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This is a question best asked to the individual games' communities. In general though I think you should be fine.

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Twitch Streams aren't archived forever. You'll need to highlight it, or download the footage and upload it to Youtube to make it permanent.


There's an obscure platformer called Super Mario 64 that needs some more love. Not enough runners.

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@TalicZealot I suspect it's a small child who probably shouldn't be playing Resident Evil anyway.


Any question like this should go on the forums for the specific games. Games on this site aren't managed by site staff, but rather by their own communities.

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Yeah, the important bit is that they should be able to clearly see what's going on.


I've never played Half Life (I know, disown me), but skips in speedruns aren't exactly uncommon.


Grinding for ages for a level world record, but always being a second out. Then one time I got INCREDIBLY lucky with the enemy AI and beat the record by 23 seconds. I've basically given up doing IL runs of that level because I'm basically never gonna pull that off again.

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Contact the mods.


The leaderboards automatically update with your best time.

(Unless the board is set to show obsoleted times by default, but I don't really see why anyone would have that set as such.)


If all it's doing is letting you play region free games, then I can't see why it wouldn't be allowed.

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And that's your standard. Most communities care about proof for every run, because we want to maintain a high standard.

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Given your extremely lax approach to speedrunning and competition, I'm not quite sure why you're on a site like this. You don't want to show any proof for a run, so why are you even here?

I'm overweight with a dodgy foot. Is there an Olympic event I can take part in? I care more about the community than the competition, and I think you're an asshole for saying I can't take part.

Actually, that's a bad example. Your situation makes even less sense than that. The thing you're asking for is exactly why people like Todd Rogers were able to prosper. Because no-one cared enough to want actual proof.

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Really? All the crazy English spellings to criticise and you choose Christmas?

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You should ask about this on the forum for the game, or contact a moderator directly.

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Do a local recording. It'll be better quality probably, and won't have random dropouts.

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One feature that I think would be quite nice, would be the option to have multiple titles for a game that users can choose. For example, the 4th Ratchet and Clank game is called Ratchet Deadlocked in NTSC regions, and Ratchet Gladiator in PAL, and I think it would be nice if we were able to choose on a game-by-game basis which title the site displays for us, so that we in PAL land don't have to see the American titles for things. Consoles too, like giving us the choice to see Mega Drive or Genesis.

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No, you should steal it.

(Disclaimer: It's a joke. I do not condone stealing. Please don't arrest me.)

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I depends how optimal your current PB is, meaning how much time you can afford to waste. I run Battalion Wars, and I've reset in the first level a ton of times, and in the second due to a vaguely tricky skip. After that I only really reset if I straight up fail a level. I got WR recently on my 11th run of the night, by that point I'd basically gotten sick of resetting, especially after losing a run half an hour in.

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@ZenicReverie Exactly. I run and mod Battalion Wars, and we don't separate them because there's no need. Only 1 true glitch in either game, and it saves like a minute in a 2 hour run.


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