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Forum: Harvest Moon 3 GBC

Thread: Cartridge vs Emulator

Started by: ChikoritaChikorita

i didn't even know that lol. hope to see some runs from you chikorita!


Forum: Pokémon Kalos Crystal

Thread: How to perform it?

Started by: DemataPyroDemataPyro

I have notes finished for about the first half of the run here:

sloppier notes for the rest of the run can be found here:

you can download the game here:

and you are required to use a certain emulator for submissions too, which can be found here:

as for the route, currently we use fennekin and catch panpour for cut/surf/whirlpool/waterfall, and get the free rufflet from the guard north of goldenrod for strength/fly. if you don't want to bother with panpour, you can catch a bunnelby earlier (for cut/surf), then catch a tympole or palpitoad in ecruteak for whirlpool/waterfall.

the detailed notes explain in more depth, but it's ideal to reset for a fennekin with very good special, and good defense is important for the first split too. generally I prefer to take fennekins with 10 DEF/12 SPA/12 SPD at level 5. you can take 9 DEF, but you will be more likely to die to wild pokemon (we kill two encounters before mr. pokemon to get an extra level for froakie and violet gym) and the fletchling in the gym.

if you have more questions, feel free to join the discord:

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Forum: North American Speedrunner Assembly 2016

Thread: Runner Equipment Checklist

Started by: darkfox36darkfox36

little late here, but

Run: Pokemon Sapphire

Required Equipment: CRT, GCN, Game Boy Player, Cartridge, GBA to GCN controller adapter, GBA SP

Equipment I will bring: all

Dates I will be attending: May 22-23

Can the marathon use my equipment for other runs: no


Forum: Pokémon Red/Blue

Thread: Nido DV Caltulator

Started by: koinu93koinu93

it was made by dailyleaf, looks like you can download it from his twitch page here:

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Forum: Harvest Moon

Thread: Information gathering

Started by: G_heinzG_heinz

hey guys. so though i've been on a bit of a hiatus (fiasco with my recording device, end of semester woes, etc.), i have definitely not given up running hm64 and magical melody especially. and besides me, i know that noober has been doing his fair share of work on awl.

first of all i hope that encourages people to either start helping with a game currently being routed or start from scratch on a different title, but second i was wondering what people would think about creating a few community google docs for documentation purposes. could put them up in the guide section eventually once they're finished.


Forum: Harvest Moon

Thread: Friends of Mineral Town Category Brainstorming

Started by: Madtaz64Madtaz64

for reference, the requirements for 98% in btn are the following:

1% for each Power Berry (10% total)
1% for each heart your dog has (10% total)
1% for each heart your horse has (10% total)
2% for each building upgrade you have (10% total)
1% for each chicken you own (10% total)
1% for each cow and/or sheep you own (20% total)
1% for each heart your wife has (10% total)
1% for each heart your child has (10% total)
1% for every 8 recipes you cook (8% total)
= 98%

it's a tall order but you could do the exact same in fomt. don't remember all the exact differences between the two games (e.g. number of recipes, full barn size, etc.), but we could tweak the requirements however necessary. would be a long run, but i guess that's sort of a theme in such a completionist sim game like this lol.


Forum: Harvest Moon

Thread: Friends of Mineral Town Category Brainstorming

Started by: Madtaz64Madtaz64

pirateluck Kreygasm

but yeah what he said. i was looking into gem of truth after you posted that link in my chat last night madtaz and i didn't even know you needed the 50 year cottage for that LOL. so that sucks. the other thing is that they removed the completion percentage in the menu from btn, so there's no verifiable way to gauge a category in that sense either. it's possible that if we wanted to go beyond just simple objectives like "marry" or "earn xG" we could effectively import the requirements for full completion in btn (98%, as the meter does not count to 100%) to fomt, although there would be no way to verify the completion of the category requirements in the menu.


Forum: Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

Thread: How the fuck we gonna run this shit?

Started by: rolfrolf

hype to see people legitimately interested in speedrunning HM.

was wondering what you guys thought about other categories for AWL? i haven't played the game casually for many years but iirc there are a variety of possible "career" outcomes for your son in the game. perhaps an even more interesting run of the game would involve full completion targeting some of those possible careers? that is, make a category for each one. of course, this could either be more interesting or more boring, as there is probably some default career that you get by marrying a certain girl + sleeping for the rest of the game, but it's just a thought for something that might make for an interesting full-game category.


Forum: Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire

Thread: Japanese vs English Runs and ruby vs sapphire

Started by: CTLucinaCTLucina

i definitely agree with what you're saying timlink. of course the main complaint most would have is that pokemon requires at least an intermediate level of reading, so being able to tell what move the opponent used, what items you're buying/using, etc., would be difficult for english-speaking runners who can't read japanese. personally i think this is still a fairly weak complaint given that other runs who use the japanese version have similar obstacles, and at least for me since i studied japanese it would be an easy thing to get used to. also there are plenty of recordings of japanese runs of sapphire (on niconico anyway) that english runners could learn from. plus i would have no problem routing the japanese version myself and writing a guide for people. it's all a matter of whether it could gain acceptance in the community, which seems to be pretty stubborn and uncompromising on this front.

if there wasn't a japanese speedrunning community for this game i would understand, but it's not just us 'muricans that like to go fast.