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Thread: Category extensions idea

Started by: EdiblePiEdiblePi

Yes I would also like to see God RNG% speedrun in Perry the Platypus Battle, chuckster level, kignboo level, and the other one I also convinenetnly cant remember... (I think pinnan epusoide 5????) Any ways, This is a marvulous idea and I want to see moderator implement into The Super Mario Sunshine Category Extensions Leaderboard on

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Thread: Please Read: Category Extensions Info

Started by: MilkMilk

Hoverless All Blue Coins: Except you can't get all blue coins hoverless so we just stick with 236. Goal: Get all blue coins possible without using the hover nozzle. Timing starts on file select, and it should be treated like a Normal/Hoverless Category like the main category leaderboard has it.


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Thread: Shindou Edition

Started by: EnchantedTorchEnchantedTorch

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I feel like nobody plays on shindou since it's simply a slower version of the game. So it makes sense that the only times people have used it are when it's actually faster for speedruns. It also makes sense that there's no competition for it since it's rarer to find and slower.

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