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Hello everyone,

In the tradition of Spookathon's legacy of Halloween and Horror themed speedrun marathons, NASA will be hosting the Horror Thriller Monster Marathon. Any loosely Halloween or Horror-themed video game speedruns can be submitted.

The Marathon is a one day 24-hour event that begins at 12am EST on Sunday, October 29th, and ends at 12am Monday the 30th.

It will be streamed on the NASA Twitch channel:

Submissions are open now! They will close on Sunday October 22nd at 12am EST.

It's gonna be scary
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FYI Submissions will close Sunday, October 22nd.
Hello, im interested in submitting a run but im new to running in marathons.. How do online marathons work per se? Also is there a limit to number of runs one can submit and are co-op runs allowed?

Thank you!
Some of the little details differ event to event, but most online marathons give you layout guidelines and have you stream either to your regular channel or to a channel set up specifically for the event. Something like "Stream no higher than 720p, 2500 bitrate, to a stream key you'll get 30 minutes before the run, stream game audio/video only, align it to the left side of the screen." It's usually pretty easy to set up!

You'll usually need Discord, too.
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NASA's online marathons work by streaming to a RTMP server which we use to restream to Twitch. We will give you the RTMP address and other details like Myke describes above once we have an accepted games list. You will need to join our Discord server so we can coordinate with you.

There is no limit to the number of games and categories that you can submit, but we are limited to roughly 24 hours of content. Co-op runs are allowed.
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