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Thread: Tips and Tricks?

Started by: HpmanenHpmanen

Hello, Im new to speedrunning but ive wanted to do it for a long time ..... and i really love The Legend of Zelda franchise and want to speedrun these kind of games. But ... i know some glitches ... and know how to do them but some glitches ive tried so hard to learn but i can´t get them right... and i dont really know what glitches are useful or not ... and i know i need to practise to learn the glitches that part is obvious but i wanted to ask if i could get some newbie tips and tricks to help me through my journey 😃 Also please tell me the most useful glitches to learn so i can practise the useful once 😃 Thanks for reading 😛


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Thread: I want to start speedrunning ... but im not any good at glitches.

Started by: HpmanenHpmanen

Okay so I´m trying to run The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina of time 3D ... Like i know some glitches like Getting out of kokiri forest early ... i can complete the dodongos cavern without the slingshot .. so i know the glitches to do the childhood dungeons in like one or two hours ... but i dont know any Adult glitches and i wanted to ask for some tips or something to help me?