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Forum: Minecraft Dungeons

Thread: got the game

Started by: Elims

Awesome! Good to hear!

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Forum: ESA 2016

Thread: Is there anyone able to give a lift from Copenhagen on the 21st and/or back again on the 1st?

Started by: DanteLloydDanteLloyd

You do know the 21st at 9:20am is two full days before the venue opens for attendees. I would assume most people expect to arrive in Växjö the 23rd or after. This could be why nobody have responded to all the other posts...but hey good luck


Forum: ESA 2016

Thread: Registration and Payment

Started by: EdenalEdenal

My mail went into my spam filter so check that


Forum: ESA at Dreamhack Summer 2016

Thread: #DHW15 - Dreamhack Winter '15

Started by: PlanksPlanks

Ill look into attending, was fun last year. All depends on uni and I guess mostly travelling there.


Forum: ESA 2015

Thread: Mass housing

Started by: EdenalEdenal


I messed up and sent the payment in Danish DKK by accident, I resend the it all in swedish but I cant seem to find a way to cancel an unclaimed payment so if you could decline the first one, id be grateful.

I made sure to say in the note what is the REAL payment. Im sorry for any trouble :c

and it should be for mass housing and mattress


Forum: ESA 2015

Thread: Travel Thread

Started by: flickyflicky

Hello everybody!

I was just wondering if there would be anyone traveling from Denmark, that I could talk to or maybe team up with to make the trip more pleasant.

I can be found here or on twitter @Henjoness or skype Henjoness 🙂