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I’m not saying I’m the only one who noticed, I’m just giving a go at trying to start discussion on it, since mods aren’t really there to talk about it.



I'll be straightforward, I feel like some SMS mods have not really been active in the community, be it on the forums, or the Discord, which are, in my opinion, platforms that should be given as high attention as verifying runs, because these social interactions are what bind the community together and help out newbies.

I am not saying in any way that this hasn't been happening, I am pointing out a lack/absence of moderator activity in these fields. I know this is a bit of a weird topic to touch upon, but I am concerned/worried about this, because big decisions such as the addition of Category Extension and new rules regarding submissions, etc. get delayed, or create confusion within the community, I think.

I'm also not in too much of a position to talk about this, but f it.

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There is now a Discord Server to make communication much more easier between players! Join here:


Hey, thanks for the reply! πŸ˜ƒ

For 2) 3) and 4) that sounds like a great plan πŸ™‚

For 5), it happens usually to the smaller Mantas, they vanish while not being at their smallest state. I don't have any video of it, but you can try it yourself.


Hey, I've been thinking about a few suggestions for the practice codes, and so I'm going to list them here.

1) Could you add Pinna 8 as a sublevel (kind of like Mecha Bowser, but instead C-DOWN-RIGHT + X) and you could you also fix an issue where after you finish the Pinna 8 mission, the shine spawns, and you cannot reload the level (even if you exit area entirely) until you restart your Wii.

2) Could you turn the Dialogue thing ("!!!" and "insert normal text here") into a toggle with only D-PAD UP or D-PAD DOWN? It could free up one of the D-PAD directions for another idea that I will list below.

3) Could you add a "Simulate Exit-Area" code on of the D-PAD directions after freeing-up one of them so that when it is pressed, it simulates an exit-area so we just hold the button combinations as we press it, and we can "exit-area" faster and in areas that don't have an exit-area button, like the 4th idea mentioned below?

4) This isn't as important/necessary as the other suggestions I have, but could you add a warp to Airstrip (Neutral C-Stick + XL) and make it reloadable via the "Simulate Exit-Area" code by holding Z, and could you do the simulate thing on after the Fludd Cutscenes (when you first spawn out of the cutscene in which you Fludd for the first time)

Edit #1: 5) There have been reports that Manta is broken on practice codes. (A Manta gets sprayed and just vanishes completely, a good example of it can be found here: ) Could that be fixed?

I'm probably going to edit this post and add more later.


Actually, can you scrap the die anywhere idea, instead could you make it so that upon hitting a specific button combination, it automatically simulated an exit area without having to pause?


Hey psychonauter, I don't know if this is related with Nintendont, but I assume it is but can you make it so that memory cards are usable when running the JP version of SMS with the JP codes. It works fine with the US version (just like the Dan Salvato's codes) but for SOME reason, I cannot use my memory card with JP codes..

Also, a recommendation, can you add a "Die anywhere" feature so that we can switch levels when we don't have the exit area option? That would be really good.

Thanks! πŸ˜ƒ

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I tried making an ISOhack too which loaded you in Sirena 5 but it always loaded Sirena 4. These levels are certainly weird.


Thanks for this! This is really amazing.. something I was working on, but someone beat me to it. Oh well. I have a suggestion, which may seem unrealistic, but do you think you could make it possible to select which level you want to go to right off the bat on the Z-menu? This type of stuff would probably involve ISO modifying/hacking so I doubt this can happen on .gct files.

This is a bit off topic, but could you tell me how you made these codes? I'm interested in learning so I can try all sorts of things.

Also @nindiddeh there is an Action-Replay Code for switch to any nozzle at all times, so it could probably be ported to .gct, the only problem being, the button combinations used on that code conflict with some combinations on the updated codes.


You don't download Cat Mario, you play it on an online website:


i was making a joke out of it because so many people come up with a corona early theory and then i said stop.


i was mem(e)ing. sigh


so I was messing around and I actually clipped through the gate placed on Corona Mountain's entry (I got there before the flooding happened) and I believe that a Corona Early is possible

jk lol and please stop making posts about this (corona early will never be a thing)


I can go at the time assigned to me (Aug 13th 8:45pm)


Dutchj, you could press Y as late as possible.


Oh dang. I didn't realize. I did verify this run but I was really sleepy at the time. I should be more cautious, I agree. I do not allow skipping half the stage, that is indeed not fair.

I will make sure this doesn't ever happen again. Please accept my apology. πŸ˜•


I don't think a leaderboard of SMS Chaos should be a thing, rather, a Google Document (if people really want it).

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Corona Mountain Early will never be a thing. The loading zone is never there until the island is flooded (kill all 7 shadow marios)


79 Shines - What a meme
96 Shines - Blue Coin Phobia
Any% Hoverless - What's hoverless?
50 Shines - No Good Skips
58 Shines - Casual Let's Player

(these are meant to be as a joke, no offense towards anyone)

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