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Basically have a new category where the in-game timer is used that is shown after you complete a level. I think it is fun and it could draw in more people as this is very easy to complete and doesn't require any setup. But we already have a lot of categories so idk. It is up to razorflame to decide I guess 😃.

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It could definitely bring more people to running this game, I agree. The problem I see with this is that people would just keep resetting until they find the most optimal level and remember the seed for that and only play that seed. I think 1 level is too short of a category, but I would be fine with 2 level if a No Reset policy was implemented, so that it would still challenge the players, but not be so short as to be able to be gamed by players.

Also, I'm not the only person that gets to decide in such matters. I value the opinions of everyone in the community, and it is ultimately up to the entire moderation staff to make decisions on such matters.