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Thread: Marathon Information

Started by: GenoKirbyGenoKirby

Will be streamed to:
Submissions close: June 11 at midnight EST
Schedule released: June 12 at midnight EST
Marathon begins: June 15 at 2pm EST (start time may be slightly adjusted depending on length of the opening run)

Is <any game not banned by Twitch> allowed to be submitted: Yes
What's the limit on estimates: I would prefer that a long run in here at least once to remove what would be a setup block, but there's generally no limit.
Races allowed: Yes, mention it in your submission
I can't run anything, should I spread this to people who can: Yes, that would also be a big help


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Thread: Requesting Marathons

Started by: GyooGyoo

Name: Splash For A Better Future
Location: Online
Dates: June 15-June 18
Purpose: Helping our friend Splash get out of his current bad living situation so he can afford to keep his house, school, and the rest of his life going. All donations would be sent directly to him.
Stream Channel:
SRC mods: @GenoKirby, @chaos_defrost, @GeneJeanie


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Thread: High Scores - what shall we do?

Started by: PacPac

I think combining it with is the best option, high scores are similar enough to justify combining them, and some games nearly do this already (mostly Tetris)

This site is already big enough that, if everything were added right, anyone searching <game> high scores could just be linked to the games page here, which would save you money and work, as well as allowing people who are already mods of a game to be mods of high scores for it without much work. It would also increase activity for games with high scores, as if someone is speedrunning a game, they could very easily switch to high score attempts, submit that, more activity in the game, great cycle. This would also allow for games that commonly don't have any "high score attempts" to have them, but this would be a rare case. Either way, more activity is good.

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Thread: Username Change Requests / Account Deletions

Started by: kirkqkirkq

Can you please change my name to GenoKirby

Twitch name change and all that