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Thread: 50-star category

Started by: hyakuleggerhyakulegger

Hi. Sorry for late reply

I never considered that category, but if you wanna give it a try, go ahead. I'll open it at some point. Only requirement should be to show that you're playing on a clean file


Forum: Game & Watch Gallery 2

Thread: Classic mode

Started by: MalditeLokiMalditeLoki

Sorry for late reply

Sure. Clasisc mode can be added. When I get some free time I'll try to add them. Feel free to run it


Forum: The Site

Thread: Deleting a board and adding a game to a series

Started by: GhostSenpaiGhostSenpai

Hi. I was trying to add a game to a game series, but instead of adding it a new board was created and I cannot find the delete game button. If the duplicated board can be deleted and the game can be added to the game series I'm gonna appreciate that

Board that needs to be deleted:

Game series:
Board that needs to be added to that game series:

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Thread: 2021 Any% Tournament

Started by: GhostSenpaiGhostSenpai

Hi everybody. We're organizing an Any% Tournament and all people are welcome to be part of this.

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Forum: Pepsiman

Thread: platforms

Started by: MajinetaMajineta

I tried to play this on an american PS3 some years ago through Disc Swap and audio wasn't played. I assume that on a japanese PS3 or using an original disc game audio can be played.

I can add the platform but just to play using game CD and music needs to be played. No CFW will be allowed to play an injected VC version


Forum: Pepsiman

Thread: Emulator Guidelines

Started by: GhostSenpaiGhostSenpai

For a long time, obsoleted and commonly banned PS1 emulators were used on Pepsiman since those were the only ones that played CD audio tracks for levels, but thanks to MrMonsh was discovered that a simple solution to this issue was to load the .cue file instead of .bin, meaning that emulators like PSXfin and smartphone ones now are banned.

You must also state what emulator is being used when submitting your run and always remember to load the .CUE file to get CD audio tracks. If your version doesn't has the .cue file or it doesn't play game music, you can use the version shared in Resources.

List of accepted emulators, based on our testings and allowed for most PS1 games are these:
• DuckStation (At normal speed, without any loading acceleration)
• BizHawk 2.5.2 or newer
• mednafen
• RetroArch (Beetle/Beetle HW)
• ePSXe 1.9.0, 1.9.25, 2.0, and 2.0.5

BizHawk Setup:
Games can only run under the cue format.
• PSX > Options
• Select either mednafen mode option.
• Config > Speed/Skip > Audio Throttle
To verify that you are running with Audio Throttle enabled you must hit the increase/decrease speed keys [plus/minus] it will display a message on screen.

RetroArch Dedicated Rules:
You must show settings of the core settings before/after the run.
Your settings must match this:
• CPU Dynarec: Disabled (Beetle Interpreter) [Default]
• Cycles: 128 (Default)
• GTE Overclock: Disabled
• GPU Overclock: 1x (native)
• Skip Bios: Disabled.
• Access Method: Synchronous
• Loading Speed: 2x (native)
• PAL (European) Video Timing Override: OFF
Recommended: Keep PGXP Disabled
Custom settings are allowed for anything that isn't mentioned such as resolution.

Runs submitted before this post that used not allowed emulator will keep being part of the leaderboard, but using those emulators for new runs are not allowed. Those runs will be retimed at some point to add the time that saved compared with another emulators or a real PS1.

If you have an emulator suggestion or any additional questions feel free to contact leaderboard mods on Discord.

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Thread: mod abusing please help me

Started by: Ahmed_pro0_xAhmed_pro0_x

As Boyks said, Ahmed have been harassing mods and game runners. They used to tag them for no reason in Pepsiman discord server while most of the time their messages were appropiate for DMs instead of public messages. When they had the Any% WR they started to spread negativity about the game, mentioning that the game was dead and nobody was gonna beat their times (and some months later their times were defeated). We asked them to stop, something that they haven't done, so after talking with all mods we decided to ban them, remove their verifier role on the leaderboard and banned them from the Discord server (although they weren't banned of submitting new runs to leaderboard). After that Ahmed deleted their runs from the leaderboard and has been trying to avoid their Discord ban accesing with multiple accounts just to keep doing what does they have been doing since last year, and recently we decided to removed their ILs times

If site staff wanna talk with us about the situation we are open to dialog. We have enough evidences about the situation. Ahmed weren't banned for no reason

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Thread: Any% category

Started by: GhostSenpaiGhostSenpai

When I was trying to do my first BTG run I accidentally discovered a way to skip levels (like in NES version).

Looks like some stages has an item that looks like a ball with wings (or a golden snitch). If you defeat an enemy and you're lucky to get it you can skip stages. At the moment I was able to find 3 of them.

First one (Timestamp: 22:16) makes you go from B18F to B12F and the second (Timestamp: 38:16) moves you from 05F to 09F:

When I was uploading my run I decided to give a try to a BTG attempt again (offstream) and accidentally found a 3rd one that makes you go from B09F to B02F:

I don't know exactly the pattern that you need to follow to get those skips and/or if you need to defeat specific enemies to get it, this is something that need some testings. Plus I think that probably the item can spawn in another stages.

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Forum: Snow Bros. Jr.

Thread: Showing and capturing the whole emulator window

Started by: GhostSenpaiGhostSenpai

That's what I wanna avoid since I don't use to have the emulator on the same spot all the time. Every time I open it I use to move it since the position where I have it don't get saved, and I don't wanna keep cropping the display capture all the time.

If I complete a run can I activate the display capture to show that I used an allowed emulator??


Forum: Snow Bros. Jr.

Thread: Showing and capturing the whole emulator window

Started by: GhostSenpaiGhostSenpai

I have been trying to find a way to capture the emulator window on OBS but the most I can get is the options bar and game feed. I cannot capture the full window as a proof that I'm using an allowed emulator.

Is there a way to capture all the window without using the capturing screen option??

I use Gambatte


Forum: Resident Evil 2

Thread: FMV problems

Started by: Mapacho_Mapacho_

Afaik there is no problem if you don't get the FMVs played. I got that issue also and a runner told me that even you can deactivate them with Windows Registry for the runs and still valid, so since you skip them idt you'll have problems if FMVs are not played


Forum: New Super Mario Bros. 2

Thread: About streaming software

Started by: GhostSenpaiGhostSenpai

Oh, I see. Well, I think I'm gonna skip this game until I get lucky to find a 3DS with a capture card and I have the enough money to buy it


Forum: Super Mario 3D Land

Thread: 3DS streaming software

Started by: GhostSenpaiGhostSenpai

Hi everyone. I have been planning to run this game for a while but I'm kinda curious if using 3DS streaming software (planning to use NTR) is allowed to record runs??

I ask this since 3DS capture cards are not produced anymore (plus is hard to find one nowdays) and at the same time I don't wanna use a webcam pointing to my 3DS


Forum: New Super Mario Bros. 2

Thread: About streaming software

Started by: GhostSenpaiGhostSenpai

Maybe this has been answered before (I wasn't able to find info about this) but checking the rules it says that NTR software to capture footage is not allowed. Does it affects the gameplay?? If that's the case, in which way does it affects it??

I wanna run the game but I don't wanna use a camera pointing to my 3DS (it looks awful imo) and nowdays is impossible to find capture cards for 3DS


Forum: Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled

Thread: Leaderboard merging

Started by: PeteThePlayerPeteThePlayer

For Old Patch runs, which versions of the game will be allowed to submit on them?? Talking about all updates that has been released


Forum: Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers

Thread: Loading a 00.0% file on N64

Started by: GhostSenpaiGhostSenpai

Update: As July 30 2019 streaming the creation of the savefile is not required anymore, so, if you wanna create a dummy 0.00% file offstream and use it for runs, feel free to do it. With this said, you can use the same savefile for any of your attempts, meaning that you don't need to create a new savefile everyday

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Forum: Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers

Thread: Regarding to N64 rules

Started by: GhostSenpaiGhostSenpai

For the dummy 0.00 load file is not required anymore to stream when you create the loading file. You can use a 0.00% load file to skip the first cutscene or start a new game and watch it

Will modify the rule in another day, since for know I've been kinda busy

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Forum: Syphon Filter

Thread: PAL version

Started by: GhostSenpaiGhostSenpai

Is there an specific reason about running the PAL release instead of NTSC?? Does PAL is optimal??


Forum: Resident Evil 4 (Steam)

Thread: May I use this GC button texture mod to speedrun?

Started by: mikunodisappearmikunodisappear

Is just a mod to replace the Xbox controller buttons on screen for the DS3 button layout (since I haven't found any mod with DS4 buttons). And to use the PS4 controller I use Steam Big Picture since the game doesn't recognize the controller natively

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