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First of all don't call me young man that would appreciate cause you don't even know my age and you don't know me 🙂.
And I mean if you wanna help the mod team you're more than welcome.
Also I wasn't aware that it was a debate lol cause when, WE, the mods, see things "odd" or really uncommon, we do some testing.

If you wanna help you can either join the discord available or just pm one of the mods 😉


To begin with, from what I know as for the mods part, no one said that you were cheating on Hellfire.
We don't jump on conclusions unless we can prove that cheats has been used.
Right now we are discussing about the fact that no one has ever had that RNG (if RNG it is) on that puzzle on offline runs. By no one I mean people that I've played that game for more than 500 hours for instance.
We are actually looking to replicate it.
It could be a bug or something and if that's the case it's fine.

Once again, the mod team is just investigating right now and not assuming things so for us they are no rumors of cheating.


As far as I'm concerned, the patch doesn't change any gameplay.


As long as everything is shown on the lastest tracker, it's fine. By everything, I mean all infos the tracker gives.