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Thread: pokemon blue catch em all, where can is save?

Started by: GraciousLightGraciousLight

I am currently learning to do the catch em all speedrun of pokemon blue on console,, but I was wondering when it is safe to save the game, so if I mess up I do not have to start from the trainerfly glitch in viridian city again. Can I save whenever I don't have a glitched screen or are there specific times when it is possible? Thanks in advance


Forum: Yu-Gi-Oh! Dungeon Dice Monsters

Thread: RNG manipulation

Started by: GraciousLightGraciousLight

hi, I was wondering how to get the good deck. I read you can get it by pressing the button at the right time, but when is this. This was the same for the tournaments. Anyone has a guide for this? thanks


Forum: SteamWorld Dig

Thread: 3DS version

Started by: GraciousLightGraciousLight

Are you allowed to use the 3DS version of Steamworld Dig to do the speedrun or won't this count?

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