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Thread: Capture card for DS/3DS?

Started by: jag2791jag2791

Only person who made 3ds cap-boards went "out of business" so unless someone is picking up making them,
they're only going to become more rare^^


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: What speedrun videos have the best commentaries?

Started by: 294780

Bonesaw577's Jak & Daxter run is one of the best.
Has a great mix of Owen Wilson, Airline issues & Sleep deprivation.
not to forget the great japanese lessons and AAAAAAAAAAAAaaahh

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Thread: Country of Non SRC Users?

Started by: mammaru339mammaru339

use brackets for that "[" "]"
e.g. "[jp]" for the japanese flag.
note that this will prevent any account from claiming the run on run creation, even if the name matches.
Putting in just "HowDenKing" would link it with my account, putting in "[eu]HowDenKing" does not.


If you need any other country codes,
you can go to https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​users and select a country.
then check your URL for "#xx" for the 2 characters you need.

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Thread: Multiple Game Runs?

Started by: DoodletonesDoodletones

@DoodletonesDoodletones I would say the same applies to games that are not in the same series,
you'll have to get the okay from the moderators of the games/series.

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Thread: Suggestion to add "Transport Giant"

Started by: SeniorPugSeniorPug

If you want to have a game added to the website,
you need to go to https:/​/​speedrun.​com/​requestgame and fill out the form at the bottom.

Make sure you've read & understood the wall of text above the form.

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Thread: Bots deletion thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

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Thread: Capture card for use with NEC XM29 Plus

Started by: apathy0308apathy0308

Well, one solution I could think of would be this:

These consoles usually come with AV cables as well as SCART,
so you'd grab a splitter for AV cables LIKE THIS ONE
and an AV to SCART adapter LIKE THIS ONE so your current setup is untouched and you can continue to use it as is.

that way you could just get an AV capture card for 10 - 30 bucks and you should be able to get the feed on both your PC & CRT.
(for the "higher" end people suggest the GV-USB2, but if you're not that invested, you can go for the lower end ones just fine)


Forum: The Site

Thread: Feedback thread

Started by: PacPac

the parts thing looks incredible, would love to have that.

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Thread: You know the Follow button, now meet the Unfollow button...

Started by: NickDoaneNickDoane

blocking games has been requested before, yes.
never seen anyone refer to it as "unfollow forever" though...


Forum: The Site

Thread: You know the Follow button, now meet the Unfollow button...

Started by: NickDoaneNickDoane

go to the game's page, press the "Following" Button on the menu,
it will change back to "Follow" and you'll have successfully "unfollowed" the geography map dotting simulator.


Forum: Introductions

Thread: Hello I'm Your avriage 9 year old

Started by: SimfextySimfexty

Hi SimFexty,
welcome to the world of speedrunning.

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Feedback thread

Started by: PacPac

Went through all 73 pages and noted down what hasn't really been touched upon.
Note: this is just a list of what's been suggested so far - I don't claim that any of these changes would be good or bad for the site.

Basically so we're back on a blank slate because 73 pages are a lot of info to go through.


- Emulator Info on runs done w/ emulator (Emulator used, Emulator version used, etc.)
- Setting to allow times of 0s to be submitted
- Blanking / "Not Available" Setting for timers (e.g. removing ingame-timer from category a, but having it in category b )
- Allowing to mark parts of timers as undefined (e.g. putting "---" for ms)
- Allow to show ms regardless of if they're 000 or not
- Setting for how many digits after seonds are used (deci, centi or ms)
- Setting for what Categories / Timing Methods use ms
- Checking against db if info of a run (e.g. video) has been submitted before
- Checking against db if run submitted is a 1:1 duplicate (maybe 1:1 except name in case of imitation)
- Possibility to "Favourite" or "Like" a run like forum posts
- Show Audit-Log of a run beneath the run
- Add "Last edited by" field like verified by field on runs / threads / guides
- Lock editing runs by non-moderators after X time.
- Use newer version of API so ingametime is shown properly.
- make ms box available to moderators regardless of leaderboard setting

- Bug: Dates can only be set via the Date-Picker, not manually via the textbox
- Bug: Empty Dates can't be set anymore
- Bug: Nicovideo embed doesn't work (Nico updated their players)
- Bug: Submitting runs with multiple players will re-order the list of players
- Bug: Obsolete runs don't have the BIG "Verify"/"Reject" Buttons

Leaderboard / Board-Moderation

- Mass-moving runs
- Moving runs between Full-Game / IL Boards
- Board-Backups
- Restoring Backups of boards
- Some way to submit japanese / other Titles of games (jp titles have been reserved to admin only)
- IL Name Translations
- Possibility to force IL names into 2 rows for better formatting (via \n)
- Moderator Notes on runs
- Option to disable the "Automatically Verify Run" checkbox
- Third option on verify run page besides verify/reject: "Fix issues with run and resubmit"
- Adding certain platforms should automatically add compatible platforms (e.g. adding 3DS should add N3DS)
- Assigning/Disabling Categories on specific Levels for IL Boards.
- Category Setting for which Platform is selected by default for submissions.
- Differentiation between “Playable on” / “Released on” Platforms
- Setting to require multiple mods to verify a run
- OCD-Setting so Names, times, Platforms, etc. are aligned perfectly instead of centered.
- Community Announcements that get displayed on every page of the game
- Direct-link to subcategories via $_GET[] stuff? (via id instead of name for if a name gets edited)
- Disable Timing Methods per category/Board instead of a blanked “all available”
- Lock / Archive Leaderboads for e.g. Legacy / Time Limited Stuff
- Single run applying to multiple categories at once (possibly with multiple times)
- Add field for “Image proof” so it doesn’t need to be put in comments
- Assigning/Disabling Variables on specific Levels/Categories
- Mod-Only Variables that can’t be set by users when submitting
- Multiple IL / Full-Game Boards per Game (Bonus points if they’re renameable / more modular)
- Highscores?
- Full-Non English Character Category/IL Names for JP-Only Games
- Request Category/IL Button on games
- Better IL Management (Moving & Creating ILs that need to be at the top is tedious with many ILs present)
- Make “Hide empty columns” apply to variables as well
- Show where the video proof is hosted on via icon-change per host.
- Make away with the “Filter” button and put the functions on the column-titles/headers like sorting by time.
- More Modularity with “X Cover” (e.g. Japanese Cover, German Cover, etc.)
- More Modularity for the Region, e.g. singular country / language used for multi-language releases.
- Show upcoming Marathons that a game is in below board’s menu
- Make urls case_insensitive (new games are already forced to lower_case_only so it's more of an issue with old ones)
- Make the box of Subcategories a bit bigger so they don't go into multiple rows as easily
- When a Subcategory uses 2 rows, make it so it's one big box with 2 rows instead of 2 rows of small boxes.
- Possibility to switch between filters / subcategories when viewing the "All Levels" page
- Guides: “This is a minor edit” checkbox for fixes that don’t send notifications.
- WR Graph: Find possible solution to multiple WRs in one day

- Bug: Ties submitted on the same day are not properly sorted
- Bug: Variables show on Categories they don’t affect
- Bug: Using Browser “Back” from a run to leaderboard, subcategory shows last selected, loads first in list.
- Bug: Overdue runs (21+ days in queue) are no longer highlighted.
- Bug: Statistics Page shows 1 less thread than there are (resulting in -1 for empty ones)
- Bug: Too many Misc. Categories leads to the box extending to the top, making the first few items unselectable.
- Bug: Default Variables aren't shown as selected in the Filter list but show "Any"
- Bug: Audit-Log text breaks its boundaries
- Bug: Enabling ms, putting runs up with ms and then disabling ms will cause the site to continue to use ms.
- Bug: Misc. IL Categories still show up on the "All Levels" Page
- Bug: Subcategory selections that span multiple rows don't have a border on the left/right ends where it splits.
- Bug: "All Levels" page doesn't filter runs so emulator runs are shown even if emulators are hidden by default.
- Bug: If the first category is marked as misc, it will still be the default category when opening the page


- Forum: Show “Delete post (by X)” instead of nothing
- Forum: Fix User-@ & Link Markdown so it doesn’t break on special characters

- Bounties managed by the site (e.g. a bounty only being put up after src has gotten the money as middle man)

- Games: Tags, Publishers & Developers, please fix them
- Games: Ability to Block Games / Hide them from Front-Page/Search

- Search: Add Release-Year to the name of games so same-name games don’t need it in the title

- Guides: Linking them to runs / categories for easier recognition of what they’re about

- Series: Make sure Covers & Titles align over the whole row.

- Notifications: Make Likes only show the new like instead of all everytime.
- Notifications: Show all button for when there’s more than 12 (or you want to see old ones)

- Donations: Gifting Donor Perks

- Profile: Return of the "Earth" Flag (& Possibly adding Moon Flag as NASA wants people on there really soon)
- Profile: Show-Case like Steam Profiles where you can put a run/guide to give special treatment.
- Profile: Nationality / Location Split (So Pac can change it to Japan/USA etc. when he travels but show his actual nationality^^)
- Profile: Last Logged Action below Last Online
- Profile: Show Patreon donation-totals (E.g. showing a list of “Patron for X Months (X$ per month)”)
- Profile: Discord-tag as a div that pops up below the button instead of a browser popup.
- Profile: More Stats (e.g. Submitted Guides, # of liked posts, etc.)
- Profile: More Sorting options for runs / Games on IL
- Profile: A way to see your obsolete IL runs
- Profile: Show participations in Marathons
- Profile: Find a better looking solution for multiplayer runs & long category names / subcategories.

- Social Media: Use the Patreon Page for something, please…

- Site: A reference Page for features the site has (e.g. /randomgame)
- Site: New Layout overrides Name-Colour in the top-bar
- Site: A Sandbox Leaderboard so new Moderators can play around with the settings w/o breaking stuff
- Site: /user showing a list who has the most WRs
- Site: A page with oldest untied WRs
- Site: Allow to embed imgur links with the regular imgur url instead of the direct file link

- API: Submitting a run with a players/guest field will result in an empty response from the API
- API: "top" filter for leaderboards seems to be disfunctional and throw obsolete runs

- Bug: Using Browser "Back" function on forums keeps "show empty" as activated, but doesn't show empty ones.
- Bug: Uploading Split files to resources doesn’t work despite being listed as allowed filetype
- Bug: Not closing a quote bbcode tag (or closing it incorrectly) will cause the post to become not editable.

/edit: Missed smth & minor Spelling fixes.
/edit 2: Added a small thing from discord.
/edit 3 & onward: I noticed people have been plugging suggestions in the Bug Thread, going through that as well now.
/edit... 10?: went through the Bug Thread, was way less than the feedback thread ❤️

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Forum: Talk

Thread: Looking for advice

Started by: sallygreensallygreen

@TaylorGilmoreTaylorGilmore not the right thread but never buy on any other place than the steam marketplace,
you're just asking to get scammed.

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Forum: The Site

Thread: How do I report a run???

Started by: RoyConRoyCon

Do you want to report a run, runner or entire game?

For a runner / run, talk to the moderators of that game,
if that has no success, you can try talking to a Full-Mod via any of their Social Media as a last resort.

If you mean a game is breaking the rules of game-submission,
it's usually because the rules get amended over time,
but games that have been up before that change will not be deleted because of it.


Forum: The Site

Thread: New site layout - Amendments #2

Started by: PacPac

Originally posted by LegsIf .ms starts getting automatically displayed, then every run on the site now that doens't have it entered would be displayed as Xm XXs 000ms. Which would be untrue for almost every one of them.

Which is why I proposed a setting,
this would be off by default, resulting in the behaviour it has right now (no change to anything)
if you want to always show ms, you can opt in with the setting, but it'll affect all runs in that category.

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Forum: Picross DS

Thread: Individual Levels

Started by: HowDenKingHowDenKing

Would it be possible to get an IL page like the other Picross games?

(And if I might suggest, would it be possible to add subcategories to Normal/Hard?
for Normal it's pretty lengthy to run all levels...)

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Site Bugs

Started by: ZephilesZephiles

@RazorflameRazorflame are you sure the runs were submitted 4-17 days before they showed up or do you mistake the submitted on date with the played on date?
the runs awaiting verification page doesn't cache or anything,
so it'd be very weird for the database to just not throw those runs when asked to.

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