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Just thought I would create a post for anyone that would like to post ideas or finds to increase speed of runs. Some things I've found while doing searches and while playing.

- Timesquare level it's possible to to get out of bounds
- Sewer Area you can do a glitch to prevent taking damage from black slime.
- If mashing forward and jump while loading into new level you can launch yourself forward until hitting object to reset you acceleration (THIS IS VERY RARE)
- Side jumping right and left is faster than running forward and it's unlimited.

-Boson Darts can be used to launch yourself onto object which used in the proper area can be used to get out of bounds

All the above have been tested to work in the PC, not tested on any other platform.


Hey there man do you have Videos of these anywhere and if so could you post them?


Working on a video right now, I'm also doing a comparison between side hopping and sprinting using different frame rates and surfaces.


Really short and abrupt video about the different movement options in this game.

I'm also currently making another video about some exploits that will be out in a while once I get more footage.