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Thread: Inactive moderators and the legitimacy of their position

Started by: OddBodOddBod

"Also, I can't be a very effective moderator if nobody ever pings/pm's mods when there are issues. "

This is so true for people in general for so many things, never bringing up stuff until it boils over. It's a personal button of mine too, since you can't fix something if you didn't know it was broken, hmm?

Verifying and moderating slower time runs is also still a thing, so even if a person is not top level themselves they can still see and go through a lot of the more mid-level or lower-level type stuff to contribute if there is an overload.

As mentioned before, a lot of other boards have mods that are inactive for wayyyy longer with far less of an excuse, so I guess it depends on how passionate people really feel over this stuff. Whether it's seen as a 'power/ego' role or not, I'd personally be in favour of more mods vs less, since it means faster verifications no matter who picks them up.


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Thread: I got caught cheating. Sorry... I'll retire as mod now.

Started by: DeathtomeDeathtome

Those vids are pretty great hahah. It really is fascinating how things like this affect different games, can be quite unpredictable.


Forum: The Legend of Dragoon

Thread: I got caught cheating. Sorry... I'll retire as mod now.

Started by: DeathtomeDeathtome

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"That of course is bad. If you allow that you can also allow booting the game over Action Replay and inducing cheat codes or putting different hardware in the console with the attitude "any cheat that saves a second is ok". Nope Im against cheating there."

I don't really think this makes sense, the ideas behind rules and categories is that they are community decided and often follow the premise of manipulating the game within the game and it's hardware (even choosing different hardwares like Ps1 vs PS2 as external boons); you're trying to make it into a slippery slope argument but I'd heavily disagree that'd you'd find people outright actually trying to externally cheat or manipulate game mechanics which fundamentally alter the gameplay itself. Skipping a cutscene is small potatoes even like you said. I forget if they allow that in FF7, might have been an old or different category I'm thinking of but if they do I know there are no action replays, there's a very stark difference in bringing in outside programs.

If people think it goes against the spirit of the run that's fine, I absolutely understand the idea of not interrupting the data stream it makes sense, I just think the argument here is a bit fallacious/illogical. Not wanting to skip cutscenes because it's mandated in the category is fine as long as it's just what the category itself is. Either way small deal, and the video itself is quite entertaining hahah.


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Thread: New at speedrunning with emulator

Started by: pekesheeppekesheep

I just used save states to learn some things or be able to re-try certain sections. Keep in mind that emulator will be inferior and some things will be exceptionally difficult.

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Thread: Vote on whether a run should stay on the site

Started by: BokoblinsBokoblins

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If a run is good it deserves to be up regardless of feelings. If there's proof of cheating then that's different.
Do you mind sharing what you mean by "Winning a million frame rules", "literally walking into ganon for fun and conveniently not dying", "walking to last pixel of pit", "3 frame reactions"? These are very vague/out-of-context things to say with insinuation. Elaboration would be appreciated.


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Thread: Can you run on a pirated version of the game

Started by: ProtokidProtokid

For older games I can understand pirating to try and then later buying to support as able or if played frequently, since they can be hard to find and sometimes they can cost a fair bit on ebay or the like.

But yes what others said here, it's an indie dev and the game itself is fantastic. Pirating at most should just be as a psuedo playable demo, but the game's quality and the price are fair. Do unto others what you would have them do to you, if you're okay with stealing then get them greasy speedrun times.


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Thread: Discord group?

Started by: GesellschaftGesellschaft

Love this game, and somewhat interested in speedrunning it. That may still be a little ways off, but I was wondering if there was a discord group to join? Game doesn't seem very popular despite how incredible it is 😱


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Thread: Any% Speedrun Tutorial

Started by: BlueMetalBlueMetal

Yes, defn appreciated and just in time~