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Thread: Easier WR history

Started by: MiiSportsMiiSports

Oh wow. I was going to make a comment about clicking labels to remove certain graphs, but Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is indeed completely unreadable. Statistics, even if they're inaccurate, are a good indication of the history of many leaderboards and tend to be the most accessible way to view record history.

If you haven't submitted simply a picture of the bedrock edition statistics page to as a bug, you should. Definitely not readable when it should be.

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Thread: The % categories

Started by: Bob-chickenBob-chicken

you can feel free to become a crusader against the overuse of percent signs, as i and many others choose to do. however, just because the site recommends not using % doesn't mean it's against the rules- it just makes it bad practice.

it's not against the rules to have category names that are abhorrent.

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Thread: Icy Purplehead 3


@Lieutenant_BooLieutenant_Boo autocorrect does not consider "speedrun" a word and will automatically wedge a space for "speed run". you can check this yourself by typing speedrun into the post box and seeing the squiggly red lines (on chrome, at the very least).

tearing down someone who is a little lost and new to the community for obeying the red squiggles is not a friendly approach and makes all of us look bad. don't do that.

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Thread: Trophy and Icon images not updating.

Started by: PiccadillyBluePiccadillyBlue

Icons tend to suffer from getting cached and not really updating until you do a refresh with cache (Ctrl + F5). Alternately, can you show the examples of the old one and the new one so someone like me who doesn't have those icons cached can check?

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Thread: Using moderation powers to critique runs that aren't yours

Started by: MarthSRMarthSR

(edited: )

For me, that's a huge no-no. Changing the notes on another person's run is for someone viewing the run, with things such as changes in timing method, reason for a change in acceptance or something with grandfathering, or rarities such as that. Moderator notes added in addition should be intended for anyone who views the run in the future.

It is NOT a place for a moderator to put critiques or tips on how the runner did poorly or how to improve. Notes from a moderator under a run should be the exception and not the rule, and ESPECIALLY should not be used to gives tips and critiques that weren't asked for. Leave the tips and notes for the runner/s to give.

Definitely disrespectful. Morally questionable? That's melodramatic. You don't have to propose this as an "open ended discussion for all parties involved to note jurisdiction or privilege" or anything floofy like that. Just point-blank ask whoever it is to stop, and if they don't, ask site admins to get involved at that point.

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Thread: New runner, Need a bit of help

Started by: KitaShibeKitaShibe

yup! i think we have a decent guide and resources on that, but if you're not getting it join the discord and we can help ya out step by step.

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Thread: Can we get a glitchless run category?

Started by: combatcombat

(edited: )

Added Any% Glitchless in light of the new any% world record.


Forum: Superliminal

Thread: Can we get a glitchless run category?

Started by: combatcombat

(edited: )

Are we even sure glitches save that much time yet? It's been a day, I would give it some rest first.

Edit: I will open up the discussion for other categories, as I have truly no idea if there are any other categories besides Any% and possibly Any% Glitchless.


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Thread: Concerning PS4 IL submission

Started by: GellyGelly

@Stefan78987Stefan78987 If you link the video to start at the time of the IL ( for each IL, that would be fantastic.


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Thread: Adding game rejected (with no way to directly respond...)

Started by: GellyGelly

Everything's been copied over and now it's just up to the Myst mods to delete the other board. Thank you very much for your quick action!

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Thread: Adding game rejected (with no way to directly respond...)

Started by: GellyGelly

Hiya! I recently resubmitted a game, realMyst, which is already a subset of Myst. I had a very lengthy list of reasons (which I can't retrieve because the request got rejected), all boiling down to the fact that realMyst, at one time, did belong as a sub-category but no longer does.

It was rejected today on the basis that realMyst already exists and I am not a mod of Myst, so I can't make that call, which is fair. The rejection also asks if I had the OK from the current Myst mods, which I do, but I guess I do not have the opportunity to present as such until now. In this thread, the two active mods should have a response indicating that realMyst should stand as its own boards, etc.

As I cannot respond directly to the rejector, I hope this post reaches the right person soon enough. Thanks!

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Forum: European Speedrunner Assembly

Thread: ESA Summer 2019 Feedback Thread

Started by: PlanksPlanks

First time at ESA, and was very impressed with the whole event! Will go again, if able. I'm not sure having a first timer reflect on how great the event was would be helpful, as I don't really have a baseline to compare it to, so I will just reflect on the cons. Don't consider this as negative, though - if I didn't comment on it, it was fantastic!

- Having both streams and more going on in one room was certainly a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it definitely demonstrated a more relaxed and less uptight interpretation of the stream - just here to have fun! - but that was taken to a perhaps disrespectful extreme in some cases. I was interrupted once by the extreme celebration surrounding Street Boyz, and I know I wasn't the only runner. As well, I thought it tasteless for the GTA $25% run to have a bunch of people run over to Stream 2 and draw attention away from the stream - while it was donated by someone else, it didn't _have_ to be accepted. Having all that activity in one room was far better than I expected, but definitely had its issues.

- I don't think the "having the audience full at 8 am for the tv crew" thing was executed well. I don't know how the Need for Speed runner felt about the entire audience in exodus after an A-OK from staff, but it definitely seemed uncool.

- No idea if this is just how ESA is, but it was irksome to have more runs than not go over estimate. I heard of a couple instances of people submitting runs where their estimate was faster than their PB, which seems to defeat the purpose of an estimate. I don't know if this is an issue with the marathon itself or how people treat it.

- PC room was a nightmare, but I'm certain there are other people who can express the exact issues with it better than I can.

That's really about it! Not a lot of complaints from me, but high praise to tech, to hosts, to organizers, and to the entire community! Very glad this was my first event, and I hope to see you all at another event!

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Thread: Potential Glitchless Skips (OoB discussion)

Started by: keyofwkeyofw

While I would love to employ either of these skips, considering the hassle the alchemy quarter key and the boat are, the rules pretty clearly state "- Out-of-bounds in not allowed.".

It might merit discussion to look at a distinction between pure glitchless and "glitchless lite" that includes these "sort of glitches but not really" in them, but I don't make the rules. All I know is that I'd much prefer a run that includes things like these instead of the current nightmare the glitchless run stands as.

Also, nice job on the wr, you destroyed the old one effortlessly 😃 .


Forum: Safecracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure

Thread: About FPS

Started by: GellyGelly

Mod asked about fps, so I'll provide computer specs.

I have a Windows 10 PC, Intel I7-7700k, with a Radeon R9 380 GPU. I really doubt you need a computer that's that good, but I wouldn't be surprised if you need something better than a laptop or a desktop from 2006.

For getting my game started, I used this guide -


Forum: Cats are Liquid - A Light in the Shadows

Thread: Is android version slower and if so by how much

Started by: neicuneicu

For the most part, since holding down water and being able to jump at the same time makes it really fast to play the game, even modern versions of CAL are probably faster than android. Also to note, you can't downpatch the game to readd the glitches that are essential to the WR, such as spike climbing, so that puts Android at an even further disadvantage.

There may be further glitches that make Android faster, but I don't know of them, since I do not own the android version.


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Thread: RMME timing

Started by: TwitchEaglehartTwitchEaglehart

i recommend that until we have a livesplit load remover that we can just manually run through the runs frame by frame and determine the loading times and cut them out, especially for any% where it's just one load. it shouldn't be too hard to find the proper pointers that indicate that the game is loading, because i think i found them two years ago but didn't know how to use them properly.

as for timing standards, both are a pretty easy start and stop point to find in frames, and again, manual timings can be used until a livesplit start/end splitter could be implemented which, again, shouldn't be too hard to find because they're distinct moments (the pointer for horizontal velocity should be an easy find and a cutscene boolean is around there somewhere).

i agree with both points though, yeah.


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Thread: Concerning a "selectively inactive" Supermod

Started by: GellyGelly

Well, that's just it - I can't assume that the runs he verifies are legit because I'm not even sure he's watching them. If I have to go through the process of verifying the run for myself in order to make sure a run that was incorrect or cheated wasn't vetted, then what's the point of having him on the team?

I do not have the option to downgrade his status, no - if I did, then I would also have the ability to remove him from the board.


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Thread: Concerning a "selectively inactive" Supermod

Started by: GellyGelly

I will try to make this as concise and as neutral as possible. I run a game called Type:Rider, and at the time I started, the leaderboard had one category, "any%", that required no verification, with duplicates on that board. I posted in the forums about adding more categories, as I and at least one other player had run them in the past. No response from the supermod.

Months later, I decided to request for mod, as I really would like to have additions to the board for myself, eventually, and future players. I first made sure to ask the supermod through all available vectors. No response from the supermod.

Eventually, after asking the "Leaderboards moderation thread" about it (and getting no response), I was added on as supermod. I added ILs, some theming, and additional categories, and was happy with it.

Someone submits a run to the IL table and within 24 hours, before I had the chance to see it, the other supermod accepts it. Which is, ultimately, very frusturating. They choose to have no interest in the game, which would be fine, except they accept runs within the day, for whatever reason. I do not trust this person to care about runs in the future and doubt they put in the effort to watch it.

What should I do? I would prefer to remove them as a supermod, but for one, I probably shouldn't, as more mods is comforting even if one of them is less than stellar, and for two, I can't, as it's not available to me as only a supermod.

Thanks for your time.


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Thread: Leaderboards moderation requests thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

It's been 21 days since I've requested moderation for Type:Rider and, checking the tweet that both I and the full mod @Liv have made have gone without response, I'd be inclined to believe they're inactive, though I'm not certain that 3 weeks qualifies as "a few days".

Thanks for your time.

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Thread: Possibly controversial Discord rule

Started by: MasterLeoBlueMasterLeoBlue

Thank you for being obvious with your red flags. I appreciate your forwardness with them. I'll make sure to avoid you whenever possible.

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