thread: Longest speedrun you've ever done?

Started by: AxxisAxxis

The only game I ran so far was Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (GC), and that was at 2:51 I think it was. I since improved it with a time of 2:47:07, but have yet to submit the video. I will get to it soon.


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Thread: Looking for an RPG to run.

Started by: PrinnyboyoPrinnyboyo

Try dabbling in categories that can be shortened if you like, including not necessarily completing the game. An example of this, while not being a RPG in itself, is getting to the Ghost Ship in LOZ: Phantom Hourglass, which I believe takes less than half the length of the whole game itself while being a milestone in its own right. Speaking of Sonic, I may or may not have asked in the Sonic Speedrunning Discord about the prospect of running Chao events in the Adventure games? @Drakodan


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Thread: Hello, reformed user here

Started by: Rephy

Glad you got another chance, best of luck with your future speedruns. 🙂

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Thread: Speedrunners "verifying" their own runs

Started by: carlduffcarlduff

As much as I can see where you're coming from, self-verification doesn't instantly put one in the mould of Todd Rogers. People can check the run after it was verified anyway, and dispute it later. Just because it was self-verified doesn't mean it isn't legit.

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Thread: Should speedruns without video proof require splits?

Started by: starsmileystarsmiley


I think splits are just a secondary need if not merely a useful tool for measuring time, but you can literally just watch a video with a duration timer on it, and check the time off the play. I'm still having trouble with LiveSplit but I'm currently trying to record runs by literally pointing the webcam at the TV, calcing the time off and nothing else.


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Thread: Most indecisive person in need of finding a gamecube game

Started by: DangleDooDangleDoo

Rayman 3 is supposedly quite good, then there are some categories to Shadow the Hedgehog that you could try. Super Monkey Ball 2 is another one.


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Thread: Has a video game ever made you cry?

Started by: EmeraldAlyEmeraldAly

I almost went into tears just now, doing a darklocke of Ultra Sun. Just caught this Murkrow and it literally ate all my balls.


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Thread: Should speedruns without video proof require splits?

Started by: starsmileystarsmiley

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I'd personally just record a vid straight off a webcam pointed at the TV.

I mean I made a run of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and can remember the time off the top of my head, but didn't record it so I never submitted it. I can improve it though.


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Thread: Should speedruns without video proof require splits?

Started by: starsmileystarsmiley

Splits are better than nothing, but they can still be fabricated very easily. This is an issue that requires quite a bit of caution.

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Thread: Positive Message

Started by: BokoblinsBokoblins

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Some people tend to get worked up over stuff really, or deliberately stir up controversy and generally induce communities with their poison, which is in a different league to what is construed as trolling. This more often than not feeds negativity, and sometimes induces or even introduces negativity in others (as shown with Liv's comments). Of course, that's not to say that the internet as a whole is mostly negative or that there are no places where a positive attitude is encouraged. Such places do exist, you just have to find the right people to talk to. Make one of your own if you like, such as a Discord server, and try socialising whilst being polite and relaxed at the same time. Show respect, and most of the time it will be returned to you. And don't get riled up if someone disagrees with your opinion, or be a dick for the sake of it, this cannot be stressed enough.

EDIT: I also wanted to say thanks for putting this message across, I appreciate it. 🙂


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Thread: Rocky Rose MK1 SNES Speedrun WR 8:57

Started by: [Deleted user]

Spamming the same strat through the video (which is literally something little kids do) while claiming to be a god of the game, cussing out another runner and getting yourself banned, and spamming porn links while cussing out the people reading your thread. Takes real class there.


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Thread: Weird controller problem, need advice

Started by: Lance_Lance_

Have you tried unplugging the controller and putting it back in? My Cube and controller have been around for about 14 years now and it sometimes decides that the neutral analog position = right, until I unplug it then put it back in. Also from what I understand caution is recommended around off brands.


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Thread: What's your opinion on pausing the timer in Speedruns?

Started by: DdariQDdariQ

I'd pause the game if I had to, but not the timer. This is why it's recommended to use unskippable cutscenes for toilet breaks or rustling up a snack.

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Thread: Any cool game to speedrun ?

Started by: yanounaiyanounai

There is the Sling series, that's pretty decent.


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Thread: 2 good games rejected.

Started by: CortyezCortyez

There are horror games on this site though. Alone in the Dark and Resident Evil are there, may be others.

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Thread: Ocarina of Time Speedrun Question

Started by: MiningavMiningav

Both are necessary for a series of glitches that allow for item manips and a wrong warp that goes from Gohma to Ganon.


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Thread: Any detectives out there?

Started by: oddtomoddtom

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The bin bag ate it, kicked the table over and anaesthetised the dog to shut him up and frame him.

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Thread: PewDiePie's Speedrunning Video

Started by: OxkniferOxknifer


Don't they all do that on YouTube? I mean that is a surefire way of getting views quickly so...

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