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Started by: PlanksPlanks

This was my first ESA, and I'll start by saying I had a blast. People I met were super friendly and inviting. I'll definetly go again.

I'll try to list some pros and cons, but this is by no means an exhaustive list. Just the things I can think of from the top of my head.

+ Venue: Great venue, nothing to complain on. Easy to get to, fresh, good amenities.
+ Air conditioning in the main hall: I know some people mentioned it being too cold, but personally I prefer it over the alternative. It can easilly get warm and sweaty in a large hall like that, and I prefer it feeling fresh and cool.
+ Tournament room: Really fun, and a great job by feasel.
+ Boardgame room: Also really fun, and it was a great way of meeting a few new people my first few days
+ Arcade: I loved the arcade- and pinball machines! I think having them in a separate area was a good idea too, since they tend to be pretty loud.
+ Community intermissions: Awesome concept. It does need some more polish though, like common splash screens maybe to show who made the intermission and such, to make them feel a bit more coherent. Also, check their audio levels, it was often hard to hear. But a great concept!

Stream 1 and 2: I like this setup, but the audio bleed was troublesome at times.
Text-to-speach on stream 2: I see where this comes from, getting voulunteers is hard. It was a bit hard to hear it though, but it might be possible to fix. Risk of more sound bleed though...
Music choice: It was a bit stale to just hear the same songs over and over in intermissions, and they didn't really feel like they connected to the event

- Coffeein the main hall opened late: I know, I know, but I wanted a cup of coffee at 7 and I couldn't get one 😣
- Retro corner was cramped: It was a lot of people there, and a lot of consoles and CRTs. It would probably have needed some more room to fit everything.
- Hotel bar closed early: Mentioned several times already, but it kinda put us in a spot where nothing could be bought after 11, but you couldn't eat or drink anything in the hotel, and there was nothing near by. Maybe put a tent outside where we can eat and have a drink?
- Street boys by stream 1: I get the hype, and the runs were really fun, but it did get a bit too loud from time to time. Moving the Street boys area was a good descision.
- Audio levels by stream 1: Sometimes it really hurt my ears to sit by stream 1, even if you were seated a bit back and in the middle. The highs were very sharp sometimes, especially when donation readers cut in.
- Schedule shifts: It was very hard to time runs, both on stream 1 (which lagged behind) and on stream 2 (which often far ahead).


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Cool initiative. I'll make sure to follow this topic and see how this evolves ^.^