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The Virtual Console doesn't behave exactly the same as NES. There are some methods of doing the Wrong Warp used in any% that will crash on NES but not on Virtual Console.


Hardly, because it's slow. Closest thing is probably


The rules are largely arbitrary, so you should tailor your expectations accordingly. The basic idea in OoT is that you get everything that appears in the start menu. The dungeon items don't appear on the start menu outside of the corresponding dungeon. The basic idea in MM is that you are get everything that carries over when you reset time.


Please specify the rules on the category page.


read the sticky


Maybe your quotes are in the wrong place. Try this:

"D:\Counter-Strike 1.6\Counter Strike 1.6\Bunnymod XT\Injector.exe" "D:\Counter-Strike 1.6\Counter Strike 1.6\hl.exe" -game valve -noforcemparms


The Rules say, "In-game time is only required for levels that have a timer. Please subtract the time you got in-game from the time that the timer starts at." What does that second sentence mean? Is the in-game time listed on the leaderboard suppose to be the final value of the in-game timer, or is it suppose to be the final value subtracted from the starting value? Can a mod please update the Rules to clarify this?


How much time does it save if you get it first try?


Just my two cents: I don't think it's unreasonable to hide emulated runs or put them in a different category. At the very least, there could be a description/estimate of the time difference so that it's more clear what the best run is.


I've noticed another thing about the medals.

This run has Medal Awarded listed as Silver:

But this run has strictly better stats and got no medal:

So it seems like the game will always display the gold medal requirements if you've already achieved a gold medal for that level. This makes it difficult to tell which medal would have been awarded on a completed save file. I recommend we either 1) find or compile a list of all medal requirements so we can look up the correct value for Medal Awarded or 2) create a blank or "unknown" Medal Awarded option for when the medal is unknown. (I would start a list of medal requirements myself if there was a good place for me to put it that anyone could edit.)


Two of the runs that were verified today list the Medal Awarded as Gold, but neither were awarded gold medals. Am I missing something or is the Medal Awarded wrong?

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