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Thread: Crowd Density Rule

Started by: IAmSonaholicIAmSonaholic

I feel that although it is allowed that adjusting the crowd density for a better load time shouldn't be allowed since you aren't able to reduce the crowd on consoles reducing the availabilty for the fastest version onto PC which would make less people more likely to buy the game.

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Thread: Million Dollar Challenge Category?

Started by: IAmSonaholicIAmSonaholic

I think speedrunning the challenge as it was a big part of the game upon release would be excellent and a reason for people to go back and play it. I will be doing runs for it starting next week and thought I would suggest the category.

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Thread: Current 30 Man Rumble WR is a 10 Man Rumble run

Started by: IAmSonaholicIAmSonaholic

The run submitted for WR in the 30 man rumble was a 10 Man rumble run


Forum: The Wind Waker HD Category Extensions

Thread: No Hit/No Damage Categories

Started by: IAmSonaholicIAmSonaholic

I noticed both Oot/MM both have No Hit/No Damage categories, I have already made a set of rules to use for the runs

The Wind Waker HD No Hit/No Damage Rules

1. Anything that causes you to lose health counts as a hit.

2. Voiding out counts as a hit

3. If you void out it no longer becomes a No Hit run however it is still good for the No Damage category

4. If you void out or get hit while using the command melody it also counts as a hit

5., blocking with your shield also counts as a hit, and you can only use your shield in the Jalhalla boss fight

6. When facing Orca any damage taken also counts as a hit

7. Glitches are not allowed in this category

8. Getting caught in Cyclos tornado and warped counts as a hit

9. Possession from a Poe does count as a hit

10. In FF if you get caught and thrown in jail it counts as a hit

11. Get grabbed by the Dead Hand (in general not just warped back to the beginning

12. Skips are allowed unless you have to perform a glitch to do it

13. Magic Armor is not allowed in this category