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Thread: Speedruns that..... (warning, I'm a bit of a Goldilocks)

Started by: emeraldalyemeraldaly

I'll just answer based on wikipedia:

The Sands of Time series:
-Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
-Prince of Persia: Warrior Within
-Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones (might not really be in the "trilogy thingy"?)
-Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands


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Thread: Grow Home

Started by: samisdrunksamisdrunk

Grow Home: available on Steam and PS4 (I think on ubisoft's steam clone as well)
small 3d platformer where the goal is to grow a giant plant by controlling it's thicc tentacles to thrust themselves into juicy rocks.
in the end it'll bloom & your job is to get the resulting fruit to your spaceship which coincidentally dropped you at the start of the game.

secondary objectives are, but not exclusively: gathering all crystals, which are spread over the game's world.

it's a small game, any% is currently somewhat 15minutes.


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Thread: Emulators

Started by: NokfrotNokfrot

the sticky in this very subforum: "creating a list of valid emulators" ... I guess that's answering your question?


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Thread: Request platforms here

Started by: Lighnat0rLighnat0r

Request: Nintendo Switch (a.k.a. NX)
Release: March 2017

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Thread: The Definitive list of Games with Skippable cutscenes and gameplay focus!

Started by: negajoeynegajoey

2013 - Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae (PC, XBone, PS4)
2015 - Xenoblade Chronicles X (WiiU)
every scene can be skipped.


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Thread: Verification

Started by: videogameplayer100videogameplayer100

twitch has a messaging feature, you know? and iirc you even get notified per mail (unless deactivated)


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Thread: What is a good capture card for a Wii?

Started by: CallMehAlecCallMehAlec

this or any variation of it will do.

although you might want to get a hdmi-output for your wii and then get a capture card w/ hdmi support.


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Thread: Window capture successfully captures title screen, but freezes there

Started by: emeraldalyemeraldaly

So you tried both Game & Window Capture, that only leaves Monitor Capture,
with that just crop down the area to the game's window.

if that doesn't work, then obs just can't grab that game.


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Thread: Problem. HELP! Error CLR20r3 with WSPLIT

Started by: WeaponLordWeaponLord

@OddsomeOddy I did for like 10 years, it's not THAT bad.

@OP might want to try if this problem persists w/ another pc if possible, if it works on other pcs, try reinstalling windows.

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Thread: A Question Open to Everyone

Started by: CrockeyCrockey

I wish Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae & Monster Hunter Generations would get more traffic on site,
for MKH it's more like no one wants to run it, while for mhgen it's no one wants to submit here :C

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Thread: Adding subcategories/variables independient for each subcategory

Started by: JulianJulian

if you want a subcategory to only appear in one category, you want to select it in the "category" dropdown menu,
this will prevent it from appearing in all other categories.

if you don't want it to appear as subcategory, just uncheck the "use as subcategory" checkbox.


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Thread: New Layout!

Started by: PacPac



The text in a spoiler will only be readable if it is selected

a real issue: the space inbetween subcategories is way to large, causing a new row to appear even tho there would be enough space for the rest of the subs to fit in.


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Thread: Adding All Quests

Started by: NinjasInCarpetsNinjasInCarpets

Status as of before I have become mod:
- Village Quests: All Large Monster
- Guild Quests: 1 & 2 Star Large Monsters

Status as of 13.10.16:
- Village Quests: All Large Monster | Rest on Request in this thread
- Guild Quests: All
- Arena: All
- Special Permit: All
- Event: On Request in this thread

If you want a quest listed, post it in this thread, WITH a video of the run or a picture of the in-mission time after the quest is done (i.e. all small monsters slain or all items/eggs delivered)

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Thread: The Video Game Alphabet (According to You)

Started by: CrockeyCrockey

bing for things that aren't related to porn

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Thread: The Video Game Alphabet (According to You)

Started by: CrockeyCrockey

Originally posted by kobepilgrimCan you spell those out, please?
Krush, Kill'n'Destroy apparently - literally 4 secs of google, just typing KKnD


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Thread: Leaderboards - A suggestions

Started by: HowDenKingHowDenKing

Why not make this game IL only?
There are many games that have this and MP:FF would def. have a use for ILs.

Given, the game is crappy af imo, but it seems like something worth picking up for speedrunning, the sidehop is quite fast.

anyway, when would you guys start/end a split for an IL?
-I'd just start when pressing ready (when the last guy presses ready for multiplayer)
-alternative: possibly when gaining control at the start of the level

-end when attaching to the grabber @ end of level (when the last guy attached for multiplayer).
-alternative: end when Mission Complete appears on screen

Full alternative: just use IGT as shown at the end of the level.

example run for M01: Outpost using Start @ ready & end at grabber (I didn't really try)
Skip to 2:20


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Thread: How do you properly quote people?

Started by: 587

Originally posted by TokenWasn't sure where this actually belonged so i'm asking here.



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Thread: Please approve my speedrun

Started by: First_Aids_SprayFirst_Aids_Spray

for what reason would you upload it here? the rest of the dkc community doesn't seem to use, so it'd be pointless to list your run here.


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Thread: [Suggestion/QoL]Sections for IL Leaderboards

Started by: HowDenKingHowDenKing

I'll be using Monster Hunter as an example.
For those who do not know Monster Hunter,
there are Single Player Levels, called Village Quests,
and Multiplayer Levels, called Guild Quests.

setting up the IL Leaderboard for games like this that have both SP & MP ILs, results in 2 possibilities:
a) Single Player ILs have multiplayer subcategories
😎 you end up having a million variables

both options aren't ideal,
at least if you want to have clean leaderboard and/or mod page (variables etc.)

So I'd like to ask for the possibility to create sections for ILs, or categories for ILs. possibly in the style of the [section] tag, so people can collapse the IL stuff they don't need, for example in MH the Single Player Levels. For Mods this would make stuff more clean & possibly better to set up, i.e. be able to set up IL variables with "All Levels" - "Category 1" - "Level xyz" etc.

Shitty example image:

collapsable IL sections for different types of ILs with different IL-categories, so boards can be made more clean for viewing & moderating ease.

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