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Forum: F1 Race Stars

Thread: Time Trials for individual tracks ?

Started by: HypelastikaHypelastika

There's only ILs for cups why not add for tracks ?


Forum: osu!

Thread: "versions" udate

Started by: HypelastikaHypelastika

- i added versions because of the unfair advantages the older osu! clients have like less lag and faster menuing
- all runs are still on the leaderboard : filters > versions > any , new , old
- "new" is shown by default
- if you don't know what version you have submit any version and i will correct it

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Forum: osu!

Thread: Was there a change of rules?

Started by: Duck420Duck420

you're allowed to use older versions they just don't show up on the leaderboard anymore (by default) you have to go to filters > versions > any , i will make a post about it later when im done editing all the runs


Forum: Tekken 6

Thread: T6 PSP

Started by: HypelastikaHypelastika

can the psp version of Tekken 6 get it's on leaderboard , it has story mode and arcade mode ? a category for ghost battle would be nice too like beginner to warrior because tekken god would takes too long


Forum: osu!

Thread: can I use my first 50fc's in a 100fc run as a submitted 50fc% run

Started by: DawnsdayDawnsday

you can edit your 100fc video to just have the 50 fcs and submit it


Forum: Mischief Makers

Thread: IL

Started by: HypelastikaHypelastika , move this to !!!!!!!!!!!!! also mod Reppler he cool and pro !


Forum: Action Girlz Racing

Thread: WR

Started by: HypelastikaHypelastika

so you need photo or video to submit runs but the wr/mod doesn't need any proof ?


Forum: Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories

Thread: Discussion of rule proposals for No Manip

Started by: GenericMadScientistGenericMadScientist

what about the ps3 runners they can't burn the modded iso or can they ?


Forum: Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories

Thread: Should the leaderboard be split? [DISCUSSION/VOTING]

Started by: GFCGFC

why would legacy be in miscellaneous? it's the most popular and ran category


Forum: Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories

Thread: Should the leaderboard be split? [DISCUSSION/VOTING]

Started by: GFCGFC

Creating subcategories for manip and no manip would be pretty nice so people who don't run or want to run FM don't get confused , what A3r1uS suggested would be the best imo


Forum: Final Fantasy VI

Thread: SNES Classic is banned ?

Started by: HypelastikaHypelastika

the rules say that SNES Classic is banned but WR for Kefka at Narshe is on SNES Classic ?


Forum: osu!

Thread: New category

Started by: mnbvcxy12345678mnbvcxy12345678

i can make osu! extensions and add a bunch of categories like pp categories , 10 FC 5 + star and whatever category you want


Forum: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Thread: Learning No IM/WW

Started by: HypelastikaHypelastika

i watched Zelly's No IM/WW tutorial for child section and i did everything , how do i learn adult section ?


Forum: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX

Thread: Learning Link's Awakening DX

Started by: HypelastikaHypelastika

Hi, i want to learn link's awakening dx so i have few questions:
1.what emulator to use tutorial/notes
3.difficulty of glitches there a backup for every glitch if i don't manage to learn it ?
Thanks 🙂


Forum: Final Fantasy VII

Thread: FFVII (PS4) Help

Started by: PrimalMega024PrimalMega024

you could record your splits with obs or any other program while doing the run and when you finish your run just edit them in with sony vegas or adobe premiere


Forum: LocoRoco Midnight Carnival

Thread: demo%

Started by: HypelastikaHypelastika

i noticed how some games have categories for demo like god of war 3, can Locoroco have that you can still download the demo everywhere, and play it on a moded psp or on emulator 😃


Forum: osu!

Thread: Lets talk about some things. I'M HERE TO HELP.

Started by: maffemaffe

i won't change anything with the current categories or rules, but if you have suggestions for harder categories feel free to share them


Forum: osu!

Thread: Timings / timer

Started by: AwsumiAwsumi

there are rules and if you don't follow them your run will get rejected simple as that