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There has been no English patched version run, so I can't say anything about making another category for English patched at this moment. But I'd be open to make another category if it is significantly slower, of course.


Yes. You can submit emulator run with any time and it will be accepted as long as we don't change the rule. But it will be hidden by default because emulator is much faster to load the game, and the speed is different between PCs (the better CPU/GPU, the faster).

I look forward to your runs 🙂

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I'm not satisfied with the leaderboard I have made, and I would like to hear your opinion regarding:
1. Which category should be default, Any% or Glitchless.
2. Which timing method should be default, NA or JP.
3. If turbo controller should be banned on NA timing or English patched version.

1. Any%(なんでもありRTA)とGlitchless(バグ無し)のどちらがデフォルトで表示されるべきか。
2. 「電源ONからThe End」(JP timing) の計測がデフォルトであるべきか。それとも「New Gameからラスボス戦まで」 (NA timing) か。
3. 連射機はNA timingで禁止されるべきか。また英語パッチでプレイした場合はどうか。

So I set up categories and variables for this leaderboard, mainly in purpose of putting pingval's time (and mine).
I set any% as default like other games do, and I put NA timing because this is, not nico leaderboard. But I don't really like to show my name and my time on the first page of the leaderboard while hiding other runner's time on other categories. I tried putting all variables to misc, but it made the leaderboard meaningless.
In addition, in my opinion, we need variables for timing method, considering how different the routes for any% are. But I'm not quite sure which method should be default. Also I'm not sure about any% and glitchless. It would be better that Glitchless is default because any% is too broken.
Also, I used turbo controller for any% (39:02) but it uses NA timing. Turbo is not required for the any%, so you could argue that turbo should be banned for NA timing. Also it might be better to ban for English patched version, in order to make things fair.
Anyway, I would like to leave these issues to other mods and runners (hoping they will see this post.)
Hope Dragon Quest V will be popular. This is really cool speedgame.

他のゲームと同じように、Any%をデフォルトとして、また一応英語のコミュニティなのでNA timingをデフォルトのカテゴリとしました。しかしこれだと私の記録が最初のページに載ってしまい、他の走者の記録が隠されてしまう状況です。カテゴリを全部その他に分類するのを試してみましたが、全部の記録を上から順位づけしてしまって意味がなくなってしまいました。
私の意見では、タイム計測方法のカテゴリは必要です。Any%(なんでもあり)では、ラスボスを目標にするかThe Endを目標にするかでチャートが大幅に変わってきます。また、Any%はゲームが崩壊しすぎているので、バグ無しのカテゴリがデフォルトのほうがいいかもしれません。


Sorry for making multiple thread. I was posting on mobile.


Japanese speedrunner Moka is holding a marathon event in Tokyo on 12 August 2016 (JST). This event will probably be the first speedrun marathon event in Japan.

This event is small and only 11 runners are participating, and will last for 11 hours.
It is possible that the event will be cancelled or get behind of the schedule, since this is the first marathon event for Japanese community, and still in testing progress. The community is aiming for a bigger event this winter/spring.

12 August 11am - 10pm (JST)
12 August 2am - 1pm (GMT)
11 August 7pm - 12 August 6pm (PDT)

Stream: (Japanese stream)