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Thread: Rule change on SR.C

Started by: GibstackGibstack

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Is video required for submissions? This should be updated in the game/category rules as necessary (i.e. threshold for proof if it exists, per category rules, or global video requirement in game rules), and as part of the verification process (currently submissions do not require any video)

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Forum: Mega Man X

Thread: Rule change on SR.C

Started by: GibstackGibstack

(Re: "The state of this leaderboard"

I would like to inform the board moderators that the semi-unofficial rule in that forum post, regarding run submissions on this site, is now against site rules.

The post reads: "we will no longer be accepting runs submit to that haven't already been submit and verified at You may still submit runs to this board, but know that they will not be verified here until they are first verified on our primary leaderboard at mmlb. If a run submit here is not submit to within two weeks it will be rejected with a link pointing you to the proper place to submit."

This rule was probably fine before, however, since there are new rules in place, found on (I believe these more extensive rules are no older than 3 months - I only noticed them within the last couple of weeks), it is now against the rules to require submission on another leaderboard in order to receive SR.C verification.

The last rule under the first section "Leaderboard Moderation" reads: "Although game rules may reference additional community sites and suggest submitting to multiple, game rules cannot require runners to use those sites instead of SR.C, nor require runners to submit to external sites in order to be listed on SR.C"

I do not know if this rule change has been addressed by the moderators or the community, since the game rules listed on the boards do not list anything about verification rules. It would appear as though this has not been addressed, however, since the rules only have a link to the mmlb leaderboard, and the stickied thread linked above seems to still be true. It would make sense to me to update the rules on SR.C to list verification requirements for runs, at least.

Also, I don't know if this is the only game with this rule, or if it applies to all Mega Man X series games, or all Mega Man games in general. I've posted here since this is one of the most active games and has this rule written explicitly in the forum. However, this rule should be followed for all games that run under this rule/this leaderboard.

Thank you for reading.

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Thread: Rooftop Gauntlet

Started by: StraightUpShawnStraightUpShawn

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It shows up if you re-select the "Character" variable/filter to be Any, even though it's the default. Hope that helps the issue get figured out.

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Thread: Username Change Requests / Account Deletions

Started by: kirkqkirkq

Could I have my name changed to Gibstack? Thanks.

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