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@yoshifruit You realize that Kirkq is an admin while Dangerless is a full mod, correct?

@ShinkenX You submitted your run yesterday (the 2nd), asked in the forums yesterday about the run being verified only 8 hours after posting it, and now have made three posts in here regarding what I presume is the same issue. Firstly, two of the three mods are very active; one of them was on yesterday (the 2nd) and the other on two days ago (the 1st). Secondly, moderators for a game are volunteers and this is not a job - have some patience. If you read the first post as you were supposed to you would realize that inactivity is defined as three weeks - your run has not even been submitted for 24 hours. Finally, you attract more flies with honey than vinegar.


He's not inactive - last on Feb 25th 2019.
Note that it's a requirement if you want to take over as mod or submit a game. It's not retroactively enforced.

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That is how the role was setup. There may have been discussion regarding adding some abilities like that to verifiers but I do not know where it has gone nor what it has led to.

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Then he should fix that.

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It likely fits into a series already on the site and the site mods want you to get the moderators for that series involved in it.

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That is not a bug. All a verifier has the power to do is accept or reject runs.

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Guideline is 3 weeks, not one week, btw.

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There might just be a reason for that... but either way, you should add your discord to your profile.

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@Radioactive_Man Generally series do not need moderators. In addition, that moderator was last online 7 minutes ago, so ask them. -


Firstly, you're assuming that people don't get reasons for rejections. The real answer ends up being those people got reasons and just refused to read them. This has been true for the past half-dozen threads that were created for this reason.

Secondly, judging by the page you linked, it doesn't seem to be much of a game, so that is likely the rejection reason. I'm not site staff, so I don't know personally, but I'd imagine that's the reason for it. Perhaps (and this is also a common theme) it has been submitted multiple times and rejected multiple times (this often is by the same person to boot) and site staff has run out of patience for the game and is just a reject on sight.

Yet another thread on the pile where one of site staff will end up replying instead of focusing on what they could be doing 🙁

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Implying the people who create these threads think of searching in the first place

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Game submits should go through the game request form.


I guess that's your answer then if they're active.

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Regarding the loading, not a bug.

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@Twan_Jones I would love to. It's hard when they are multi-hour runs and your time is limited. I like to watch every run but unfortunately ideals are not always met and we must do things that are practical.

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Indeed. If I get a submission that gets obsoleted before finishing verification, the top run gets verified properly, and everything after that I make a moderator note "Verified as obsolete" - this way, if it comes out later that the top run is, in fact, not legitimate for some reason we didn't realize, we also know the run verified as obsolete was not watched.

The runner gets their full history, and we get an easy way to tell which runs we properly verified and which were simply obsolete and verified for the runner's history.

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If there's an active moderator ask them.


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