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Thread: How do i delete a catagory in a game im mod in?

Started by: XxYxXXxYxX

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1.Go to the page of the game in which you are a mod,
2.Click on "Edit Game" in the menu to the left.
3.Scroll down, until you see "Full Game Categories"
4.Then Click on the tiny X next to the category.

/edit: misread the title,gave advice how to add even more dunno why you thanked me anyway? ¤fixed¤

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Thread: Got some Steam keys for Bird of Light, now on Steam

Started by: roachyogiroachyogi

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Good luck w/ the game and hopefully you'll get many copies sold. 😃 (bought one just now, cuz I don't like not giving money to indie devs)

btw. did anyone else request the game to be added here?


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Thread: How to stream a game (from YouTube live)

Started by: brmbrmcarbrmbrmcar

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I don't think I get the question in it's entirety, but I'll try to answer as best as possible.

"-. was wondering if it was possible to put them on here.-"
I guess you're refering to the /streams page? IIRC the streams page does not work with Youtube streams, yet.
If I'm mistaken, and they DO work already: Click on your name on the top right corner, click on settings and on that page,
tick the "Show up on Streams page while streaming"

"-.I don't even know how to do it from Twitch,.-"
Well, just in case you want to know, here's how to "do it" from Twitch:

"-.I'm not on Twitch for multiple reasons.-"
Why's that? You got me curios now. 😮

I hope I could help.

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Thread: Changes request

Started by: Sm_IzumiSm_Izumi

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-Merged all 3 Consoles into 1 for easier sorting / submitting.
(I changed Very Hard to vHard & Inferno to Inf because of the new layout. Inferno would appear below the other diffs)
-Added ILs

Re-Evaluating Timing start & especially end.

/Edit: Changed Timing to be more consistent:
For NG Any%: Start on Difficulty Selection (last input on main menu)
For NG+ Any%: Start on confirming game reset (last input on main menu)

End on last hit on Magatsu Hino Tsurugi (pretty much last gameplay input)

For Individual Levels refer to NG+ rules.


Forum: Xenoblade Chronicles X

Thread: Before i do a run

Started by: [Deleted user]

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AFAIK there are no glitches that help speedrunning in any way.
(I don't consider sacrifice a glitch)


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Is Aion a viable speedrunning title?

Started by: SpaceBroJakobSpaceBroJakob

I guess he is talking about that video?
then yes, it is not running at real time. you can see a skill run down a 8 sec cooldown in 1-2 secs.

you could add raids / instances as ILs, having people engage in teamwork while the clock is ticking is always nice to see.


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Thread: Changes request

Started by: Sm_IzumiSm_Izumi

I added XBox One as a Platform as it was missing.
As pointed out by Token, there might be slight differences between PC and Console version,
so PS4 / PC / XBone will stay different categories for now.
As requested, the missing difficulties were added.

If we can prove the console version is the same (except for that one costume?) we can merge the categories.

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Thread: WSplit timer problems

Started by: SuilxSuilx

Is windowed mode an option for you with that game? it would eliminate the "minimize" portion of the problem.
other than that I don't think you can "fix" global hotkeys not working in some games.


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Thread: Posting a run?

Started by: pipebombEXpipebombEX

Step by Step:

1.Type the game you have a run for into the search bar
2.Go to the site of the game (ex: Warframe ) "Submit Run" at the top of the site
4.Enter everything needed (time, category, video url)
5.Press Submit one last time

then you'll have to wait for a mod to come around and verify your run.
if the game is not listed here, you can add a request here:


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Thread: Changes request

Started by: Sm_IzumiSm_Izumi

I'm fine with the way it's timed, although we definitely need a field to submit the ingame time.
"[...]it's not speedrunning menu[...]" well, the menu is part of the game, can't say it's not part of the run.
Also it's easier to start timing when we hit new game, makes it more consistent.
but I agree stopping the time on "clear" is a bit inconvenient,
should be on last hit on the boss.

Other platforms? +1
Subcategories for all difficulties? +1


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Thread: Leaderboards moderation requests thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

Hi, I'd like to ask for moderation status on dungeon defenders (
The current mod didn't finish the IL leaderboards and hasn't done anything speedrun related in the last 5 months.
Dunno how that inactivity rule applies to this case as he seems to log in almost every day.

I sent him a msg yesterday 'cuz I noticed that one post in the dd1 forums which has gone unanswered for a week now,
gotta wait a bit before bragging about him not replying tho.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Tell me what to Speedrun!

Started by: FruityFellowFruityFellow

Dungeon Defenders (1) is kinda empty right now, might want to try that :3


Forum: Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae

Thread: Timer ?

Started by: Sm_IzumiSm_Izumi

Yeah it's a bit weird.