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Thread: Star Renegades Girl Power Race - Community Event for Breast Cancer Awareness

Started by: HapaxedHapaxed

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I'm super excited to announce a community event Zinduchi/Random TidbiT is hosting this Saturday!!! Join us on Discord and on YouTube for a chance at prizes, to have fun and support a wonderful cause!

Entry rules are simple: Start a new run (any difficulty) using 3 female characters. Post your completion pictures to be entered into a raffle! Hapaxed and I will do a speedrun and others are welcome to join!!

To clarify: you don't have to complete your run within that time frame; that will just be the "festivities!" Submissions will be open until Tuesday evening, so our international friends and those with weekend plans can still participate!

The festivities start at 1 pm Eastern Standard Time and will run until 5 pm, Oct. 16th, Saturday, 2021.

Any and all donations will be directed to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Good luck!

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