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Thread: What is the longest Speedrun you guys run?

Started by: PodzPodz

My longest run is by far my Xenoblade Chronicles X run clocking in at 12:46:21.
I'll miss this game's long time :C


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Thread: Leaderboards moderation requests thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

I'd like to request mod-status for Monster Hunter Generations / X ( ),

1 of the mods hasn't been on for 3 weeks and the other one hasn't done anything but log in (almost daily) for a month without accepting runs / etc.
Leaderboard is a bit of a mess - 2,3 & 4 player subcategory for singleplayer category. (example is Any% Glavenus, ILs can't be done any other way unfortunately...)
"Adding All Quests" - 9 months ago, yet not even half of the quests are on the leaderboard, etc.
- also submitted runs have been sitting around for >1 week, twitter no response so far, but that's been only 2 days so far, so 😕.

TL;DR I want to clean up the mhx board as it's a mess.

/edit : to furthen the suspicion that current "active" mod isn't actually active:
Twitter: last post 14.Aug
Twitch: Last video 7.Sep 2015
SRL: ^see twitch
YT: also a year ago last verified run was 2 months ago (but that has nothing to say, rlly, possibility of nothing to verify)

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Thread: What internet speed do you guys have ?

Started by: 130

Originally posted by OddsomeOddyUnitymedia is known for having good download but awful upload speeds as far as I'm aware.

yeah they only offer up to 20Mbit/s, and only if you buy the 65€ service w/ 400Mbit/s download...


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Thread: Change of cats.

Started by: cuboid9cuboid9
Probably better when discussing it on the game's forum and/or with other mods


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Thread: What internet speed do you guys have ?

Started by: 130

My upload is a bit lacking, but I can't afford any better ^^


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Thread: record in psp

Started by: melwin96melwin96

I don't think the psp has enough power to play a game AND record the footage at the same time.
you could just plug the av cable into a capture card, that'd be less of a hassle. scratch that if you have a psp that doesn't support the video output.


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Thread: Runs under 1 minute?

Started by: RefreshRefresh

if you're looking for something boring, try FNAF (Five Nights At Freddy's) the run is 70s(?) and you only press like 3 buttons 5 times to skip all nights.

then there's the first gen of pokémon, I think the save-corruption run is 1-3 minutes(?) (on mobile, too much of a hassle to check).


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Thread: Can't see my splits when submitting runs

Started by: SinistraSinistra

just checked my runs that i KNOW have it set up, and they're gone too.
one of the latest updates must've broken it.

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Thread: Elgato - 4:3 on TV while connected with capture card

Started by: OddsomeOddyOddsomeOddy

AFAIK PS2 & XBox games are supposed to be 4:3 unless specified to be 16:9. (Valkyrie Profile 2 (ps2) had a 1080i mode for example.)
If the game is actually supposed to be 16:9 (having an option ingame), then simply have your TV stretch the image to your liking (as you have a 16:9 TV I assume it has an option for this).

Your capture card most likely assumes a PAL in & output, thus giving you 4:3.


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Thread: SCART to HDMI converter with AVerMedia LGP

Started by: KylovicKylovic

kinda looks like this (0:26 for reference):

I guess try to set the framerate to 60?


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Thread: I would like to be a mod ;D

Started by: AppleIsCoolAppleIsCool

3 things.

1.Your account on youtube doesn't have a custom URL ( /channel/UC4FNaJ2NS-odiKMN0qdONhg btw, not HerobrinePlayz )
\iirc you need to have at least 100 Subscribers and some other unimportant stuff.

2.And posting in the forums (I think in the wrong subforum, even) might not be the most efficient way to go about this - you could try messaging Pac directly.

But by all means, go ahead, I'll gratz you if you succeed.

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Thread: Got some Steam keys for Bird of Light, now on Steam

Started by: roachyogiroachyogi

@emeraldaly controllers don't really work on that screen, you have to use mouse & keyboard.
starting a level w/ controller is inconsistent, as well. the screen where you see the "level goals" doesn't always register the input.


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Thread: Component Cap Card / 3rd Part Controllers

Started by: SectaSixSectaSix

As for the GC Controller, do the Smash WiiU ones work on the older consoles? they seem to be the same.
I don't think the Wii Classic Controllers work tho, as the Wii boots the GC firmware iirc.

Also for the capture, it'd be better to try and get a hdmi cable, as you'll have a wider sortiment to choose your card from.
A hdmi cable for the old wii isn't that expensive, either.


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Thread: How to stream a game (from YouTube live)

Started by: brmbrmcarbrmbrmcar

Streaming to multiple sites at the same time:

+reaches more people (possibly)
+anything else?

-Needs more bandwidth (x times where x is the count of sites you stream to)
-More CPU/GPU usage (I dunno if there's a streaming software that acutally allows for multiple site streaming, if there is this point is invalidated)
-Needs more managing (multiple chats to watch, multiple stream titles to edit etc.)
-If going for partnership, you have to decide which site you want (due to exclusivity clause)

IIRC the Warframe Devs stream to youtube & twitch at the same time, so it's a possibility to do so.


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Thread: Your Top 5 Game Themes

Started by: MrRacingmonster

No particular order

~Warframe - This Is What You Are
~Katamary Damacy - Katamari On The Rocks
~Alan Wake - The Poet And The Muse
~MadWorld - Ain't That Funny
~Disgaea 2 - Sinful Rose

Didn't want to name the Disgaea series multiple times,
but Lord Laharl's Hymn & White Tiger are great, as well.

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Thread: Questions to speedrunners and glitchers

Started by: tabasscoretabasscore

1) Kev (HowDenKing) - I don't really speedrun, I just pretend to 😃
2) I've seen HerrDekay do a Harp Run on Zelda: Skyward Sword and thought it might be fun to do something like that.
3) Defenitely not cheating, as it's already in the game and cheats usually require code execution outside the game to set values in the game.
4) Not really, everything stays in the boundaries that the game has.
5) I guess they do, but with a different goal in mind, in this case, finishing the game as fast as possible.
6) Some glitches may break the game, but I don't think glitches in themselves are not a way to break a game.
7) Imagine yourself, sitting there, in the dark room, only illuminated by your monitor for 12 hours straight. No, I don't think it's aesthetical. But I'm stupid, I guess I don't get the question.
😎 I think it creates a bond between the player & the game, making it ultimately a more fun experience for the player.
9) Like battleonfan1 said, it's like adding style to math. Sure, there are places you can create a difference in entertainment for the viewer, i.e. telling jokes or messing around while theres an autoscroller, but in many places, every player has to execute the same "style" of play to reach the same time.


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Thread: New Runner Saying "Yoooooooo, how's everyone?"

Started by: ZyremZyrem

Hi relatively new to speedrunning, I'm dad!

dad jokes aside, welcome.
May your runs be fast and your muscle memory strong. 😃

(record off of a ps2? Buy a capture card)


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Thread: Got some Steam keys for Bird of Light, now on Steam

Started by: roachyogiroachyogi

@Deln How does one access these? I can't find anything ingame actually.
The only thing I see is the world record on each level after completing it.
Also I don't think the game accounts for 100% & any% runs 😮


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Thread: How do i delete a catagory in a game im mod in?

Started by: XxYxXXxYxX

1.Go to the page of the game in which you are a mod,
2.Click on "Edit Game" in the menu to the left.
3.Scroll down, until you see "Full Game Categories"
4.Then Click on the tiny X next to the category.

/edit: misread the title,gave advice how to add even more dunno why you thanked me anyway? ¤fixed¤

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Thread: Got some Steam keys for Bird of Light, now on Steam

Started by: roachyogiroachyogi

Good luck w/ the game and hopefully you'll get many copies sold. 😃 (bought one just now, cuz I don't like not giving money to indie devs)

btw. did anyone else request the game to be added here?