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Thread: Can we add micheal% as segment?

Started by: communistcustardcommunistcustard

Could've just scrolled a bit and you would have seen 1000 more threads asking the same thing but that's just too hard ain't it?


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Thread: Autosplitter for missions and other stuff

Started by: sakis720sakis720

Livesplit has one available to use, simply select the game and the appropriate category (Any% No AJS) and there should be a message that says: "Auto splitting is available" underneath, simply press activate and then go to settings to tick and untick the specific missions for the category that you are running, in your case Desert.

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Thread: Ruleset Update

Started by: H0rHeH0rHe

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Due to the recent discoveries made by the runners of the game, it has come to our attention that certain things such as Stars (exclusive on the SE version) and the show cards glitch can be carried over onto a new profile/save game. This can lead to a state of NG+ which for obvious reasons shouldn't and isn't allowed in all categories of the game (it leads to runners having an unfair advantage because they can skip certain parts of the game).

Because of this, a ruleset change for the game is extremely mandatory to avoid confusion as well as evening out the playing field for all runners of the game.

The changes that will accour to all current categories of the game are as follows:
-All videos that are submitted for a run need to have an empty profile list (deleting all profiles if required).
-All videos that are submitted need to show a restart of the game before attempting a run.
-Runs that don't follow the new ruleset will be rejected even if the game isn't affected in any way.

Starting March 1st 2021, the updated ruleset will be enforced. All current runs on the leaderboard won't be affected, but runs that will submitted before the changes occur may be put on hold and analyzed fully before accepting/rejecting them, depending on the case. Also the game rules have recived clear instructions for runners to be able to have valid runs.

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Thread: Bug in the Standard Edition that lets you keep stars

Started by: TheJayJayTheJayJay

Very interesting find, I wasn't aware of this because I didn't get to play the SE version that much compared to PE. There seem to be a lot of things that the game remembers whenever we start a new game without exiting and rebooting the game, i.e. NG+. So far it seems that hat colours as well as the show card glitch can be carried over onto a new game, this can lead to runs that have an unfair advantage (Talking about the show card glitch, since hat colours is only a cosmetic feature and doesn't affect anything). I am keen to make a ruleset change in the following days, to maybe enforce all current and possibily future runner to restart the game and deleting all other profiles before attempting a new run.

I would love to maybe see more things that can be broken by the uncapability of the game to clear it's "cache", perhaps we might see the appreance of an "Any% NG+" category on the leaderboards.
Thank you for bringing this up, Jay! Really appreacited!

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Forum: Governor of Poker 2

Thread: New "skips" in tournament matches

Started by: H0rHeH0rHe

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As you may already know, this game was poorly programed and developed , thus throught the years players have been able to find a lot of glitches and bugs mostly by accident. Some are game breaking and result in either softlocks (AI wins and leaves the table) or destroying the entire save file (El Paso matches).

Anyhow, for a while now I have been interested in the weird mechanics that revolve around exiting the game while in a match, and for the past few days I have been trying to figure out what that can result into and if at all could serve any purpose for the speedruns of this game. So far I have learned that simply leaving and entering the game during certain actions can have a variety of results, for example: Exiting the game while someone is busted can result in them returning to the table and still being able to play, all the players (including you) can become ghost players (only the shadow is reflected on the chair), removing players that are supposed to come to the table when enough players have been busted or even players that leave your table, as well as removing both a player that has been busted and the player that won the round.

I do not fully understand how and why these things happen, and I can't put my finger on what triggers what, I played for a while and I noticed different outcomes when doing pretty much the same thing at the same time. If anyone wants to come along in the discovery journey feel free to do so.The setup doesn't need too much explanation, you can see how it works here:

Note: There are a few softlocks that can happen, idealy you would only use this untill you are able to leave the game and still win (4th, 5th, 6th place), It would make sense to only be used in tournament matches, one on one and 5 player matches (primarly the Stagecoach, Train and Riverboat) do not benefit from the glitch as you generally bug the game and you would have to drop out or else the game stays in a softlock-like state.
Abusing the exit game mechanic too many times in a row or in uneeded places may result in a solflock or even worse a dead save file.

I also would like to seize this opportunity for a potencial discussion on how to implement this into the current route(s) for Any% and misc runs, and if a separation of categories of Any% with or without this glitch would be fitting

@LordRemyngtonLordRemyngton has stated that he wasn't able to reproduce the glitch on the Standard Edition of the game, if anyone else can get it done, please let us know.

This thread will be updated with more videos and news on a proper way to achive it and other stuff that comes along with it.


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Thread: Bridge Glitch

Started by: Nin_WolfNin_Wolf

PC, a couple of frames at most on a decent PC


Forum: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Thread: Bridge Glitch

Started by: Nin_WolfNin_Wolf

What do you mean exactly? The glitch can be executed just as fast on all game versions


Forum: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Thread: Bridge Glitch

Started by: Nin_WolfNin_Wolf

If you mean the Prawn Island bridge, than it works on all versions that exist.


Forum: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Thread: steam vice city

Started by: qezakmiqezakmi

You should convert to Japanese Version, go here:


Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: Los Santos

Started by: [Deleted user]



Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: GTA San Andreas Version

Started by: qezakmiqezakmi

Try downgrading the version with this downgrader: (Version 1.0)
For 1.01 go here: and scroll down to the bottom.

For more help I would suggest joining the official GTA Discord Server:

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Thread: Report a site bug

Started by: ZephilesZephiles

When editing a game series the explanation text under the Abbreviation bar says: "For linking to a permanent discord invite" the same text which is found for the Discord bar, came across this when editing the GOP game series.


Forum: The Site

Thread: Requesting series/game types for existing games

Started by: Lighnat0rLighnat0r

Hello, I would like to make a small request

Can this game: be added to the series:
And if they could also be put in order, GoP 1 and then then GoP 2

Thank you in advance!


Forum: GTA Marathon

Thread: GTA Twitch Team

Started by: EidgodEidgod

Can I also get invited? My twitch name is GReeNisG
Thank you!


Forum: The Site

Thread: Upcoming language system

Started by: PacPac

I can be a translator for Romanian if you ever need or want..

Pot să fiu un translator pentru limba Română dacă aveți nevoie sau dacă doriți..



Forum: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thread: Initial Forum rules drafting

Started by: JoshimuzJoshimuz

Also,it would be much easier and faster to just join the discord server and ask anything about the game there,without creating a whole thread about it:

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Forum: Grand Theft Auto Category Extensions

Thread: Why GTA V haven't Taxi Driver Leadboard ?

Started by: AlphaTempAlphaTemp

Even if the game had the Original Taxi Driver Missiom,I am sure the category would be pretty empty,not only the Mission itself is awful,the game is also very awful..


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Thread: life's a beach homie start

Started by: NiXNiX

To be 100% safe,just go near the trunk of the Vodoo that spawns very close to the water,that way the homie dies without failing the mission..
And also you will get more help on the discord server,so it isn't a bad idea to join it 😉