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Forum: Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Thread: New Category

Started by: TanksalotTanksalot

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The long version: What Carterferris07 said. I'm more open to adding categories if people actually do runs as a proof of concept before hand with a clear definition, because even if we add them people are probably not gonna do them.

The short version: No.

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Forum: Ys: Memories of Celceta

Thread: Rule Discussion - Framerate locking

Started by: GhostKumoGhostKumo

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Would like for runners of the game (especially on PC) to discuss requiring a framerate display for runs of the game on PC (and capping it at the game's 120FPS setting) in order to prevent runners who have more powerful rigs from gaining a hardware-dependent advantage in their times by running uncapped at higher framerates.

Though this is largely kept in our discord, I am posting here as well for full transparency.


Forum: Ys Origin

Thread: About the Switch version of the leaderboard

Started by: Nori_Nori_

Switch version has been added as a variable now, given a few of its categorical differences.


Forum: Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime

Thread: New Glitch

Started by: GhostKumoGhostKumo

It actually isn't, this is the first known glitch beyond the little 5 second one in the first mini-game.

It seems to be an anomaly, where that spot holds a loading zone to the screen above it, which causes you to zip through a wall and into the screen north of it.


Forum: Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime

Thread: New Glitch

Started by: GhostKumoGhostKumo


Referring to this as "Gooply Skip" after the person who showed it to the community, this skips the Slival tank fight, which saves probably around a minute to two minutes (you have to find another slime elsewhere however).

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Forum: Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime

Thread: New best known time:

Started by: GhostKumoGhostKumo

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Never posted this before as I only found the full thing recently, but megane also has a recording of a 100 slime run done much faster than existing times. This is the YT playlist for it.


Forum: Cosmic Star Heroine

Thread: Game Version For Nintendo Switch

Started by: NaughtRobotNaughtRobot

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The glitch you mentioned (pausing to bypass enemies) exists in the current PC version unless you're thinking od something else.

The main thing we wanted to avoid in splitting the categories was the D1 exploit where enemies would despawn in battle and the glitch where starting a new file over a completed one would give you equipment you shouldn't have. The former was fixed pretty fast, but we wanted to avoid version-hunting.

I have to imagine the 1.01 Switch version is not homologous to the PC 1.01 version given the release dates, and is probably closer to the 1.19 patch than the PC 1.01, could be wrong though.

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Forum: Custom Robo: Battle Revolution

Thread: Emulators are now shown by default

Started by: Shauny7188Shauny7188

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I still think wii is faster than GC. I was saving frames on every load.

Might just come down to the age of the hardware affecting the laser.


Forum: Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Thread: E

Started by: EmilyTheKoopaEmilyTheKoopa

If you were sorry you wouldnt do it lol

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Forum: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Thread: New catagory

Started by: 1-up1-up

Why would you ask here AND make another thread for it?


Forum: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Thread: 100 percent category

Started by: MasaG77MasaG77

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We don't have a 100% category and we have no plans for adding one, because there are no real conventional definitions for 100%. One runner has done his own definition of 100% before, but it's incredibly arbitrary.

If you got something in mind, I'd suggest you start running it and present a proof of concept, then there might be more room for discussion.

You don't need a leaderboard to run a category.

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Forum: Super Mario 64 DS

Thread: We need Category Extensions

Started by: finnaboingfinnaboing

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Please take the time to think about what youre posting before you post.

First, why do we need category extensions as you say? To rank what exactly? Sub-categories that dont even exist yet? If you're making up subcategories to run, that's your prerogative but they don't warrant a ranking system just to hold one time and give people free WRs. You say you've seen "plenty of ideas" yet have enumerated a whopping zero of them in your OP, much less actually described their purpose or posted a proof of concept.

As for yoshi's suggestion of Non-stop, this is a DS game. The amount of people who actually own a flash cartridge to play on console is very low and emulator runs are hidden by default for a reason. And the all important problem of such a thing doesnt exist yet, and in all likelihood may not. So why make a leaderboard for something that physically cannot be done with no impending release date for when it can be?

This thread just sounds incredibly wishful, with no effort put forth to actually prove that any effort has gone into doing the work to actually justify making category extensions.

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Forum: Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Thread: Ds or 3ds?

Started by: HelpMePleaseHelpMePlease


- Posted a guide on version differences yesterday, with a bit about that as well. There are no differences as far as any of my tests were on lag, the only difference is preference on buttons. I do find 3DS buttons easier to mash on, but that's me.


Forum: Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Thread: Ruling on Emulators?

Started by: tpspeedtpspeed

At the moment emulators are hidden by default. You're welcome to submit and we'll verify the runs all the same. Snoion and Myself are the only active runners and basically our conclusion is "they're fine, but they're ineligible for WR", and so we may open the leaderboard up to emu times to publicly viewable in the future though, with that caveat.

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Forum: Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Thread: Discord

Started by: GhostKumoGhostKumo

https://discord.gg/DanWKDv click here to join the Mario & Luigi RPG speedrunning discord server!


Forum: Cthulhu Saves the World

Thread: Some new route changes

Started by: GhostKumoGhostKumo

Best of luck! Feel free to ask any questions you might have about the run.


Forum: Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Thread: Any% Guide

Started by: RhoThanosRhoThanos

https://www.speedrun.com/mlpit/guide/iwnd3 - for anyone looking for future reference, I wrote these and have the links here.


Forum: Montaro

Thread: MONTARORTA regulation【All Costume】

Started by: sandersander

Sounds good. Will add separate category for it, seeing as how it is as decent an actual goal to work towards in this game.

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Forum: Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Thread: Where can I get a JP copy? + Question`

Started by: oh__oh__

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1: Ebay, Amazon, etc. You can find Japanese copies for really cheap to import.
2: Far as any of us are aware VC offers no exclusive glitches. WiiUVC for North America runs on version 1.1 of the game, while most NA cartridges run on 1.0 which has some glitches that only work on that version, meaning WiiUVC actually has fewer. (Also glitches that crash on DS dont seem to work on VC either if what the rest of the community has told me is true). The North American version is significantly different from the European, Japanese, and Australian versions, which is where the actual differences come from. Although the NA version has exclusive glitches, it also has a final boss with 9500 HP across 3 phases, while all other regions it is 5500 across the 3 forms.

Considering EPS is an utter nightmare in any% and nearly all the big region-specific happen after Gritzy Desert, the NA version is inferior for any%. All bosses has a similar problem where every boss has significantly higher HP values, mitigating potential time save. Also many glitches have only been found to work on emulator and crash on console.

The WR is not on WiiUVC in part because the top 3 runners of the game (Snoion, Anwonu and myself) are all from the Americas (meaning we dont natively have access to the WiiUVC of Japan or Europe). While VC injects are a thing, none of us have really bothered, although I personally dont know if it would really save much time if at all. (Also WiiU has lag which sucks for trying to do frame perfect inputs and Copy Flowers, but thats more preference).

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