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CD-streaming is a technique where you remove the disc in order to prevent the game from loading, and use this to sequence break. As a technique considered to be hardware manipulation it's not valid for normal speedrunning but it is something that would be interesting for an Any% run of TP, hence the category. I unfortunately don't know much about the technique exactly so I am not capable of explaining further, but that is the basic gist of it.


@Jumpyluff Set the multi-game game type. I believe the issue with the series is that there is a checkbox for "Show Unofficial Games" that is not checked and that checking it would show these games as well.


CTRL-F5. Clear your cache and they'll show up properly. NAB.

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Already known + being worked on.

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We would prefer you to have more than simply a YT as a contact method on your profile, as YT is not a great way to get in touch with people should there be issues.

EDIT: Daravae put it a lot better than I did above.

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I did not look at the link. I mentioned that we would prefer for you to have more than just a YT as contact methods on your profile, in order to avoid issues in the future.

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@halqery Set. Did not set a base game as it appears it will be used for several of the pokemon games in the Mystery Dungeon series.


@yoshifruit You realize that Kirkq is an admin while Dangerless is a full mod, correct?

@ShinkenX You submitted your run yesterday (the 2nd), asked in the forums yesterday about the run being verified only 8 hours after posting it, and now have made three posts in here regarding what I presume is the same issue. Firstly, two of the three mods are very active; one of them was on yesterday (the 2nd) and the other on two days ago (the 1st). Secondly, moderators for a game are volunteers and this is not a job - have some patience. If you read the first post as you were supposed to you would realize that inactivity is defined as three weeks - your run has not even been submitted for 24 hours. Finally, you attract more flies with honey than vinegar.


He's not inactive - last on Feb 25th 2019.
Note that it's a requirement if you want to take over as mod or submit a game. It's not retroactively enforced.

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That is how the role was setup. There may have been discussion regarding adding some abilities like that to verifiers but I do not know where it has gone nor what it has led to.

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Then he should fix that.

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It likely fits into a series already on the site and the site mods want you to get the moderators for that series involved in it.

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That is not a bug. All a verifier has the power to do is accept or reject runs.

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Guideline is 3 weeks, not one week, btw.

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