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Run it with a timer for RTA.
RTA is the main category now.
Use livesplit or something please.


yo, just to say you should update the history now with your livestream and cary's run thing.
lmk so I delete this after


If you make some runs, sure.


@MeesterTweester it can help BFDIA 5b


Yeah listen dude, I don't mod the Wii version, I suggest contacting the other guys on discord or smth


@BlubbySpeedrunner I will make you mod after verifying your current runs, unfortunately they are timed wrong, as timer must stop when complete message pops up. I can't retime today so your runs will have to wait a bit longer, sorry


@BlubbySpeedrunner I can make you mod, I'm just waiting on Sebastian to be active, if he isn't alive by Monday I'll do my best to verify your runs. Sorry for the wait, he's much better at it than me.
If you submit like 10 runs or something I'll consider making you a mod, but tbh 3 runs isn't that much for me to do.


possibly for the black on observatory roof and hidden spot achievements


fast one pls i want wr good


legitsi has a point, there are a lot of glitches in v1 but few are consistent, i only know of the observatory wallboost


how to's on each section
like how to save time on marathon


@LegitSi fight me (ง'̀-'́)ง


Hi again Bat!
Flash games are the best

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Could you add a category for us to put high scores like other google doodle leaderboards?

p.s. maybe even a low score? you can go negative in this particular game.


This is a shared Discord server for Kingdom Rush and other games!


off the top of my head, level 6 in SR1


Oh is it the one where you jump mid-air just before landing? It helps with making it onto platforms too (like in this week's online race)

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There is also a server for the game by itself here:


Sure, its the same game as the 3DS run right? So the level will be in that run too?


For which game?


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