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Thread: New site layout!

Started by: PacPac

My thoughts on the redesign: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​6Qqu5yv

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Forum: ESA Summer 2018

Thread: ESA Summer 2018 Feedback Thread

Started by: PlanksPlanks

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Shoutouts to the organisers for putting on a great event, especially considering how I felt towards ESA16/17 with regards to venue/location! I think this venue pretty much fixed all the major issues I had with those years that could be solved without moving the event out of Sweden 😉

For some actual feedback:
- Had some issues with Eventbrite, mainly related to credit cards being the only option initially to pay with, as well as the site not really providing decent feedback on whether the transaction actually succeeded. I was able to log in with the details provided, but when I tried to refresh my info on the site, all my transaction details disappeared due to my (prepaid) CC being rejected due to lack of funds.
- I had a pretty rough run-in with the badge checks on the night I arrived, after the check-in desk had closed, which didn't make me feel too welcome despite being a long-time attendee. I was told that I had to leave for my room despite not having a chance to check in. I ended up having to offer an intermediate solution, since I knew Fatzke was around the corner, and asked if I could check in with him. This ended up working out, but still, the person I was checked by was a bit standoffish about it, and even after checking in, their tone was still a bit unwelcoming, a simple "welcome to the event" or something would've gone a long way.
Perhaps it'd be an idea to give the people who are responsible for badge checks the ability to actually check people in, so this doesn't happen again.
- The mice for the gaming PCs were all pretty annoying to use for people with a palm grip like me, due to the size and the side buttons being placed on both sides of the mouse, causing a lot of accidental misclicks, something which actually did happen during a few runs

Outside of these fairly minor points, I do have to echo what a lot of people have said:
+ great hotel, with a lot of supportive staff
+ overall solid location, really easy to get to due to being next to the first train stop in Sweden
+ decent food options nearby
+ the scheduling team continuing to put on amazing runs during prime time that could've been a massive risk
+ people were nice as usual; even though it felt like people were hanging out a bit more in their rooms than previous years
+ some nice arcade options; if you could get the Black Knight 2000 pinball machine next year it'd be perfect!
+ board games board games board games

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Forum: Arabian Nights

Thread: Backstab

Started by: SoulLessRunSoulLessRun

Heyo, you just double tap shift and attack the enemy, but it only works if the enemy hasn't 'detected' you yet.


Forum: Arabian Nights

Thread: How is wall clipping done?

Started by: AlbertHamikAlbertHamik

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Heyo, cool to see some interest after AGDQ!
Which wall are you talking about? Generally when it comes to clipping through walls you want to stand somewhere where you have uneven footing, by either standing on a slope, or in a location where one foot is on flat ground, and the other is hovering over a piece of ground that's slightly below you.
Then, you want to rotate your camera around until you start "vibrating" rapidly, and it should push you through the wall!

And yes, the movement in this game is supposed to be incredibly janky, that's just the game 😉

Here's my control scheme:
Ignore the first keybind for use item, you want to bind it to Right mouse button so you can effortlessly flute jump
I believe Kotti uses 3 for quick save, though this is mostly preference - I have it bound to F5 so I don't press it by accident!


Forum: ESA 2016

Thread: Copenhagen Travel-groups

Started by: BabyhuehnchenBabyhuehnchen

I'll be taking the 15:06 train on the 22nd from Copenhagen airport, so if anyone is there as well, hit me up


Forum: ESA 2016

Thread: #GetInShapeAtESA

Started by: MizterConfuzingMizterConfuzing

Might take you up on the offer, I definitely could use some guidance!

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Forum: Portable Marathon 4 - October 22nd

Thread: Portable Marathon Game Research Center

Started by: MoelleMoelle

Chalvo 55 - Puzzle platformer that's pretty fun to play

Batman (aka Batgun) - It's a sunsoft batman platformer with a gun. What more do you want?

Gargoyle's Quest - Awesome gameboy platformer in the Ghost 'n Goblins series

Mole Mania - Puzzle game made by Miyamoto, where you control a mole and push around a ball to the exit. You can dig down in various locations, making this game a lot more complex than it seems at first!


Forum: ESA 2015

Thread: Mass housing

Started by: EdenalEdenal

How about the mass housing for those that are staying in the hotel, but arriving early?

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Forum: ESA 2015

Thread: Side Events

Started by: BaffanBaffan

Definitely Trackmania Nations Forever, since that seems to be the only free option that is still played today!
I've been playing it a bit again, and I personally didn't notice that much rust, still had a good time with it!


Forum: ESA 2015

Thread: Side Events

Started by: BaffanBaffan

I'm up for mafia!

Also, is there any interest in Trackmania Nations? I currently have a server we could use to play on!


Forum: ESA 2015

Thread: Mystery Tournament(s) at ESA 2015!

Started by: RoboSparkleRoboSparkle

Are PC / freeware games allowed?

I'd definitely be up for it, and if needed I can help out as well, got quite a bit of experience with blind races and such!


Forum: ESA 2015

Thread: Payment thread

Started by: EdenalEdenal

Just sent in my payment!


Forum: ESA 2015

Thread: First Round Cuts

Started by: flickyflicky

Update on La Mulana: I've been practising pretty consistently since the first round of cuts were announced, making steady progress every week. To make learning the route doable I split up the run in 3 segments, each containing 3 major boss fights. The route for La Mulana is very complex and difficult to learn due to it's extreme alinear nature.

For the first segment - up to Sakit - my time is 43:30, which is about 10 minutes off WR. I haven't done this segment in a while, the last run I did of this segment was before I fixed my FPS issues, so that might save me a bit of time due to being able to more accurately predict input timings. I think there's a couple of places where I can easily improve my time by improving my health management.

The second segment - starting after Sakit and going up until Viy - my time is sitting at 41:24, which I'm guessing is about 15 minutes off WR. There's an easy ~4-5 minute time save here for which I just have to do a bit of research to optimize my health management.

The third segment, which starts after Viy and ends after the escape sequence, is the one I started learning last week. I went from a 1:39:06 to 1:09:06 in 2 runs, so I expect to be cutting off a lot of time for that soon. This segment has the most difficult boss fights in it, but I've been practising those offline quite a bit, and have become fairly consistent at some of them, especially the final fight with Mother.

My splits of my current best runs:

While my current segmented time added up (2:33:00) is still quite a ways off from the estimate given, I do think doing single-segment runs will allow me to get a better time faster. I'm gonna get into that after doing a few more runs of the third segment, so that I can nail that down more easily.

I'll be out of town from Thursday until Saturday, so should any questions arise, please contact me beforehand 🙂