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Thread: PS3

Started by: WareWare

Backwards Compatible "Fat" PS3s are currently allowed (the 20, 60 and 80GB models) however Jailbroken PS3s that can play PS2 Isos are not allowed. We look forward to seeing how the game runs and loads if you do attempt runs!! :3

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Forum: Scooby-Doo! Night of 100 Frights

Thread: A none level skipping section?

Started by: popypoplandpoppopypopypoplandpoppopy

do you mean the No Levels Early Leaderboard that already exists? its under misc categories along with others.


Forum: Gunstar Heroes

Thread: Quick Kill for Golden Silver

Started by: LewkForceLewkForce

Yeah Me and Wilbo used this strat for safe strats in Expert. Flame Chaser is still ultimately faster due to being able to hit all 4 at once.

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Forum: Gunstar Heroes

Thread: Those walkers in stage 5

Started by: LewkForceLewkForce

For my Easy runs in particular I tend to run at them all guns blazing and not worry about my health. But during my Expert runs i tend to stop short before I reach them to either time my Jump Kick at them or Flame Chaser them down. They are 100% dumb.

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Forum: Gunstar Heroes

Thread: Trying new Strategy for Gunstar Heroes

Started by: thebravest1thebravest1

thats a crazy strat. good stuff.


Forum: Persona 5

Thread: NG+ runs?

Started by: vidmonkey121vidmonkey121

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Hey all.

I got through all of the arguments on all the sides and i'll just throw in my side too. I'll have a word with my dear friend Salad too for his thoughts.

I did my NG+ run recently thanks to this thread. The reason for this is because I stated at ESA 2017 to Nev himself in person that I had plans to run NG+ as a run when I had time. I'd like you all to remember this "when I had time" statement. Summer came and went and I burnt myself out on playing P5 so I put off doing the runs. September came and so did class and work time. I have no more time to do 10+ hour runs outside of weekends.

Cut to late September and I came onto the forum after seeing Cereth streaming learning and noticed this thread. This is where I saw the line "On top of that, the amount of people screaming "I wanna do a NG+ run of this game that I like so much" who then never even do anything in that regard is also large.". This sent my motivation into overdrive. Even if it wasnt directly mentioning me, I knew I was apart of the percentage. So I got to work on the run, watching through Nev and NightBarrels records and running through the game making notes with what I had.

Of course my NG+ run isnt good by any means since I lost alot of time, but isnt all first runs supposed to not be good? I learned alot of things from finally sitting down and finishing my run, stuff such as: Omnipotent Orb is only really useful for 1 or 2 palaces, running past shadows rather than just killing them is way faster and my Yoshitsune could do with a few accuracy and crit buffs like Apt Pupil and Auto Sukukaja (also the Mementos Scan procs). Normal stuff you learn from your first run and stuff I have already changed my notes to adjust and have ready for my second run I plan to do very soon. So no. I did not refuse to look at runs, I just didnt have the necessary things to make notes on my own outside of NightBarrels own run so I had to do a run myself™.

I don't care as much about the leaderboards as some since I just made my own but what I do care about is this bias towards NG+. Yes the category is just "spamming the same thing over and over" and sleeping until the next Palace. However that is still a way of beating the game fast and that is how we choose to do it whether you like it or not. I personally dont care if you take the category seriously but I'd rather not see stuff like "running NG+ is like running a Visual Novel lol XD!!!!" and "NG+ literally takes no effort to run lol!!!". I'd also rather not see people ask me why theres no leaderboards or why I didnt say that I beat record when I beat Nev's time but they dont annoy me as much as the constant shitting on NG+.

The last point i'd like to make is Time. We all have our different lives and when we can do things. I personally have class 4 times a week and work the other 3 days. I dont have time to do 15+ hour runs. I wont be able to do another NG+ run now til 2 weeks from now when I have time off class. Saying that "so far i've only seen one run from each person" and saying theres no competition is also dumb. I'd like to remind you of the last time you did a full run Nev? Cereth does his runs and Furry has his capture card issues so I think you'd have to look at yourself first before judging when other people do runs. Also saying "if you are gonna take time to learn 14 hours of the game you should just learn the other 4 lol!" is retarded. You saw yourselves how I still lost 2 hours to the record in NG+. Imagine that with NG. Hell look at Cereths runs. He knows exactly what he's doing in his runs and still got a 22 hour first run. I don't about you but I dont have time to do 22 hour runs. I will be sticking to my 12 hour~ runs thanks.

I will continue to run NG+ with or without the support of a leaderboards. It wont be as often as you would LOVE it to be but it will still happen. I dont care about comparing to other SMT games or the like, I just want some damn support from fellow lovers and runners of the game, cheap strats or not.

God bless you all


Forum: Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Thread: Trying to figure out moderation issues I've been reported

Started by: GyooGyoo

This comment has been redacted by the moderator team because it contained offensive slurs.

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Forum: Kingdom Hearts

Thread: KH 711 911 358/2= 179

Started by: Logos_Logos_

bro i dont think that was weed you just smoked

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Forum: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep 0.2: A Fragmentary Passage

Thread: SSD Vs. HDD

Started by: ShadowlinkShadowlink

I was gonna stay out of this discussion since I will be purchasing an SSD for my PS4 for casual play regardless of what the conclusion of this discussion was and just go with whatever happens since unscrewing an HDD and replacing it isn't really a lengthy process. However I would just like to add to Biz's point since I think its actually an interesting thought.

Pay2Win is a thing that gets thrown around in any community with this type of discussion. And while I am one that thinks that if you want to go fast then you should buy the fast things. It's also not a competition killer. What do I mean by this? Well lets look at 1.5 Beginner as Biz mentioned earlier.

1.5 JP had been out since mid 2013 and was ran by the few people that nabbed it before the English version came out a few months later. However not many people ran it after English was released and therefore English became the fastest run and the only person to run on JP after that was Saiyanz (but he even ran it sometimes since the firm belief was that the timesave was little) and then in Early 2015, BB took the record with his JP copy. This is due to the fact that noone really knew how much faster JP 1.5 was until Zetris took time out of his life to time all the text differences. When everyone found out it was 55ish seconds faster, everyone started looking for JP copies and buying them to go faster and even after that inital rush, people still buy JP 1.5 after either reaching their goal in English or even starting out on JP. I would like to bring up that importing games isn't very expensive but its also not very cheap either. You have to pay a pretty penny now if you would like to compete in 1.5.

So my point here is that we shouldn't really have the huge discussion about "competition" and "who would actually go out and buy this" until we have our definitive answer on how fast it is. If its over 2 or so minutes then yeah, I would agree with splitting the categories and maybe putting them in Misc like BB said. But as of the time I make this post I heard that HDD is actually FASTER than SSD (but thats just a rumour i actually dont know lmao)

We didnt split the 1.5 leaderboards because the timesave was so little and because some English runs were still competitive (and even now is STILL competitive since sub 2:46 is possible on English thanks to clip route). So I dont think this should be the case here either. Again thats just my opinion and I will roll with whatever gets decided since at the end of the day I payed out $300 for this PS4 and I'm gonna get my usage out of it :3

Now if we we're talking about PS4 vs PS4 Pro.....

i'm kidding.

I'm glad this discussion has stayed fairly civil since I was expecting a bloody war with everyone at each others throats but ya'll are calm and collected and thats nice.

Have a good one folks.


I'm buying an SSD to play the games casually regardless of what comes out of this because I want it for other games
Swapping out SSD and HDD aint that much of a hassle
1.5 JP took 1 and a Half Years to be found out that its faster.
Everyone bought 1.5 JP when it was found to be faster.
People to this day still buy 1.5 JP because the leaderboards promote that JP is the way to go because of no split
We didnt decide on splitting those leaderboards because of the small timesave
If the timesave is larger than 2 minutes then I agree that SSD should be split/moved to misc
I love you guys for being Civil even if i'm a large butt sometimes

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Forum: Super Mario 64

Thread: Removing EMU and VC from the leaderboards

Started by: bebopbanditbebopbandit

I think we should just make iQue the main leaderboard since we are talking about exclusivity. That will make everyone happy 🙂


Forum: Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix

Thread: Is emulator allowed?

Started by: DoubleADewiDoubleADewi

Unfortunately due to the inconsistent load times and variables with peoples PCs and such. Emulators are not allowed for speedruns of any of the PS2 KH games. Sorry 😱

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Forum: Kingdom Hearts

Thread: Question about modding

Started by: AlexisMousyAlexisMousy

(edited: )

As much as I agree with the whole "every game should have their own set of mods". There is also the problem of the "dead games" then not getting mods. Since stuff like CoM barely get ran who would take the helm for that? Draz could do it but he's also been inactive for well over 6 months now. Also as much as we don't admit it. We are a lazy community. Not a whole lot of runners really want to do the active duty of being a leaderboard mod. They just want to submit their times and that's it. I would say their should be more of a discussion on who else should be on the current leaderboard mod team because since May we've lost about 2-3 more mods that were quite active.

Also to add to Timmi's point there is also the case that most mods don't do a whole lot until there is community discussion. If someone brings up a point against the current state of the LBs then they more than likely bring it up in their Mod Group chat and discuss it. If we have separated boards and there wants to be change, would we still have that same community discussion as before?

It's a good idea which I've agreed with on multiple occasions but at the same time, it's also a very ~broken~ idea due to how many games we have in this series that would need its own set of mods and rules.

Just some food for your thoughts.


Forum: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix HD

Thread: Changing Timing to character select

Started by: Wyattw8Wyattw8

I am all for the rule change even if I haven't ran BBS in over a year but I do think the one point that stands is the fact that you choose the difficulty on the Title Screen and if the runner starts their timing (and maybe their local recording) on the character select. How are we as the viewers supposed to know what the difficulty is without seeing the gameplay. Sure Beginner and Crit have their obvious differences but what about Standard and Proud? If we were to change this then it would need to be a requirement to show you selecting the category (or showing the end screen after the final fights) in the video to show the category that was chosen.

Just my two cents.

All the Category's are Arbitrary anyways.