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Thread: Emulated runs hidden

Started by: p0jo11p0jo11

Hi everybody,

sorry for not coming in to give my opinion before, I'm not involved in speedrunning as much as years ago (thanks srgtsilent for noticing me on the discord).

I think that this option was never turned on and it should have been set since the begining. There was never an intention to put aside people who run on emulator since everybody is welcomed here.

I would say console runs are importants when it comes to the first runs on the leaderboard (maybe like 5 or 10 firsts). I agree that emulators don't always are precise on their internal cycle and that they depends on the runner's computer, but it's normal since they are relatively new and complex to be accurate.

If you have a good time on emulator, please consider to run the game on console so that there's no error on your IGT.

We can discuss further on this subject if you want 🙂


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Thread: Things you're renowned for doing in runs

Started by: Warr90Warr90

I'm never up to date with the strats (no quick sword v2, no boot strat, no goomba surf ...) and I buffer everything (bomb triggers ...)


Forum: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX

Thread: Poll: Move Which Categories to Misc.?

Started by: ZorlaxSevenZorlaxSeven

Main :
- Any% No SqWwOob
- Any% No WwOob
- 100%
- Any%

Misc :
- Legacy
- AI
- Any% ACE


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Thread: Pre-ESA Online Marathon - January 29th - 31st

Started by: EdenalEdenal

Game Name: TimeSplitters 2

System: Gamecube (played on Wii)

Category: Story Easy

Gameplay Estimate: 40 min
Ending/Bonus Estimate: 5 min

Possible Donation Incentives: Filename (will edit for number of character)

Sample run video:

Description: FPS about time travel which is cool whithout any doubt. Player travels through different centuries like Western, 30's Chicago, Aztecs, Robot Factory and so on. There's no glitch, only skill and some luck.

Availability: 4pm (GMT+1) the 29th to 5pm (GMT+1) the 31th


Forum: TimeSplitters 2

Thread: RTA timer for ILs?

Started by: AnemptyboxAnemptybox

We discussed and the problem is solved.

Have fun running everybody o/


Forum: TimeSplitters 2

Thread: RTA timer for ILs?

Started by: AnemptyboxAnemptybox

I try to contact DeadHunter, your video don't go against the rules I gave and your other videos are the same, so I don't understand neither why he rejected your runs.

If he does'nt answer in a few days, I will accept your Notre Dam PB.


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Thread: Redefinition of Rules

Started by: mabdulramabdulra

(If my english is approximative in this post, sorry for this 😕 )

First thing I want to say is that we should talk about it during 1 or 2 weeks max (not 1 month like for SJs). You all know why I say that.
So if in 1 or 2 weeks, it's not over, we should stay with the rules we already have.

If I wanted to give my definitions of WW an OOB in LA/DX, I would say WW is when you transition from a region to another region of the game. I would define a region as parts of the maps. So regions are overworld, dungeon 1, dugeon 2 .... dugeon 8, and for other indoors screen, an indoor region is a set of room that are connected in the normal way (so the two screens of d4 path is a region).

If you want a clear view of what I would define as an area, watch this map -> You can click on the different screens to see the indoors maps.

To me, an OOB would be simply any way of getting outside the normal ways. For instance, many SJs would be OOB, Villa skip would be OOB, Moblin skip too. If you don't walk or move normally (like a "casual" player), it would be an OOB. WW is an OOB of course.

I hope it is clear enough. I think defining those two terms as above would clear the problems we encountered. If you see ambiguities or if something lack, tell us.

In terms of categories :
¤ it doesn't affect :
- Any%
- Legacy%

¤ i don't know for :
- All instruments

¤ it changes :
- Any% No WwOob -> Some sort of glitchless run
- Any% No Ww -> Actual No WwOob

I repeat, that is my point of view, respect it and keep in mind it's not THE truth.


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Thread: LADX WTF moments

Started by: CravoneCravone

I only had it one time, it was an amazing RNG.

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Thread: In-game time

Started by: mobiusmanmobiusman

That would be very nice to add the IGT sorting for games with IGT because it changes the ranking in leaderboards.